How to Find a Cox Communications Special Promotion Code

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Most of the communications companies are offering much of the same thing to their customers: triple packages for about $100, double packages for about $70 and lots of variation on Internet speeds and the number of available channels. The fact is that if you just look at the website promotions you are probably missing out on some of the perks that can be had.

Coupon Codes for Perks

What kinds of perks can you find and where will you find these promotion codes? If you are willing to put in a little effort you will find coupons which offer you free on-demand movies, dollars off movies, and even discounts on local theater tickets. It all depends on where you look. Here are a few you can try.

  • Cox Promotion Code for $2 Off Any Movies: mov12
  • Free Movie on DEMAND Pass Promo Code: FM1111003
  • Free On-Demand Movie: ECW5GV-5BYR46
  • Cox Free Movie on Us Promo Code: THANKYOU1111

Sometimes you might get special offers in the mail along with your bill, if you still get a paper statement. So if you are an existing customer, you really shouldn’t get your bill sent electronically. That is s somewhat hit or miss tactic, since you have no control over what is being sent.

Making the Best Deal

If you want to score the most appropriate offer then you need to know what you are looking for. It is easy to be swayed by a good offer when you find it, but if you didn’t want that phone service and took it for the initial discount, you will end up paying for it later on. You can always cancel that particular service later, but most people forget to do it and then end up paying for an unused service for months. So, searching for a promotion after you have already determined your goal will definitely keep you on track for the best savings.

Once you find a couple of promo codes, you should compare them by looking at the fine print. You may only get the good rate for 3 months, but it could be 12 if you pick a different promotion code. The rate may go up $5 a month next year, or it could be more depending on the deal too. These are the details that take a good offer and potentially make it great, so paying a bit of attention now pays.

Find the Promo Code You Want

For the very best Cox Communications promotions, you need to pick one that offers the lowest price on only the services you need. Otherwise, you will end up paying more long term even if the deal seems incredible at the beginning.

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