The Right Mortgage – A Crucial Financial Decision to Make

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Borrowing huge amounts of money to purchase a home has become the norm in our society, which makes picking the right mortgage one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The perfect solution that works for every situation do not exist, but luckily, there are many rules of thumbs that can help guide anyone to the right decision.

Check out these mortgage articles and a few changes could very well make a huge difference to your budget.

Your Mortgage Questions, Answered

Everyone thinks about these questions, and the answers may be debated forever and ever. But before you make up your mind and build a plan based on that decision, read everybody’s point of view and decide for yourself what’s best for your circumstances.


Have you refinanced your mortgage yet? No matter what the rates are, there are reasons to refinance your mortgage. And remember to check out the current interest rates at the bottom of the page to see if refinancing make sense for you too because taking the step to get a new loan could save you a bundle!

Other Mortgage Facts You Want to Know…

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  • Larry says:

    When I bought my first house decades ago, I had only one consideration – the monthly payment. I didn’t care about the amount borrowed or the interest rate or the length of the mortgage or the fees or the total amount of interest I would pay. I was only concerned about the monthly payment – the lower, the better. Now with maturity and years of work experience on my side, I can more clearly see other factors, the most important of which for me is can I make my mortgage go away when my regular work income stops…

  • Zenon Jaskowiak says:

    I have taken up a loan like that just before the crisis in 2008. There were some tough times but I manages and now things are looking a bit better. I hope everything will define now. Anyway I a happy homeowner 🙂

  • Brian says:

    It might be a great time to take out home equity loans as well. The low rates or cheap financing we’re seeing today won’t likely last for long. You can get around 4% today on a home equity loan. With equities returning about 7% annually, it’s a great way of forced savings and cheap leverage.

  • Julie D Winslet says:

    You’re absolutely right. These days’ people want to buy house with investment of a big amount because property is something that everybody need and with time its value will be doubled. So the problem is finding a house of your own choice at a feasible location but it’s not tough anymore. Real estate companies and property managers will help you at this instance. It’s little confusing to fix a mortgage and people often take a long time to make the final decision. Well, your links are quite helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • Amani Murph says:

    I am a single woman and I just purchased my first home. I decided to buy a duplex, as renting out the other side will bring in income to offset the mortgage. I am actually reducing my living expenses by 80% all while earning equity. I am happy with this decision.

  • Davao Homes says:

    Getting a house is a major decision because it requires a huge amount of money and mortgage can take a big slash on our budget. One thing we considered when we got a house is that the mortgage should not be more than 40% of our take-home pay. In that way, we will not be hard off in paying for our other concerns. Thankfully, as time goes by, our mortgage got lesser in value due to inflation.

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