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It is common knowledge that investing is a good way to build a nest egg. What is less well known is that investing costs money. You get charged for every transaction you make – whether you buy or sell. Often called commissions, these fees can really add up. One way to reduce this cost is to search for promo codes or coupons, which many online discount brokers are offering right now.

Cheap or Free?

TD Ameritrade has always been known for inexpensively priced trades. Now, with the heated competition, that cost has been reduced to $0. They used to have very generous cash offers for new money coming into the firm, but it’s now hard to say whether they will continue to offer promotions due to the new pressure on revenue on $0 trade fees plus lower interest income.

A Changing Landscape

One of the things you will find with online investing is that the offers are constantly changing. The market is competitive, and many firms are vying for your investment dollars. Scoring the best coupons will help you save money.

The free cash bonus is constantly changing, and no one can really tell you what TD Ameritrade will offer next. You can wait and keep checking for new promos as we do here, which would need quite a bit of effort, or you can decide that the promotion offered now is good enough. The choice is yours of course, but remember that every promotion usually expires so don’t be caught waiting forever.

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Promotions Make You Money

Also, remember that though these promo codes are great, you are trying to make money by investing at the end of the day. The fact is that the more you know about investing the better off you will be. It takes time to learn how to invest properly and newbies make simple, common mistakes as they learn the process. This is the true advantage of a free commission promotion such as the one that TD Ameritrade is promoting, as you get the time to learn how to make money.

Though TD Ameritrade still has storefronts, the best place to make the right connection to save money is online. So take some time to think about these promo codes and see if they appeal to you.

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