5 Creative and Fun Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals

by Alexa Mason · 5 comments

Regularly setting financial goals, and mapping out a plan to reach those goals, is a practice that can transform your life. The problem is, while it’s fun to think of big goals and imagine your dream life, it can be hard to find the motivation to take action. And actually sticking with the plan once you’ve created it is even more of a hurdle.

So how do you stay motivated to reach big goals when you struggle to keep going? What if you can’t find the inspiration to take the first step? If you have trouble staying on track, one of these unusual but fun techniques will no doubt help get your fire back (they’ve certainly helped me.) Here are five ways to keep your eyes on the prize and actually enjoy the process.

1. Focus on One Thing at a Time

The quickest way to not get anything done is to try doing everything at the same time. Not only does this overwhelm and discourage you, but it can actually have the opposite effect. This is something I’ve (unfortunately) had to learn over and over.

It’s tempting to want to work simultaneously on many things, but science has shown that multi-tasking is a myth, and you’ll find it hard to accomplish anything without focus.

If you find it hard to accomplish a bunch of goals, then focus on just one. It’s way better to get one done than to fail at all of them. Once you’ve accomplished one, then set your sights on the next one. Rinse and repeat.

2. Have Fun With Post-It Notes

Once you have your big, audacious financial goals laid out, grab a pack of Post-It Notes and start repeatedly writing those goals over and over. Pick some brightly colored Post-Its, and use some colored pens or markers to spice things up.

Next, strategically place your notes around your house in spots you won’t miss reading them. For example, stick these goals on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, and even in your car. When you’re constantly reminded of the reasons why you’re working so hard, you’ll feel motivated to keep going when times get tough.

3. Write in a Daily Journal

Writing is a practice that really helps clarify the “why” of my personal life. Take out a piece of paper and a pen, or fire up your laptop, and just write. Don’t think about the negatives or how long it will take to reach your goals, just write about your dreams and hopes. Spend time writing out your failures too, but don’t let that be your focus – remember the positives.

You could also come at this from a personal essay angle and share your experiences on a blog or Facebook or Instagram. But if freewriting isn’t your thing, then make a running list of everything you’ve accomplished for the day. Every time your motivation starts to slip refer back to your “accomplished” lists.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

Reach out to someone with who you share similar interests and see if they will become your accountability partner. I have an accountability partner that I check in with on a weekly basis. She and I share our goals every Monday. We also keep in touch with our progress via email throughout the week whenever it’s necessary too. We strategize, offer support, share our struggles and encourage one another.

Having someone you can openly share goals and problems with will do wonders for your morale. They can be the support you need when you feel your own motivation waning, and help give you the added inspiration you need to keep moving forward on your goals.

The best accountability partner is someone who’s going through the same thing or is on a similar path as you. Perhaps you share the same ideas, opinions, and beliefs about money.

5. Create a Vision Board

This is the only thing on the list that I have yet to try myself, but I do have a friend who swears by vision boards. What is a vision board, and how can it help you stay focused on your financial goals?

A vision board is a place for you to put pictures, quotes, and other inspirations that will give you a visual reminder of your dreams. You can use a poster board, a wall in your room, a binder, or even a Pinterest board. A vision board helps you visualize and therefore manifest the life you want.

It can be really exciting to look at the cool photos, quotes, and other images every day that display evidence of the reward at the end of your goal.

How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

There’s one super important task you should be doing every time you set a goal, and that is to follow through.

If you’re struggling for motivation try a few of these techniques until you find one that helps. And remember, whether or not you achieve your goals is completely in your hands. It’s up to you to build a life you love.

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  • Michelle says:

    I love using post it notes. I like using different colors and patterns. That is usually motivating enough to get focused.

  • James Salmons says:

    Your first point is an important one I think. Learning to focus is a real key to success. A lot of early success studies focused on the nature of genius. The absent minded professor idea came to be commonly used to show how great accomplishments were often accompanied by neglect in other areas but were achieved because a person learned how to focus singlemindedly on a goal.

    However, while we focus on one thing at a time we do need to keep our overall task in mind. For example, if five things are necessary to achieve a particular goal, it is a good idea to have some visual or other means to keep the overall work before us even while we give our attention to the one at hand.

    It is easy to neglect some of our financial responsibilities while achieving others. That is why some people dramatically get out of debt by carefully focusing on it, then revert to growing debt again after they turn attention to other areas.

    • David @ MoneyNing.com says:

      Good point about having the big picture in mind. This way you won’t strive for one single goal at the expense of everything else.

  • Emily says:

    I find it easiest to stick to goals that I really want and not so much with the others. I like the post it idea, that’s neurotic enough that it might entertain me for long enough to actually make some progress!

    • David @ MoneyNing.com says:

      All that’s left is to implement the idea Emily!

      You’ll find that when you think about something over and over, you’ll be way more successful at achieving that goal because you’ll naturally come up with ways to reach the milestone!

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