Mozy Promotional Code and Mozy Free Trial

by David Ning · 8 comments

The Mozy promotional code is available practically all the time and we will list them here along with the old offers so you can see what was available before. If there aren’t any codes available at the present time, you can also give the service a try by taking advantage of the Mozy free trial offer. Mozy is the online backup service for those who take their data seriously and those who want to make sure that their information is secure and safe (this should actually be everybody). In the modern day where our data is so critical, having an off-site location for backup purposes is essential. When it comes to hard drive crashes, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Try out the service now and always be protected from data crashes, where these promo codes will surely help.

Details of the Mozy Promo Code and Free Trial

  • Take 10% Off Any Subscription. Use Promo Code 10off

Thoughts on Mozy’s Service

Our computer data has become such an important part of our lives that it makes no sense not to back up everything all the time. Having been in the IT department for many years, I can assure you that it’s not “if” your data will be corrupted but really “when” they will be damaged. You certainly don’t want all your years worth of documents to be deemed useless just because your hard drive decided to die on you. Oh and those data recovery services? Yes, they work, but they are expensive (I had to pay $5,000 to recover a hard drive once and they even said that there’s no guarantee that the data will be recoverable at all!) and when it came back, there were hundreds of copies of every directory so everyone at the company I worked for spent countless hours sorting through them even though the files are theoretically all there.

Expired Mozy Promotional Code

  • Take 15% Off Any Subscription. Use Promo Code RESOLUTION2014 – Expire 1/31/2014
  • Take 10% off MozyHome or MozyPro. Use promo code AES – Expire 11/30/2013
  • Take 10% off MozyHome or MozyPro. Use promo code EMC – Expire 8/31/2013
  • Take 10% off MozyHome or MozyPro. Use promo code SAVEME10 – Expire 5/31/2013
  • Take 15% off MozyHome or MozyPro. Use promo code MOZYSTASH – Expire 2/3/2013
  • 10% off the initial purchase of any product/subscription. Use promo code 2012
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  • R.G. says:

    I’ve been pleased with Home Mozy’s free usage (<2.3 GB storage with referral) on multiple computers for many months, and decided to subscribe tonight to increase backup storage capacity. Your coupon worked successfully as described, first time, no glitches. Many thanks for the coupon referral.

  • Compost Tumbler says:

    The coupon code worked great for me, thanks!

  • Intramax says:

    Code works great. Trying MozyHome for the first time.

  • Jaime Magne says:

    We would like to try a month free…

  • Another Code says:

    The code BESTOFMONTH also gets you 15% off.

  • Mozy Promotional Code says:

    Like Arnie mentioned it is possible to save 15% on both MozyHome and MozyPro. MozyPro is needed if people are using Mozy for business. It is an excellent and affordable business backup solution, even if it is not unlimited like MozyHome.

  • Arnie says:

    You can also get 15% off MozyPro using the coupon code EMMA15 and a 15% discount on MozyHome with the code EMMA.

  • Rainwater Barrels says:

    Thanks for the coupon. I’ve been meaning to try Mozy for a while now.

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