There’s a Shortage of Insight Promo Codes

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While you are not likely to find any Insight promo codes online, you will still find that they offer some bundle promotions. They also offer competitive rates for TV, Internet and voice connections. With HD quality, On Demand TV, DVR services and the usual security tools, they are right in line with the “big boys” of the communications industry. One additional perk: they also offer 3-D television and movies, something that is still fairly rare, but a real bonus for those who have invested in a 3-D television.

Coverage is Confusing

Insight appears to offer service to most of the country, although the level of programming and communications varies from area to area. In fact, though, upon entering multiple locations in order to search for promotions one is continually routed to other carriers such as Comcast, Xfinity and so forth. While it is nice that Insight is willing to connect you to local service, it also explains why they have no promo codes online.

The only current promotion which turned up with an Internet search was specifically for customers in and around Louisville. The offer decreased the cost of phone service based upon how many other services the customer bundled. A 2 year contract is required and a $240-$600 early termination fee was part of the deal, so tread carefully here. It may be that Louisville is the only market Insight actually serves directly. You will probably need to contact Insight to find out if they are active in your neighborhood.

Website Promotions

If you go to the Insight website you will find a scrolling set of promotional offers. All of them offer services “as low as” a specific price. When you enter your address you may, or may not, find the savings implied.

Video, with “hundreds of channels” starts at the rate of $45.00 per month. High speed Internet begins at $35.00 and phone at $25.00 per month. You can bundle all three services together at a starting price of $105. Even if you click through their website to specific Insight carriers, you can’t get any concrete prices. If you are fortunate you will be directed to another provider that does advertise accurate prices.

You can get live chat help online if you so choose. The operator will want your address in order to provide any information that is more specific. If you are uncomfortable disclosing such information online you can always call the customer service number instead.

Variations Exist

Of some concern is the company’s inability to confirm even a range of prices for a given area. As many different providers are used in the Insight network prices can vary tremendously, as do services. One should always be wary of any company that won’t confirm prices without having personal information. Insight’s prices may be within industry norms, but there was no way to find out.

Insist Upon Promotions Even If There Are No Promo Codes

If you do choose to pursue a contract with Insight, it would be wise, given their lack of disclosure online, to get everything in writing in advance. Ask about any promotions that are current – the question itself may save you quite a bit each month.

Additionally, since it appears that Insight is one of those companies that require a 24 month contract, know what your penalty will be if you choose to terminate one or more of your services. Again, make sure that you have it in writing.

Searching for coupons or promotion codes online is always a good idea. With any luck you will be able to find Insight promo codes if you look when you are ready to commit to a contract. A simple query in your favorite browser is all that is required to connect with the savings you want.

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