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  • James says:

    Ally seems to be the new ING. A few years back ING was the dominating force with the best interest rates hands down.

    Now Ally is the front runner, with the best rates and most advertisements to push there business into 2010.

  • OC Steve says:

    Not all banks offer images of paid checks. As an accountant, this is an important aspect since it is always easier to satisfy IRS/FTB audits when you can give copies of cancelled checks for particular items being questioned.

    Also, how long are statements maintained on-line? Some banks only keep 18-24 months on-line available. In IRS/FTB audits you just might have to prove deposits/withdrawals/transfers. This can be difficult if your home computer hard drive fails and you don’t have another back-up. Banks would just love to charge you for copies of statements/checks.

    OC Steve

  • Ken says:

    One feature that’s important to me is the bank-to-bank transfer service. How easy is it to link to an external account and transfer money? Some banks don’t even have this capability. Some have it but there are many limitations, and a few make linking and transferring very easy.

  • CD Phi says:

    It is very important to know the bank that you are investing with because it is YOUR money. For me, one of the most important factors is rates. It is so important that I get a good rate from a competitive bank and even though it may require some searching, in the end I’d like to know that I got the highest rate possible.

  • Ginger says:

    I signed up for Sallie Mae because of upromise. I should get an additional $5 of interest this way minumum. $5 is not a lot but it adds up, last year I made $300 in interest by chasing rates and bonus offers like this one.

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