Suddenlink Connects You To Savings with Coupons and More

One of the few companies that offers promotional coupons in those savings books kids sell from school, Suddenlink is designed to save you money on the things you want most: cable television, phone and high speed Internet service. Drop by their website and you will immediately find a great promotion – just $25 per month for your phone service for life. That’s right, that price will never change again as long as you take advantage of the promotion before it expires.

Based in North Carolina, Suddenlink is storming onto the broadband scene serving areas in Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Arizona at this time. Still a relatively small company, Suddenlink stresses family values, commitment to customer satisfaction and honesty in their dealings. Perhaps that is why they are continuing to grow at a steady pace. Regardless of the reason, their growth gives you access to some great promotions.

Find Your Promo Codes Online

Unfortunately, without actually providing a potential address it is difficult to find any links to other promotions on the Suddenlink website. That’s ok because many promotions are available elsewhere, and you can easily find standard deals at the company site.

A quick web search reveals that Suddenlink is offering a triple bundle of Internet, television and phone service for as little as $1 per service per day. That comes out to about $99 per month for all three. This will save you as much as $400 a year when compared to purchasing each service separately, and you don’t even have to enter any promotion code.

Other coupons offer you telephone service or Internet connection for only $20 a month, while another connects you to television for just $6.95 per month for your first 3 months of service. Click through from any of these links and you connect directly to Suddenlink’s website where you can place your order.

VIPerks as a Promotion

Another thing that Suddenlink does differently is offer a VIP club for customers who do take their triple play bundle. These customers benefit from a dedicated customer service line, TV caller ID so they don’t have to get up to see who is calling during their favorite show, occasional free movies from On Demand and Pay-Per-View and additional perks from time to time.

If you are already in the market for a complete communications package, then it just makes sense to get a competitive price and additional benefits. So make sure you don’t miss out on this great promotion by taking advantage of the VIPerks when you sign up for the big bundle.

Safe and Secure

Another advantage to signing up with Suddenlink is that they offer home security as well. In fact, when you add a home security package to your communications bundle, you can connect through the Internet wherever you are and look through the cameras set up in your home. Get alerts straight to your phone or email, know whether your security system is armed or disarmed and keep track of your home from work, school or on vacation.

Standard Pricing

Suddenlink offers the same range of prices for their bundles as other communications companies do. The differences when ordering without a coupon code found online or in your savings book are minimal. Expect to pay abut $99 per month for a triple bundle and $79 a month for TV and phone double play bundle. If you opt to combine phone and Internet, the rates start around $40 per month.

Finding promos that you can use to access cheaper rates with Suddenlink is easy. You can expect that coupons and services will change regularly as the company continues to grow. They are also likely to expand into new areas as time passes, giving them the opportunity to be even more of a threat to larger communications providers. Make sure you evaluate all the coupons you find so you can snag the best deal for your particular needs, though, because promotions change all the time and one of these days, you might even find a Suddenlink promotion code that will help you save big.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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