My Virgin DIY Haircut Experience

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My mom calls it the re-opening of Ning’s salon, my friends are laughing at the facebook comments, my wife is proud of her work and I’m just relieved that it’s over. Over the weekend, my first DIY Haircut officially concluded.

How the DIY Haircut Came About

It’s funny how working at home changes someone’s priorities. What was once an important activity like getting a haircut all of a sudden isn’t so critical. I remember reminding myself to get a haircut before my birthday. That was January.

I really didn’t think it was that bad, but my wife came up with an idea after she claims that it could potentially give her more nightmares if she had to suffer through my current “look” – How about I just give you a haircut myself?

First Virgin Haircut Experience

Without thinking, I said “SURE” but when it came down to the night that we were going to cut my hair, I was really nervous. She didn’t seem like she even researched how it’s done so what if she messes it up? Worst yet, what if she cut herself? What about me? I only have one head.

Haircut Trauma

I never knew that I could be so uptight because my shoulder muscles actually hurt the next morning from being so tense. While my wife was carefully constructing her masterpiece, I was frozen. I probably looked like a zombie, but my wife was patient the whole way.

DIY Results

After the intense experience (I thought it was anyway), I picked up my glasses and thought “Wow, I look cool.” My wife was so proud and so good. We should do it another time.

Benefits of a DIY Project

It might not be cutting your own hair, but I’m sure many of you have DIY projects that you want to start too. Here’s what my experience taught me that applies to any do-it-yourself project:

  1. Do it Yourself Projects are Scary the First Time
  2. You May Not Know Everything Before You Start
  3. DIY Gets Easier The More You Do It
  4. Eventually It Gets Completed
  5. The Experience is Always Memorable
  6. DIY Projects can Become the Talk of Your Social Circle
  7. DIY is For Sure a Cheaper Option
  8. Doing it Yourself Doesn’t Mean It’s Not as Good
  9. You Can Always Hire Someone to Finish It if It Gets Out of Hand
  10. You Always Have More Control and You Can Be as Picky as You Want

What’s the Progress of Your DIY Project

So don’t be lazy. Make the move. Start that project and see where it takes you. You might like to do it so much that it will become your hobby one day. For some, it might even turn into a business opportunity. Whatever project it is, you will be proud once it’s finished and you can save some cash along the way.

In this economy, who wouldn’t want that?

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