ATM Receipts – Wells Fargo vs Bank of America

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My fiancée and I happened to withdraw money from our respective banks (Wells Fargo and Bank of America) recently and I want to show everyone the ATM receipts to see if they provide different information.

front of wells fargo atm receipt

As you can see above, they both provide the date and time of the transaction as well as the location. Furthermore, the last four digit of the account number is shown along with the amount withdrawn and available balance.

Personally, I like the Wells Fargo ATM receipt more because it is better organized. Looking at it carefully, we can also see that everything is better spaced out on the Wells Fargo version.

The back of the receipts are quite different however.

back of bank of america atm receipt

The Wells Fargo version uses the back to show some advertisements for their website as well as their 1-800 phone number (compared to Bank of America showing the number on the front without the website address). Again, Wells Fargo’s receipt is better because the bank is able to use the receipt more fully than its competitor.

Since Bank of America wastes the back of all their ATM receipts, I am going to suggest using…

money ning atm receipt


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  • Angel Monroe says:

    Tho for organizational reasons I do like Wells Fargo Reciept .
    Thanks , Angel

  • Angel Monroe says:

    Personally, I like the B of A Reciept better because it’s simple . Tho I haven’t experienced Wells Fargo hands on . So this is based on viewing from my iphone . Lol wells is a great bank very strict . I once was going to bank with them . I like B of A but I love Citi Bank best thus far.
    Angel southern ca

  • Hovawart says:

    At first I thought the Wells Fargo receipts would be useful, but they have caused me a lot of trouble. I was filing them for business purposes, each new one on top of the previous one. When it came time to do taxes, I found the ink had disappeared from all except the most recent receipt. I wonder how legal it is to use disappearing ink on bank receipts.

  • 1e says:

    Funny. I disagree with your conclusion of which one’s better… more from an environmental standpoint.

    The BOA receipt looks like it can be cut off at whatever size is necessary AND they don’t waste ink putting an advertisement on the back that no one looks at anyway.

    The fact that there’s an ad on the back makes it better? BOA does have their phone # on the front and if someone doesn’t know their bank’s website… then odds are they wouldn’t use it anyway.

    I do prefer the organization of the WF receipts though.

  • Eric says:

    Bank of America used to be a better bank. Those days are over. Wells rules.

  • Neon says:

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  • MoneyNing says:

    Actually, I know exactly what you mean. I’m in southern california and most of the machines are VERY old. Monochrome is also the norm here. In Charlotte, NC (where their HQ is), the machines are extremely nice though (like the Wells Fargo ones).

  • Anonymous says:

    Hah. I WISH my Bank of America reciepts were legible like yours. Here in northern California everything is still ancient and we have some monochrome barely legible and faded scribbles of ink on every ATM or bank reciept. BOA really needs to modernize there branches on the West Coast.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Modern Worker: Don’t be surprised if it REALLY happens 🙂

  • Modern Worker says:

    Strange, I received the same MoneyNing plug on the back of my latest BoA receipt. :-p

  • MoneyNing says:

    Zach: I think I need to talk to Bank of America for possibly adding this to the back of their receipts.

    Semih Gorgulu: Well, I’m really only letting you know where I used an ATM machine and that I bank with Bank of America and Wells Fargo. I appreciate the warning though 🙂

  • Semih Gorgulu says:

    Haha, great article 🙂 although I don’t think it is safe to put those kind of things online, especially on a blog. But hey thx for stopping by at my blog 🙂 I hope you come back regularly.

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