Confessions of a Dollar Bill

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The personal finance community totally ignores the importance of my contribution.  Without me, life would be so different since everyone would have to carry so many coins.  I have decided to contribute my story to the public.  I am a dollar bill.

I was once available everywhere.  You might know my other siblings instead of me depending on which country you were in, but my brothers and sisters were available in every country.  I was a critical part of the financial system.

Slowly, I became less and less important.  I think people call it inflation, which to me is such a useless phenomenon.  What society decided to do was give people raises and then make everything cost more.  No one cares about this because they are still able to afford similar things but why have inflation?  Who does inflation help?  I keep telling everyone to to stop buying things that go up in price so the demand goes down, keeping inflation intact.

No one is listening though, because I am now pretty insignificant.  Some countries even decided to turn my brothers and sisters into coins.  Why?  It cost more to create them and they are heavy.  I overheard a few days ago on the highway when someone couldn’t even use me because the toll machine only accepted coins.  Arrgghhh.

Another invention that sucks is those evil credit cards.  Credit cards makes not just me but all of cash useless.  I hear that people who are irresponsible end up racking up those credit card debts.  Those companies seem to find a way to lure you to get into debt.  In the old cash days, things were so much more logical.  You have money, you buy something; if you don’t, then save up for it.  Nowadays, if you want to buy something, just get into more debt.

Not all is lost though.  In some countries like the United States, 45% of the currency produced today are dollar bills.  They say they end up producing more of us because we are fragile but I hear that we can last 18 months on average.

I just don’t get it, why does no one like me anymore?

PS: We are in danger, look what they are doing to me.

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