Use Customer Service to Help Save Money

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As some of you know, I love to golf (which is a very expensive hobby by the way) and always want to buy a ton of stuff. The latest toy that I wanted was a laser range finder and the one I wanted is sold everywhere for $299.99.

I know that Golfsmith (a golf specialty retail store) regularly has 15% off email promotions, so I decided to try calling the sales hot line to see if I can get one emailed to me to make an order at a discount. The call didn’t start off well because I called the 1-800 number and was put on hold. About 15 minutes later, someone picked up the phone and this is how the call went…

Me: Hi, I know that there are 15% off coupons being circulated but I really want to buy a laser range finder today. Is there a way for one to be emailed to me now so I can place an order online?

Representative: Hmm.. What’s your address?

Me: My address is …(You thought I was going to write that here didn’t you)…

Representative: I can put the code on for you and have the unit mailed to you

Me: Oh nono. I really wanted to pick it up at the store since I wanted to get it today.

Representative: Oh unfortunately we cannot do that over the phone. Only online.

Me: …oh (disappointed tone)…

Representative: Why don’t you hold on? I will ask someone else to see if I can give you the code to use online.

me: Great.

representative: I have the code ready. It is …….

So for about 20 minutes of my time, I got a 15% off coupon which saved me about $50. I also often hear other people having success with subscription services like cable or internet when they want to cancel. I know, customer service is usually very annoying but sometimes they can be a money saver (if never a time saver)..

So next time, try it and you may be surprised.

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  • Michael Kwan says:

    You never know what you’re going to get unless you ask. This is especially true with the “retentions” departments of cell phone companies.

  • MIke Huang says:

    This is really a great strategy to save money. I’ve done this countless amount of times for phone bills or internet bills. It works even BETTER if you’re a long time customer 😛


  • liza says:

    Thanks for the info. Hope i could get discounts too.

  • lena the thinker says:

    Good for you. Thanks for the info.

  • Sharebuilder says:

    Quite smart you are 🙂
    I wish i can get a free 100% discount coupon 😉

  • MoneyNing says:

    Joshua: I wonder how many times we can call before they flag us 🙂

    Lauren: Wow 50% is a lot. I wonder how many people are overpaying their premiums right now since I never hear insurance companies just dropping their premiums without being asked to.

  • Lauren says:

    I had some luck like this with my auto insurance – I got my renewal quote and it was $200 more than my previous term. I called, told Progressive I was going to start shopping and switch if they couldn’t get me lower – and after being transferred around several times, I got to someone who offered to give me a quote that was 50% LESS than I was paying – for a savings of $700. $700 for 20 minutes on the phone. I was very impressed with Progressive after that.

    Never hurts to call – you’ve got nothing to lose.

  • Joshua says:

    I have had good luck with my cable company. Sometimes they will extend their teaser offers if I call.

    The last time they would not, but they did give me a rundown of all new sales without doing a “hard sell”.

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