The Secret Power of Positive Attitude

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Just as night time in Asia parallels day time in North America, there are always two sides of every story. Are you feeling like the economy is really hurting you? Here are 10 ways to see heads even if the coin always seem to land on tails. Having a positive outlook will not only help you feel better but it will change your life.

Advertising and the Idea of More

For corporations, advertising works. Not so much for us who want to spend responsibility on the other hand. The more we think about our “wants”, the more we need to buy it. We know this, but instead of accepting this as a fact, why don’t we turn it around in our favor? If the more we think about it, the more times it comes up again, then the more we think about solutions to our problems, the more ideas we get too. I know that:

  • The more I practice, the better I get.
  • The more I write, the easier it becomes.
  • The more actions I take, the more I will accomplish.

Good and Bad Retailers

Tiffany & Co is a high end jewelry chain and naturally, times are tough at this retailer. On the other hand, Walmart is doing exceptionally well recently. The lack of new cars buyers are hurting the automakers but it’s great for companies that make car parts. There are many companies that are shrinking but some are growing even in this bad economic environment.

Seesaw Government Statistics

While the government domestic product (and consumer spending) is decreasing, our savings rate as a nation is rising. For the first time in decades, we are actually saving money on average. It might not be so good for the stock market, but how can that be bad for the citizens of this wonderful country?

The Parent that Shows Up

For decades, the average weekly work hours for Americans have been increasing. We may be stronger and wealthier (in dollar terms) as a nation, but we are giving up precious time with our family for a few dollars earned. 50 years ago, almost every family were living off one salary and we were just as happy (if not happier). Now, we are stressed because our spouse got laid off. Less weekly work hours may sound bad, but it means more time with your family, more time pursuing your hobby and more time to rest.

The Consumer that Can Buy China on Credit

We hear stories upon stories of people that had their credit lines reduced, but is the lack of buying things on credit supposed to be a bad thing? We might not be able to buy a huge house now, but so what? With less purchasing power, we don’t have to spend as much energy to make sure we are responsible with it. How great is that?

At Unprofitable Banks, We Try Harder

After years of arrogant bankers who never care about our business, we are finally starting to see them change their attitude when so many banks are laying people off and trying to retain any customer they can. I see many more non-credit card offers in the mail for your business, and when I’m at the bank, people actually want to help. I welcome anything that makes my banker treasure the real relationships of the good old days.

The Real Estate Rush of the Late 21st Century

As housing prices plummet and everyone is racing to put up for sale signs, it is finally allowing responsible young families to buy a house that is starting to becoming affordable. In Southern California where I live, $300+ per square feet is considered a bargain. How can any young family afford a house with normal salaries? Many people are suffering the psychological effects of falling home prices, but the downturn is allowing many potential home buyers to enter the market and live the American Dream.

The Scared Entrepreneur

As many people lose the security of a job, they turn to entrepreneurship. It’s incredibly difficult to quit your good paying job when times are good to start your own business, but there are tons of success stories for those that do. Why not give entrepreneurship a try while you are looking for a job? It might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Even if it doesn’t work out, the experience you will gain is invaluable. Being self-employed, all I can tell you is this – Quitting my $100k job 6 months ago was the best thing that happened to my career.

The Numb Sleeper

Sometimes, it takes a huge slap in the face to wake up from our dream. 40 to 1 leverage might be extremely high, but I bet if the housing bubble doesn’t burst for another 20 years, institutions will be at 200 to 1 leverages. How bad would that have been?

The Starving Businesses

Business is bad, but what has it meant for the consumer? Have you noticed that there are tons of coupons these days for everything? Travelzoo alerted me of $14 airline tickets via its newsletter. All of a sudden, I was able to cut my bills by 10% just because everything is on sale. There are really awesome deals out there. Take advantage while they last.

You never win when you call heads and the tails show up, but as long as you are responsible with the wager, losing once in a while only helps you put everything in context. The key is to be responsible. Be optimistic and ready to take advantage in every situation.

Be Happy Everyday. You Deserve It.

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  • Everything Counts says:

    A positive attitude is big asset when it comes to attaining success. They help us with a good self motivation and creative thinking.

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    I think this is one of the most important tips for anyone looking for help in managing their finances.

  • Henry says:

    Even though it’s already been a few months, everyone is still talking about the doom and gloom at work. I will be forwarding the article to them.

    “The key is to be responsible.” Well said.

  • Praveen Puri says:

    Great article. It shows that, even under the current economic conditions, we are in control of how happy we are, because we are in control of how we think.

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    Thanks for sharing. It is useful for me.

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