How to Successfully Sell Your Stuff On Craigslist for Cash

by Connie Mei · 2 comments

Whether you’re all finished with spring cleaning or just getting started, there’s probably a few things (or many things) lying around your home that you no longer need. That’s how it is for my house.

You might be inclined to just toss these things away but as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Selling gently used items is a great way to make some extra income.

I’ve typically used eBay in the past and it has worked great. But eBay is more effective for smaller, higher valued items. You reach a wider amount of people, even globally.

So what if you want to sell a piece of furniture easily and have the buyer come by and pick it up? While you can do that on eBay, you get much more flexibility on Craigslist.

Sure, selling on Craigslist seems scary. While you should be wary of scams, Craigslist is a great marketplace to sell you stuff fast. Here are 4 tips to successfully sell your stuff on Craigslist.

Put Extra Effort Into the Pictures

Make sure to put extra effort into the picture. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling an antique or a pen. Whatever it is, always include multiple pictures with your listing. It’s the first thing a potential buyer sees and it’s what attracts them to read more.

Pay particular attention to the lighting and keep the background clean. Good pictures make a world of a difference. The little effort you put into these shots can get you more money in the end.

Get Creative With the Headline

Aside from your images, one of the first things potential buyers see is the headline. Boring headlines don’t get noticed. Get creative with your headline and it will increase your chances of catching someone’s attention.

Think about what the main selling point of your item is. Is it price? If so, include it in the headline. Be careful not to make your headline too long or have it sound too gimmicky, though. That can backfire and drive potential customers away.

Write a Detailed But Concise Description

When you have the image and headline ready, it’s time to focus on your description. You don’t want a super lengthy one. No one wants to read a novel. But it’s important to include as many details as possible.

While keeping your description concise, include as many selling points as you can. Different buyers are looking for different things and you want to appeal to as many people as possible. This will also cut down on questions buyers have for you

Price the Items to Sell

The most important part of any Craigslist listing is pricing. It doesn’t matter if you have the best pictures, a catchy headline, and a great description. If you’re priced too high, no one will want to buy.

Craigslist buyers are looking for dealsDo your research and see how much similar items are selling for. Also consider factoring in a discount if the buyer can pick up the item themselves.

Selling on Craigslist can certainly take some time. But with just a little bit of effort, you can make some quick cash on items you were never going to use again.

Have you ever sold furnishings locally? What’s your best tip for successfully selling on Craigslist?

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  • tstrump says:

    Don’t forget about security.
    Here in SF, it’s important to meet in a mutually safe area.

  • Ron Hamilton says:

    Both parties involved should be happy with the transaction. If you are buying and have agreed on a price, do not haggle with the seller afterwards. If you are selling and have agreed on a meet up, make sure you do not forget to show up. Just treat your buyers or sellers the same way you would want to be treated and you can’t go wrong.

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