Tips for Your Wedding Registry

by AJ Pettersen · 3 comments

My fiancé and I recently registered at Target for our wedding. We went in without much thought, playing most decisions by ear. We realized we were ill-prepared fairly quickly when we began looking for color schemes and items for rooms we wouldn’t have for a few years. What colors do we want in a guest bedroom? What items will we need for our kitchen? These are some things we had to use our imagination for. All in all we learned a lot about registries and about how we will mold and adapt our choices moving forward. Let me share that knowledge with you:

Where to Register?

This is something that needs to be well thought out. There are a number of places that offer wedding registries.

We chose to register at Target, Macy’s and Crate and Barrel. We picked these stores for a number of reasons. The biggest reason for these selections was the diversity in products offered. Target offers nearly everything necessary, Macy’s offers a few specialty items we really want and Crate and Barrel has the best in kitchen utensils and miscellaneous items.

Things we learned were:

  • We didn’t plan enough before heading to our first location (Target), so we were forced to write down items we didn’t get at Target that we would want to register for at the other two locations.
  • Choosing stores that have locations near the site of the wedding is important, this will make it easier for your guests to get wedding gifts.
  • Many stores offer discounts and gifts for using their store for a registry. Target offers a discount for all items on the wish list that no one picks up. This is why we will be registering for a few bigger ticket items.

How did/would you approach where to register?

Altering Your Registry

Altering our registry is something we will need to do a few times to get the right items from the right stores. We know we will need to add and delete items from each location so we don’t double up items or get things we don’t need. The nice thing is that most stores offer online access to registries, allowing changes as necessary. Our three separate registries will need to be tinkered with before we deem them ready.

Look Into the Future

Preparing for future rooms and needs was something we struggled with while registering at Target. The ability to change our registry saved us, but doing things as close to right on the first try will save you time. Plan out colors and schemes for rooms you don’t yet have and think about items you will need. We made up for our lack of preparation by going through every aisle in the store. This meant we gave thought to every option Target had to offer.

We will do more planning before heading to our other two locations, hopefully leading to a smoother process and more confident selections by the two of us.

Have You or are You Planning on Registering?

Have you been involved in a wedding registry in the past? Will you be involved with one in the future? This process involved important decisions that will have an effect on your future home. Don’t take the process lightly, make sure you have all your bases covered before moving forward.

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  • JC says:

    We did Amazon since it’s the most convenient and has typically much better prices; and Honeyfund to help pay for the honeymoon. We did do a Bed Bath & Beyond registry, too, for those people who just have to buy and wrap a physical product themselves.

  • Icarus says:

    First, I’d recommend Bed, Bath & Beyond. Not only do they have pretty much everything that Crate & Barrel has, but your guests can use their 20% off coupons.

    Second, I’d recommend getting a range of items from low price to high price, with the caveat that they are things you want/need. Groups of friends might go in together on a mixer or other high priced item, or someone who cannot come to the wedding may want to get you a tokken gift – no point in their breaking the bank.

    Lastly, try to discreetly encourage everyone to ship the gift out ahead of time. You don’t want to cart off a trunk full of gifts at the end of your reception when you are tired and perhaps loopy.

  • Tricia says:

    The best tip for registering is do it at a place that has a physical location and an online registry. That way, you can see the products in person, but do the actual registering online. It also gives your guests a choice in how to buy.

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