The Power of a Part Time Job Even If You Don’t Need Extra Cash

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I got a part-time job recently writing for a friend who is building out his website. I was trying to help my friend out, but all I can think of is how much I wish I would’ve found a freelance writing gig on the side sooner.

I kid you not, but it’s literally been life-changing. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t actually need any of the extra cash to secure a financial future.

Here’s why…

The Part Time Income Has Been AMAAAAAAAAAAZINGGG!!

Unlike here at where how much I make on a given day isn’t directly proportional to how much work I put into my own site during those 24 hours, I’m paid per article I write on his site. My friend needed quite a few articles before he is launching his site, so it’s so far been a “write as many as you want” type of arrangement. In other words, it’s “eat what you kill and the whole forest is open to you and you only”.

This also means that I can directly put a dollar amount to the work I’m putting in for my friend. I honestly haven’t felt this excited about writing an article in a long time. Feeling greedy? Just go write an article. Feeling nervous about the market ups and downs? Write another one. See someone on the street and you felt really bad for him? Go give him some cash and some love, and then go back home to write one more piece.

I’ve spent so many years of my life being frugal that I sometimes feel uneasy paying for out of the ordinary expenses. Even small expenses like spending $3 on a battery for my car’s remote can annoy me because I would think the same cost would get me five if I planned for it and bought a whole pack of them at Amazon.

Nowadays, these little expenses don’t bother me much at all. $3 is easily recoverable. I can just spend maybe 15 or 20 minutes to start a few paragraphs of another article to make up for it.

You see how this is all in my head right? I won’t literally spend 15 minutes to write part of an article to make up for $3, but the fact that I can makes all the difference to my mood.

The part-time job won’t pay for a mortgage or other necessities, but I already have that covered with my main income. I’m treating almost all of this extra as the “fun money” part of my budget because I’m already on track to retire early one day and adding every last penny I make is just going to make me miserable today for the hope that my future will be better. This is a first-world problem, I know, but I’m already far too likely to be “saving too much” than not having saved enough. I need to remind myself that I need to find a balance, and this is the perfect opportunity.

When the extra income is thought of in this way, that relatively small amount can go really far. I mean REALLY far. Want a treat at Starbucks? Go ahead and order one. A video game came out? What are you waiting for? Want to buy a whole new computer? Just save up for a bit, write a few more articles than usual whenever you have time, and you can get that too.

It even helps my main income.

You’d think I would run out of ideas for articles if some of my ideas are used for other people’s sites, but writing more tends to get your juices flowing so you think of even more topics to write about. This article offers a perfect example. I wouldn’t be writing about part-time income at all if I didn’t start writing for my friend.

I’m also finding that since I’m writing more, words are coming out of my brain much more consistently and easily. I’m likely writing three times as many words as I have before, but I’m definitely not spending three times as much time writing. Efficiency!

I’m lucky though.

I have to pitch the topics that I write about, but the vast majority of them get approved easily. And like I said, I can write as many I want, or I none at all if I don’t feel like it. I also don’t have to deal with office politics that are often so frustrating in the workplace or have a boss breathing down my back.

In other words, I have all the flexibility I want without pretty much any of the responsibilities.

Still, I don’t want to mislead you here. Even with all that’s going for this, work is work. Sometimes I really want to write, but I can sit in front of the computer for hours and my brain just wouldn’t instruct my fingers to start typing coherent words. Instead, I get distracted with all sorts of things. Just this morning, I was listening in on the laughter my son makes while he plays with his toys, and peaking at what my wife was browsing on Amazon on my way to get a third glass of water in a 30-minute stretch.

Instead of writing, I could be watching a movie, getting a nap, or playing that video game I just bought. A part-time job is not perfect with absolutely no downside, but boy, it’s been overall pretty amazing.

We are hearing about how so many people are out of jobs, so it can seem like finding part-time work is mighty tough right now. And plus, what if you are taking a spot away from someone who truly needs income? First, there are plenty of us who can find a way to make extra income. Second, just because you give up your spot doesn’t mean someone deserving will get the job you could’ve gotten. If you truly want to help, then get a part-time job and donate all of it to those in need.

Do you have an opportunity to make a bit more money? What are you waiting for? It could change your life just like it’s changing mine.

I’m ending the article here, because, well, I want to go out and buy a cup of ice coffee. There’s really no reason to do so, but then why not? I’m in the mood and I can.

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  • Beau W. says:

    That’s awesome you’re able too get some extra cash for writing David! I’ve got 3 people who want me to do some concrete work for them at this time which is great. One job im still waiting too be completed. Getting concrete is a different story! Redi mix companies are so busy right now you have too book your order about one week in advance! Crazy busy here in Arizona with the new home construction. More opportunities for more side work for me. There’s plenty of work too be had if you Hustle and go get it.

  • BillyG says:

    Enjoy your cup of coffee! You deserve it. I have a drop ship side business and it’s been good to me. There’s a bit of work involved but it’s mostly on autopilot since I’ve done it for so many years. And you are right. Some extra income makes everything so much easier. It certainly pays for all my toys.

  • Vicki says:

    Congrats on getting some extra income! Having more money is very freeing. You just started, so it’s fun. Just don’t get burnt out!

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