Why You Are Important

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Every once in a while, I hear a comment about work that goes something like this:

I’m a nobody anyway and what I do is unimportant.

Actually, nothing is further from the truth.

The Story of the Proud Janitor

One of my friends work in the cleaning business and he loves it. I asked him before why he likes it so much since most people would stay as far away from a job like that as possible and what he said stuck with me till this day. He told me that if he doesn’t do his job correctly, everyone at the office will become sick. His duty is to make sure that the office is as clean as possible and ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for all employees. He went on to tell me that even though no one notices him (since he comes in at night), his job is incredibly important and it actually affects so many people’s lives as the employees are at work for so many hours each day.

The Forgotten Tires

Remember my deflated tires last month? If they were not manufactured to still run safely after it pops, there would be no more updates here because I would probably still be in a hospital (that’s if I’m lucky enough to get there). To be honest, I’ve never really thought much about my four tires but they are actually the only part of the car that touches the ground. Without them, it doesn’t matter how powerful the engine is nor how intelligent the computers are because it won’t be going anywhere.  I can probably play music on it but that would be an iPod that’s too big.

The Invisible Screws, Bolts and Nuts

Screws must be among the top ranked items that people throw away or lose. But what happens to your desk if some of them are loose? How about the chair that you are sitting on right now? Would you like to be in a moving car when the nuts and bolts that is holding the engine tight fall out? Didn’t think so.

As insignificant as screws are, they might be more important than probably your airbag. Hmm…

You are Important

You may feel ignored at times, but trust me when I tell you that you are important. Everyone may feel down sometimes but don’t let that feeling continue.

  • You are the World to Your Children.
  • You are the Love of Your Spouse
  • You are the Joy of Your Parents
  • You are the Leader of Your Mind and Soul

You are important, you are important, you are important.

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  • TStrump says:

    I think that goes to the heart of personal finance and money management – you DO matter.

  • Kai Lo says:

    As much as I like to think I am important, I feel that a lot of people don’t care about me. I am trying hard not to think about it. I do think I make a great difference in peoples’ lives

  • Jing Zhang says:

    I love this post, and I am going to pass along to my friends. Thanks for this wonderful entry.

  • Jon Kepler says:

    Great article, especially in an economic climate like this where everyone needs a reminder. You don’t see enough posts like this in the general blogosphere.

  • Payment System,Seo says:

    I always love this “wise words come from money ning,it is like “refreshing from all the scene of “finance and money discussion”and more about this discussion,for everyone who says that there existence is not important.I think all they need to do just “look for more works ,get busy .or just be volunteer and start the dirty work.I am sure after that they`ll realize how useful they are in a place that they think “usually “not important

  • tom says:

    That is a great piece but really how many people today take their job with such a passion as that janitor?

  • Craig says:

    Nice piece to lift spirits going into the weekend and during the times if people may be down about their financial situations.

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