Summer Fun Guide – Cool Frugal Ideas to Stay Away From the Heat

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lots to do over the summer heat

Summer is here and while things are just as unpredictable in these 3 short months as any other season, one thing for certain is the heat.  Just the other day, it was so hot in my apartment that I almost passed out.  The easy solution was to turn on the air conditioner but with the cost of living rising so much lately, I feel compelled to be stubborn and leave the A/C off.  Instead, I managed to focus all the braincells that was left and came up with these frugal ideas to stay cool.

The first place I thought about going was the library as they have air conditioning and lots of books.  The last time I went there, I was able to catch up on community news by reading the bulletin and also update myself on the latest by reading free newspaper and magazines.

Some libraries are even equipped with free WiFi access so anyone who has a laptop really has no excuse not to go there.

Go to the Mall
The shopping center isn’t only for shopping.  What I really like to do at the mall is people watch to get blogging ideas.  I find that people are all very unique in their own way and everyone is an inspiration.  In the summer of course, there’s the added advantage of air conditioning.  If you are lucky, you can even find a good seat where you can relax and rest.

Work out
For those with gym memberships or access to a fitness center, why not workout?  I know a hot day doesn’t really promote doing something that makes you sweat but gyms actually have pretty good cooling systems in place where this becomes a non-issue.  You will be surprised with the added motivation to workout longer once you get used to the cool environment.

I Need Water
Summer is the seasons of water.  Swimming, snorkeling, and even going to the water park are great ideas during the months of extreme heat.  Those with kids are certainly familiar with these activities as they simply love being close to water.

Believe it or not, large bodies of water (like the ocean) can actually lower the temperature by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) so you will instantly feel cooler by going to the beach.  You can even people watch (no honey… I didn’t mean it that way… next topic).

Take Bus Tours
There are actually free bus tours that you can go on. For example, I know that when I was in Toronto, there were bus tours that go to a nearby casino. Not only did they let you ride for free, they even give you a $5 chip to play within the casino that you can cash. Take advantage of companies trying to lure you into their facility.

There are tons of ways to stay cool, have fun and keep your hard earned cash in your pockets at the same time. Look for them while you feel hot this summer, and don’t give in to the temptation to turn on the air conditioning.

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  • Kate says:

    If you live in the USA, all of the above should be prefaced: “First, buy a car. If you are unable to drive, then hire a chauffeur.” I moved back here from Toronto and now cannot go anywhere unless I can beg someone for a ride — and most Americans seem to believe giving someone a ride is akin to Home Invasion. Any suggestions for those of us who can’t drive?

  • magnesium says:

    I liked the idea of taking bus tours

  • luz says:

    Thanks for the tip:)

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