How to Prepare Your Home for Visitors

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Having visitors in your home is both exciting and stressful. It’s great to see your family or friends, but it’s stressful making sure everything is ready for them. My parents are coming to visit my wife and me soon, and we feel like we’ve prepared pretty well. Here are the areas we focused on.


Getting a room ready for your visitors is a must. Washing the sheets, vacuuming, and giving everything a homey feel are important. Since my parents are staying in our den, which has French doors, we purchased a sheet and hung it over the glass part of the door. This will give them the privacy they need and will stop unwanted light from entering the room early in the morning.

If you don’t have a guest bedroom available for visitors, don’t worry. Find some creative solutions — and just remember that keeping your guests as comfortable as possible is the key. Having some privacy and adequate space for their belongings is good, too. 


Another factor to think about is how you’re going to handle the food. Will you eat out, or will you cook at home? Make sure you’ve cleared this up with guests before they arrive.

My mom loves to cook and told me she would give me the week off from cooking while she’s here. This was helpful to know in advance.

Remember that cooking at home is usually more cost-effective than eating out. Cooking together is also a great way to spend some quality time with your visitors.

Getting Around

My parents are visiting to watch some of my baseball games. The only way for them to get to the field is to drive, so transportation is an important factor. Since my wife and I both work, it’s essential that we determine a schedule for sharing cars.

If your guests want to go sightseeing and you can’t go, consider loaning them your car. If that’s not an option, your guests will most likely need to find a rental vehicle. Search online and help them find a good deal.

How do you prepare for your guests?

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