Where Do You Turn to Get Your Movie Fix?

by AJ Pettersen · 14 comments

The summer can often lead to more activities. If you have children, you know this first hand. While I discussed options for getting your kids outside last week, sometimes you will need another option. Movies can be great way to spend time with family and friends, and there are so many options to choose from. Where do you see your movies?

In The Theater

Theater ticket prices have gone up significantly through the years (even in my lifetime). Since I went to my first movie in theaters, prices have nearly doubled in my area. This means I may have to shell out close to $10 to see a movie at prime time.

One obvious way to reduce the cost is to watch during off-hours. After all, matinee movies pretty much the same thing at a better price. Theaters typically offer their lowest prices during the day on weekdays.

DVR/Movie Channels

With the rise in cable technology has come digital video recording. This is an option most cable companies offer for a small monthly price ($12 a month for my fiance and I). If you couple this with a few extra movie channels, you will have as much movie viewing pleasure as any one person can take. Check your channel guide for movies you want to see, set the DVR to record them and watch a movie whenever you want to see it. If your movie was taped on standard cable, you won’t have to wait through commercials, simply fast forward them.

Rentals: Online and Elsewhere

I discussed Netflix and other similar options (blockbuster rentals, etc.) in my article covering high cable bills. If you want to have a number of movies with no extra hassle, these are great options. Netflix offers a wide range of movies for less than $10 a month (and Netflix is offering a one month free trial too). The company not only have a good selection of mainstream movies, but their offering of indie films is tough to beat as well. Companies such as Blockbuster are starting to offer their rentals online for monthly fees as well. Redbox offers newer rentals for $1.29 a day. This is a great option if you live close to a kiosk and can return films quickly after viewing.

Where Do You Go?

I typically use a combination of my monthly Netflix subscription and theaters to get my movie fix. If there is a movie in theaters that my fiance and I are interested in, we will shell out the extra cash to see it. She even gets a preferred employer discount in the city we live. This cuts the cost of viewing in the theater in half.

Where do you go when you want to see a movie? Do you have a Netflix or similar subscription? Do you have DVR with your cable? In what other ways do you get creative to see a good movie?

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  • Kevin@moneywisdomtips says:

    I’m not so much a movie freak,i do movies ones in a blue moon

  • Shane says:

    I use Netflix and have Movie channels threw my cable tv service.

  • Kate says:

    My debit card builds up “Scene Points” as I do various transactions (e.g. direct deposit, paying bills on line or at the counter) and when I get 1,000 points I get a free movie. Since movies run $18.00 (no discount times here), I only go to the movies when I have 1,000 points. Fortunately, most movies are garbage these days, so it doesn’t strain me too much. I recently saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” (no humour, no song and dance, no romance, no prince charming) and before that I saw the 50th anniversary re-release of “Ben-Hur” which played to a sold-out house. I have dozens of VCR tapes of the movies I like, and in between times I watch one of those.

  • Preston Smithson says:

    So I’m lucky enough to have a dollar theater near by. I have to wait a little longer for the movies to leave the regular theater before I can watch them but that’s fine. I also do Hulu+ in addition to Netflix.

  • John Schmoll says:

    My wife and I (before we had kids) would go on Saturday mornings. Most of the theaters in our area offer substantial discounts then. We could often get in for half price.

  • khatlady says:

    The local movie chain has a monthly fee program of $25. You can see any film as long as there is a seat. A few exceptions for the special showings. One does not have to pay extra for the 3D films or glasses. Showing the card you also get discounts on the movie treats. A great savings for movie fans like me.

  • Pat says:

    We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. We do go to the theatre (never at prime time) to see the ones that you just HAVE to see on the big screen.

  • Marbella says:

    There are tons of free theaters showing up novice performances for children and young people free. You just have to look a little bit.

  • Victor says:

    Just a quick tip for those who may not know. If you currently subscribe to cable TV service, check to see if they have a rewards card or club. My girlfriend and I are with Cablevision’s Optimum service and we get two free movie tickets every Tuesday at a local theater chain. If you factor in the value of your tickets, you can help maximize your return of the monthly service fee.

  • Roxy says:

    My company offers discounted movie tickets. So I always have a few of those onhand and use them as we feel.

    Otherwise, Hulu or Netflix on my Ipad with a connector to the TV. There are great TV shows to stream online!

  • Jean says:

    I rarely go to theaters unless it is a movie that is really, really worth it. Otherwise, I mostly rent. I also have a big library of movies I bought over the years that we can always watch.


  • Lance@MoneyLife&More says:

    I am a big fan of redbox! Just make sure you return it the next day to avoid more charges.

  • KM says:

    Same here – Netflix and the occasional theater visit for movies that are best seen on the big screen, like the recent Avengers movie. My husband is a movie junkie and would go to the theater every day if he could to see any movie at all, but it’s expensive, so we keep it to only the movies that will impress for sure, especially since I am not so big on theaters.

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