5 Ways to Get Free Stuff in Exchange for Reviews

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Getting free stuff from companies is always a huge perk, and I am not talking about a pair of free slippers for signing up with a new bank. I am talking about getting free food products, merchandise, and books from companies in exchange for a shout out or review.

Over the years, I have received over $1,000 in free groceries, books, website subscriptions, merchandise and more. Here are a few of my tips.

1. Be an Active Reviewer

Don’t expect to be asked to review a product if you do not have a healthy list of reviews. I have built up over 100 reviews on Amazon over the past few years. Before that, I worked as a book reviewer for a blog. Take a recent look at your purchases, especially Amazon purchases, and review as many as you can. Once you’ve built a reputation of being a good reviewer, then offers will start coming your way.

2. Give Detailed Reviews

When I do write detailed reviews, that are enjoyable to read, they are up-voted and they catch the attention of other companies needing reviewers. All of the reviews that are only a few sentences haven’t benefited me. Well-written reviews take more time, but they pay off in the long run.

3. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Access

My email is connected to my Amazon review profile, and because of that, a few companies have emailed me directly and offered me products. It was nice to deal with the companies directly and not have to be accepted to the Vine program in order to get the benefits. I was offered a large container of coconut oil from one company after they read my review of a competitor’s coconut oil. Also, I have been offered around $200 worth of items for free from Viva Labs all because of my initial coconut oil review for them. I had no idea that one review could lead to so many more reviews, but this was all possible due to my email address being easy for companies to get to.

Amazon has updated the profiles, which I think makes it harder for robots to get a hold of your email address. Because of this update, I had to renew all of my information. Be sure to check if your email and profile are up to date. Putting in the effort now will pay off in the long run.

4. Have a Strong Platform

Having a website or strong following on social media will attract more companies. Even having a humble website opened up more doors for reviewing opportunities. Since my website was based on personal finance, I was able to review budgeting software, meal planning sites, exercise DVDs, and even an antenna that allowed people to get the free channels via satellite.

My website also allowed me to be eligible for book reviewing sites established through the publisher, such as Tyndale.

5. It Never Hurts to Ask

If you have a website or well-established Amazon review account, then take a look at what other people are receiving for free in exchange for an unbiased review. Look up those companies and contact them asking if they need another reviewer. There are also several websites, such as AllStarReviews.com, that allow you to receive free or discounted items, but I have not used them yet. Do your research on such sites before signing up.

Have you ever gotten free items in exchange for a review?

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