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  • Lynette R McClain says:

    I have been a customer at FNBO for 3 yrs. Overall I have not had any problems until recently. I tried to have a check stopped. Well, this was impossible. I tried to call every day, several times a day. Early morning, Afternoon even in the middle of the night. Wait times were anywhere from 10 minutes, which at 20 minutes I hung up. To 90 minutes. At which time I hung up. Now because I couldn’t stop this check. I thought it was lost. So I paid the bill with bill pay. Thinking I could attempt again on Monday. The bank did a push on said check. And it was pushed through… Now I have several overdraft fees and I paid the bill twice. The branch is not open due to the pandemic and was told drive through couldn’t help me with a stop payment. Surely there has to be a remedy on trying to get business done via phone without having to delegate an entire day on hold to speak to a person.

  • David says:

    I have been with this bank for a year and i must say i do not understand the illogical thinking…for one they have no mobile app for direct users
    two you cannot make a reoccurring internal payment from one user to another user belonging to the same bank .. so rather than transferring money to the SAME bank you have to use bill pay.
    So they cut a paper check MAIL it to the person then the receiver just deposits it back into the SAME bank… taking 10 days to complete cost of the paper and postage.
    when EVERYONE else does this electronically in 10 minuets…
    fire your tech rep and catch up with the 21st century.

  • rod says:

    this bank overall sux…. I had money being taken out of my savings account without approval. I am now stuck paying fees for not closing out the account. you want my advice do not bank with them you will regret it.FNBO/FCB this bank sux

    • jack says:

      Rod, Was this your wife or friend or theif that was takeing money out of your account without approval? Was this through any fault of your own as in an ex-spouse whos still has shared account credit cards or anything like that?

  • Lee B says:

    I’ve been with FNBO Direct for about 2 years now, and have been very pleased with them. Never a problem with transfers, and they are prompt, only 2-3 business days. Rates are low now but better than most locals banks. I have 2 savings accounts with them, one for a specialize purpose. I definitely recommend them.

  • edgar says:

    I have a credit card with this bank. In Nov 09 they send me a letter saying they will change my APR from 9% to 21% because I quote” they loosing revenues in this hard economy” never been late and I pay about 3 times the minimun payment each month

  • Victor says:

    After checking out so many online banks, I still like FNBO Direct because their web interface is just so simple, unlike some of the other competitors. No one ever complains about them either so that makes me feel comfortable depositing my money with them.

  • Lex says:

    I love the simplicity of fnbo direct. Other companies seem to heavily advertise “no fine print” and everything but this bank just shows it by having a simple website, simple ads and simple terms.

    I just wish fnbo will raise rates.

  • Lee says:

    Great Bank I Have Two Of There Credit Cards And This Online Savings Account Just One Of The Best Banks Around…..

  • Joshua says:

    FNBO Direct is pretty cool. It’s not everyday that you get a bank that offers a simple interface and bill pay for free. If you want CD, you have to open an online savings account first which is a little weird but no biggy since I wouldn’t mind being their customer in the first place.

  • Money Granola says:

    Liz: Anther suggestion I’d have is to visit a free credit report company. Basically, your banking account history—kind of like your credit history. There, you can order the report for free once every two years. If you’ve been turned down in the last 6 months, you can get if for free. With the history, you can see if your history—all the accounts you’ve opened, if you’ve had too many bounced checks, etc.

  • Tesla Santos says:

    fnbo direct is great even though I’m not happy that everyone (including them) are lowering their rates. I guess I shouldn’t complain that the yield is still quite good compared to its peers and I haven’t had any problems with them.

    In general though, I think online savings accounts are great and I don’t understand how traditional bank savings accounts compete because the online banks are easier to use and it offers a higher yield which in the end is the primary reason why we use savings accounts.

  • Chris says:

    Linda, I use fnbo as well but yes, I do care because I want my bank to be responsible and safe. It’s one thing that they offer high yields but if they are always in the news of doing something stupid (like AIG), I wouldn’t bank with them.

  • Linda says:

    FNBO Direct offers a good online savings account. I use it and I have no complaints but do people actually care that much who they bank with anymore? I mean, shouldn’t we just move money to the bank that has the highest yield when everything is so easy and done online?

  • Emily says:

    FNBO Direct is decent. It’s more of less like the others, it’s got good rates so far so I stay with them.

  • Stephen says:

    FNBO Direct’s bill pay is really really good and it’s so easy. I just came back to this post to say thank you.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Liz: I would call FNBO Direct up and see what you can do about it. My friend got rejected as well and after he called them, they told him it was just a typing mistake and they activated his account shortly after.

  • PTC sites says:

    Great review of the first national bank of ahama.

  • Liz says:

    Help. I applied to FNBO Direct and I got declined. I really don’t know what to do. Is my credit ruined? Anyone know anything that I can do? Really appreciate anyone’s help.

    • Mikey says:

      If you read MoneyNing’s post a few days ago, you can find the place to get free credit reports. I suggest going there to get a free credit report and see if there are anything you can see that can be fixed.

      Good luck.

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