How to Find Time to Start a Side Hustle

by Miranda Marquit · 6 comments

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One of the questions I get regularly is this:

I’d like to start a side hustle, but I don’t have any time. How can I find the time to make more money?

This is a tough one because we all have busy lives and schedules. It’s especially true if you add kids into the mix.

However, there are some ways you can find time to start a side hustle. It all starts with being honest and seeing where you truly stand.

Where Do You Spend Your Time Right Now?

My entire life is basically a side hustle because I’m a freelancer. However, I still have responsibilities to my son, and other things that I do. It’s important for me to find time for all the things I want to do.

When I first started analyzing how I could better use my time, I began by tracking what I actually did. It’s kind of surprising when you have a look at it. The American Time Use Survey indicates that the average American spends 2.8 hours a day watching TV. If you’re looking for somewhere to start when it comes to finding time to start a side hustle, look at cutting back on sitting on that couch.

Spend two weeks tracking all of your activities by making a note each time you do something. Note how much time you spend surfing the internet. How much time do you spend aimlessly clicking through Facebook? Are you spending a couple hours a night watching TV? Playing video games? Just being “busy” rather than accomplishing something?

The first time I tracked my time use for a week, I was shocked at some of the things that went on. The activities that eat up my day ranges from the time I spent lying in bed in the morning to how much time I spent “researching” articles (actually, just going down the rabbit hole online).

Once you finish tracking your time, you can readily identify areas where you could switch up your activities to start a side hustle.

Schedule It In

I started scheduling in the things I want to do, including dinner with friends. Just waiting around to “find” the time guarantees there won’t be the time. If you want to find time to start a side hustle, you need to schedule it in.

Make it a priority. We talk about “paying yourself first.” The same concept applies to your time. Figure out where you want your time to be used and schedule in that time first. I schedule in time with my son, and I make sure I have time for other important things in my life. If that means I fall behind watching reruns of Game of Thrones, or that I STILL haven’t finished the second season of Foundation, then too bad. Shows are pretty much the lowest thing on my priority list.

Get Rid of Some Things

If you really, truly can’t find time to start a side hustle, it’s time to re-evaluate some of the things taking up your time. I axed one organization from my list when I realized it was taking up too much time and not providing enough of a return for my time investment. I’ve got too much else to do.

Figure out how important the side hustle is, and if you can cut something out of your life, learn to say no.

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  • Kyle Burbank says:

    I am always amazed when I consider how much time I waste in a given day. I might feel like I was on fire and then realize I did about 4 hours of work. Your idea of “paying yourself first” is a good one and something I’ll keep in mind if I expand my freelancing efforts. Thanks!

    • David @ says:

      4 hours of work is how long the typical worker works at their corporate job. If you can spend just another 4 hours, then theoretically you can double your income!

  • Alexander says:

    If you have the motivation to succeed, make money and to side hustle. You will make time. Im juggling a day job, wife, 6 rental properties and I still make time to start my own amazon FBA side hustle.

    Make things happen!!

    • David @ says:

      Wow nice set of responsibilities there Alexander. Cheers to your financial independence in advance!

    • RyanG says:

      Wow, good for you! What is an amazon FBA? I’d like to get a side hustle going for my wife and I to generate some extra income, but I don’t know where to start. I work a pretty solid week and we enjoy our downtime, but something we could put some time in on a daily/weekly basis to generate some extra cash would be helpful.

      • David @ says:

        I believe FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon so you are selling on Amazon but the customer just thinks they are buying from the main site.

        Side income is helpful. It’s obviously helpful financially, but it also provides peace of mind because you know you have multiple sources of income.

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