11 Ways You Can Save On Your Wedding Day

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If you’ve ever hosted a wedding of your own or even attended a wedding, you definitely know how much it can potentially cost. From venues to flowers to photography, the expenses add up quickly. And considering that it’s only one day of your life, the cost of a wedding can be very daunting.

Luckily, eloping isn’t the only solution to the problem. While weddings can get really expensive, there are ways to cut back without sacrificing the experience for you or your guests. Being strategic about how you stick to your budget can significantly impact your costs in a good way. Here are 11 tips to help you save on your wedding day:


1 – Date: Flexibility is key when you choose the big day. Wedding season typically runs from May through October, with some venues extending peak season to November. Pricing for peak season is substantially more expensive – as much as 50% for some venues. Having your wedding outside of these months, particularly the winter, will save you quite a bit. Also, be sure to ask about July and August. Some venues will consider this off-peak because many couples prefer not to get married in the heat. If you’re having your ceremony and reception indoors, this doesn’t really matter.

You should also consider a Friday or Sunday wedding, instead of a Saturday. Many couples are also opting for weekday weddings as well, particularly a Thursday, if many of their guests are taking time off and flying to the destination anyway. Lastly, Saturday brunch weddings are becoming more and more popular. Afterwards, the bride and groom can take the afterparty elsewhere as the night is still young.

2 – Location: Location is also a big one. The cost of a venue is astronomical in big metropolitan cities, but you can save a lot if you move just a few miles out of the city. This could be a great option if there is public transportation available or most of your guests are driving.

3 – Guest List: Lastly, if you can’t do anything about the date or location, it’s time to cut the guest list. Think carefully about who you really want to be spending your big day with you.

save money on weddingFood & Drink

4 – Bar: The bar is arguably the most important part of your wedding but also one of the most expensive option. You can cut down on liquor costs by only serving a select few of your favorites. Many couples are also opting for beer and wine only or a cash bar these days, as mixing unlimited alcohol is expensive and can potentially make some guests too drunk.

5 – Cocktail hour & Reception: Considering many guests only care about the bar, sometimes food is an after thought. Many couples overdo it with the amount of food available at the cocktail hour and reception. You can reserve your cocktail hours for only a few hor d’oeuvres and your reception to two courses instead of three. Your guests won’t even notice, and you will save big bucks.

6 – Cake: A cake is definitely a symbolic part of your wedding, but not everyone cares for it. Instead, you can save by choosing a smaller cake and having other desserts for your guests. Many couples are also going for cupcake towers instead, which are fun and much less costly. If you must have a large cake, minimize the decorations to save yourself some money.

Invitations & Decorations

7 – Flowers: It’s crazy how much fresh flowers can cost, especially when vendors seem to automatically double the price when they know it’s for a wedding. Replace flowers with other decorations like candles or framed pictures. Also, look for flowers that are in season and limit yourself to two different types to save even more.

8 – Favors: The best way to save on favors is to DIY. Gather the bridesmaids (and even groomsmen) to put together small treats for your guests. Candy is the easiest. It’s simple and something fun your guests will enjoy.

9 – Invitations: Invitations and programs from a printer can costs a few bucks each. Consider printing them yourselves on nice cardstock if possible. Some couples are also going digital these days and sending invites via email.

Photography & Entertainment

10 – Photography & Videography: You definitely want to remember your big day with photography and videography, but these services aren’t cheap. However, most photographers and videographers will work with you to find a package that fits your budget, so don’t hesitate to ask. Many will also give you a nice discount if you book your engagement photos, wedding photos, and videography together. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Many people will give you a discount if you simply ask, as long as you are nice about it. Also see if you can find a friend with a good eye, since they may want to become a photographer for you.

11 – Band: Bands can really take your wedding atmosphere up a notch, but they also cost considerably more than a DJ. Consider looking locally if you really want a band. Many up and coming acts in your neighborhood would love the exposure and don’t charge as much as typical wedding acts.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful but it’s your big day! Take the time the enjoy your first day as a married couple.

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