Verizon DSL Offer, Internet Promotion and Discount Code, Deal Updated

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Verizon DSL offer an Verizon Internet promotion at incredible speeds for almost anyone to take advantage. These discount codes are probably one of the best Verizon deals in a long time and it could be had by a few clicks of a button. Check out these Verizon DSL offers below and you might just find yourself taking advantage of the Verizon Internet promotion available.

Details of the Verizon DSL Offer and Verizon Internet Promotion

Verizon DSL Offer Bundled with Other Promotions

Other Verizon DSL Offers

  • Verizon Small Business with FiOS: Solutions Package that Gives Your Small Business Perks, Plus Get $5 Off Every Month for 1 Year.

There are many more Verizon FiOS offers available here, so remember to check those out as well!

So, have you tried any Verizon DSL offers? What do you think is the best internet services out there? Any suggestions, or are these promotions the best anyone could find? Anymore tips?

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  • brenda says:

    I can only get Windstream phone in my area but their internet service is not available where I am. I’m 400 feet from the so called box. That’s b.s. We’ve been getting promises for over four years now and I’m tired of waiting. I have satellite internet through dish network and I’ve been with them for years. They have upgraded their equipment and I’m paying $70.00 per month for a service where tests show that I am 2 to 5 times faster then dial up. Some pop ups from speak easy ask if I am on dial up. I can’t afford there new equipment, and I’m not a new customer so I qualify for no promos. One would think after 14 years we would get SOMETHING.

    I love dish networks TV.programming, though. I had it for 14 years. Are there any promos that bundle with dish? All I see is bundles with DirecTV? I’m tired of paying outrageous prices and hoping something, anything is available in my area. Thanks, Brenda

  • Myra Lieblich says:

    I just completed installation last week and can no longer find the promotional code to sign up for coupons available for the $89.99 per month triple play package. I was told to wait until it is completely installed and running. Form given lists:
    Order number: NYoo115923523
    Promotional code: FF175
    “Upon membership activation and installation verification, you (meaning me) will receive an e-mail with instructions to redeem gift cards. I am completed and receive no e-mail.

    Please follow through with your deals so that I make look at you as a company with integrity and honesty. Can easily switch back to my first triple play company if you prefer not to keep your deal! Please contact me if you decide to keep your INTEGRITY as a company.

    Thank you.
    Myra Lieblich

  • Albert Hartsock says:

    If there are any verizon internet promotion codes, please send it over.

  • Terry Manning says:

    Please email me the Verizon Internet promotion code for $20 a month.

  • Leslie Stevens says:

    I’m deciding between AT&T and Verizon. Please send me the Internet promotion code for the Verizon DSL if available. Thanks.

  • Rick Mcbeal says:

    Is the Verizon DSL offer for 1 month free still available? If so, please send it to me.

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