What Motivates You to Make Money?

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motivation and money
Having spent some time in Vegas, what I’ve noticed is that there are many people who have lost all their money in the casinos as there are people living on the streets. Seeing things like this always reminds me to never cave in to the temptations of gambling.

With all this temptation surrounding me, I’d like to ask you: What motivates you to make money?

Before you answer this question, let me share with you some of mine.

money motivationProvide a Comfortable Life for My Family

Emma is so great to me and deserve all the best.  I need to pull my weight and provide her with everything to make her comfortable.  As I sit here typing away late night while she is sleeping, the feeling is extra strong.  I know that making more money often means longer hours, so I will need to be extra careful in juggling between work hours and family time.

There’s also my future children which I need to plan for and also give them a comfortable (but hopefully not a spoiled) upbringing.  I need to teach them the importance of money and finances but also separate them from all the stress that money (or lack of money) can bring.

Then of course there’s my parents.  My loving parents gave me everything any parent can ever give.  They taught me all my core values, showed me unconditional love and cared and nurtured me from the moment I was born to this world.  I need to earn a comfortable living to

  1. Make sure I take care of myself so they don’t worry about me
  2. Have extras so I can take care of them too

Early Retirement

Retiring early is still my goal.  I remember being 18 years old when I told my mom that I wanted to retire by the time I was 40.  A decade has passed and as I matured, I realized that retiring that early might not be that great because there’s not much to do if I truly retire.  Right now, I don’t have a specific age I want to retire at but it definitely is not 65.

Some of It is Pride

I have to be honest here because there is a part of me that want to make good money because of pride.  I want to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment at whatever that I do.

Give Back

Right now, I’m quite young and still worry about my finances as there is no way to predict what might happen in the future.  I hope that one day, I will be at a point where I don’t really have to worry about money and I will be able to spend most of my time volunteering my time or donating some of my money to charity.

Mentoring is also something I’m very interested in doing so as I become more experienced and more comfortable about my finances, I will be pursuing this further.

Now, it’s your turn to share. What motivates you to earn more? Are the reasons similar to mine or are they completely different?

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  • Dharmendra Sisodia says:

    Well.. I know I have potential to make more money for the same four reasons that you mentioned.specially fourth one..and I have to make them…but can you answer on one thing pls that all the peoples on planet can’t achieve same level of success because of poor upbringing,low education or different I.Q.,skill level… background and they too dreams for atleast financially secured life…now…what should be solutions?is it individuals matter? OR there could be a plan so that nobody should feel pain for lack of money specially for basic quality needs like medical, education,shelter,food,cloths…. Humanity should be at top …Do not forget some people carries the golden power to make money more than their needs and achieve it.

  • Myfinancekits says:

    I don’t think I need to repeat myself. My motivation for making money falls in line with you except for ‘PRIDE’. The more money I make, the humbler I become. Thanks for hard work but there are many hardworking guys outside there living in penury. That is the main reason for my humility.

  • Mike says:

    As far back as I can remember I new that my father did not make alot of money for 6 in the family and he often told us if there is anything you want in this world go out and work hard for it and it will happen. My goal was to retire at 62 which I did after raising 4 children. My job required 24/7 as a maintenance supervisor responsible for both building maintenance and production maintenance and the older I got the older the routine was. I have been a saver since I started selling papers, washing cars and cutting grass, 401k, cd, etc. My game plan came together because of discipline with my finances at an early age.I wanted to see how much I could aquire and still provide for my family including private high school and college for the children. I am very happy waking up every morning with my own schedule to do as I want.

  • Albie D @ TalkingCentsBlog says:

    Making money now gives me options for the future.

  • FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com says:

    Financial security for myself and my family.

    Not sure if I want to retire early yet.

    I guess I just like having options. Flexible options to do what I want to do in life, and my savings grants me that flexibility.

  • CD Rates says:

    I have a beautiful wife and six children. For most of our marriage she hasn’t had to work to help bring in household income. And we prefer it that way.

    However, some bills for medical and schooling brought unwanted debt and she is doing daycare to help pay it down. My goal is that she will be able to stop in about 8-months.

    Early retirement isn’t as important as being able to enjoy time with family now. I like my job and my internet and programming stuff. I could do both well past 65 if necessary.

    I want to be able to help the kids with school and their first house. My family did and it was really appreciated.

    I do like giving to worthy causes so having the ability to give more would be nice.

  • Matt says:

    I share a lot of the same reasons as well including security and freedom. I have been in debt so long that the freedom of not owing someone else money is really appealing.

  • Forex Trader says:

    I will make money just for my beloved family and also to keep my hobbies running well

  • Mario Sanchez says:

    Not having to make bad decisions or make personal compromises because of the need of money. To enjoy my time as I want, doing the things I like. To be the master of my time.

  • High Return Investing with Dax says:

    The rewards of making a good deal and the satisfaction of my clients drives me. I enjoy when my hard work pays off and I’m able to provide nice things for my household.

  • Single Guy Money says:

    We share the same reasons but I would also like to add that having money is freedom. You are not chained to a desk or having to work at a job you hate because you have bills to pay. If you have financial freedom, you have a little more control over your life.

  • marci says:

    A sense of self-responsibility. To do my share. To keep my own roof over my head as long as possible. To not be a burden to others. Being able to take care of myself, and my loved ones if needed. Peace of mind – to know that if I lose my job I’ll be fine 🙂 for years and years 🙂

    I always figured 55 was time to retire – which is within a year for me. But, I have such a ‘cushy’ job, and they pay 100% of the health insurance and allow me whatever time off I want, and allow me to babysit the grandkids at work if needed, or take off on school field trips with them, plus I’ve lowered my hours to only 32/wk, that I’ll probably just keep working for awhile longer for the free health insurance 🙂 I can even read, scrapbook, do internet, and sew at work if wanted, and I just started a little garden outside the office. So as long as I am there, and keep the door opened, the phones answered, and the paperwork done, the bosses are happy. As I said, pretty cushy job, for which I am thankful 🙂

    • Lifeisdynamic says:

      Oh Marcie, please share what you do to earn your living!
      I would never voluntarily give-up my job with the benefits your employer affords you. Not only do you seem to have a great job, but great employers.

      All you needed to say to make it perfect is that you place of employment is just around the corner from where you live – no parking or traffic hassels, not to mention cost of maintaining your vehicle, fuel and the time wasted in travel each day!

      From reading the variety of your posts, you have what I would term a near idyllic lifestyle.

      Good luck to you, Marcie
      By the way, did you retire when you turned 55yo?

  • hans says:

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  • Rick Vaughn says:


    I think what motivates me in terms of money is security. Honestly, there is no such thing as job security anymore. In unless you can sustain yourself over a 6 month period or more you are really hanging yourself and your family out to dry.

  • Stefanie says:

    What motivates me to want to make or have a lot of money is how badly I want to move back to my home state. If I could make enough money from home (or win the lottery), I could move back and finally be with my family again… 1100 miles is too much, and the phone just doesn’t cut it.

  • Petr S. says:

    It is very interesting topic. In fact, I have never thought about it into deep and I have felt “somewhere in my heart” very similar reasons as you. Early retirement is not so easy in my country, but I would add to create more free time for me, my family and friends by making some sources of passive income.

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