Frugal Activities for the Christmas Holiday Month of December

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Everyone seems to say that Christmas is a pretty expensive holiday but I keep reminding them that nothing is ever expensive unless we choose it to be.  Christmas can be fun, eventful and frugal all at the same time.

Let me share with you some of the activities that you can consider in the next few weeks.  Remember to have fun, enjoy the holidays and not break your piggy bank.

  1. Christmas Walk in the Light (Night)

    Some of you are lucky enough to live in urban cities where corporations spend thousands of dollars decorating their buildings with Christmas Lights so don’t miss the chance to go outside and enjoy it by having a nice walk.

    The rest of us will probably have to look harder but many families will decorate their houses too. There is a whole community close to where I used to live in which every house was filled with lights during Christmas time. It was simply amazing and we would make it a point to just drive over there to enjoy it. (The word seems to have gotten out because there would sometimes be a traffic jam within those side streets in recent years)

  2. Christmas Parties

    christmas parties are lots of fun
    I’m sure many of your companies are having some type of Christmas gathering and it always amazed me that so many people don’t attend. During the Christmas party, everyone is generally much more relax so it’s nothing like the work environment.

    Even though I work at home now, I will be attending Emma’s party as well as my former company’s. (It will sure be exciting since it falls on the same day…)

    You can also host your own party but make sure to send the invitations out really early. If you want to save some money and have variety at the same time, ask everyone to bring food and their favorite brand of alcohol.

  3. Local Events

    Libraries and community centers are great because they always have newsletters that talk about the Christmas events that are happening in the local area. Head on over there if you want to participate because best of all, many of them are low cost (and something free).

    If the event is big enough, even newspapers would talk about it. Last year, I didn’t know that there was actually a Christmas boat show nearby until I saw it on the Sunday paper. It would be unfortunate if I missed it because the display was spectacular to say the least.

  4. Museums and Theaters

    Some museums and theaters actually open for free during special hours in the holiday season. If you are into history or culture (or just want plain curious), find out what offers are near you.

  5. Marketplaces, Town Centers, Malls or Just About Anyplace that People Gather

    Many of these public places will hold special events and themed festivals featuring music, crafts, dance presentations and food samplings for many to enjoy. These are always really fun to go to because not only can you enjoy all the shows, you usually learn something new about a different culture as well.

    Have I missed anything? What do you do that’s both frugal and fun during December for the holidays?

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  • Rick Vaughn says:

    I agree with bartolomo. Driving around the neighborhoods is like a family tradition what may cost some gas but still cheap relatively. Also you can always volunteer at a Soup Kitchen etc… sometimes they can be entertaining.

  • bartolomo says:

    Some good ideas. Also walking through neighborhoods, enjoying the decorations is fun.

  • Emily says:

    That book is ohhhh so pretty. I love going to those carnivals. I live in California and we have one every Christmas close to my house. Best of all, it’s all free.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Play Games: Actually all of them can be free. There are many events that are free to attend as long as you look for them. Have a great Christmas.

    jeflin: I suggest not taking your wallet out for those concerned. 🙂 Just make sure you have your driver license and have a full tank of gas and away you go. It’s fun sometimes trying to fill a full day of activities without spending one cent.

    marci: Sounds like there are tons of activities where you live. You are so lucky.

  • marci says:

    For very very small rural town America: The schools and the churches and usually the courthouse square have good-for-the-heart programs. The schools all have Christmas choir concerts, band concerts, and fundraisers selling Christmas goodies. The Churches have special plays/programs, and one here has a living Nativity, which the little ones love to go see. There are programs and lights on the courthouse stairs, and open houses at the nursing homes. Some in town neighborhoods are all lit up, and a ride to the boat docks to see the boats all gaily decorated is a sight also. All are wonderful good-for-the-heart activities, and all (here anyway) are free to the public.

    And if you’ve totally taken leave of your senses, there is the annual Polar Bear Dash/Swim in the ocean on New Year’s Day following the small town parade 🙂 brrrrrr

  • Mary says:

    Cool but Christmas aint for me.

  • jeflin says:

    I like your first point. Christmas walk in the night after a simple but hearty dinner is a really good idea.

    For those who really like the crowd, then marketplaces and malls will be the place to hang out. But then the temptation to spend money will be great.

  • Play Games Win Prizes says:

    Pretty much the first one on your list is the only one that doesn’t really cost money except for gas. The rest of the ideas are going to cost you money one way or the other and sometimes you may end up spending more too.


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