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It isn’t that easy to find Clearwire promotional offers online unless you actually go to their website and it’s even more difficult to find an actual promo code that works. An extensive search did pull up 2 current offers, though. These offers were mirrored on the company site, but the thing is that many companies put out new promotions regularly and it may still pay to search for new offers as they turn up.

Current Promotions

Clearwire offers a plan which provides mobile devices Internet service for just $39.99 a month. This is a mobile broadband plan which allows you to access Internet no matter where you are, in their service area. There is no indication of how this connection is made; 3G is the most likely candidate.

Another plan offers mobile connection with 4G. They cover 80 cities at this time with 4G technology. As long as there is a Clear network available, you can sign in and enjoy unlimited use. This promotion is offered at a price of $49.99 per month at the moment.

There is one other offer, which indicates some lack of reliability. The offer is for a $50 Visa Gift Card, but there is no mention of what you have to do to get it. Some readers have reported success, but not everyone is able to get the deals so you may want to call the Clearwire customer support to at least inquire about this.

Website Based Prices

Upon visiting the Clearwire website you discover that they too offer special promotions. In fact, there is no mention of any type of service other than 4G. This is a bit confusing, but the prices are better than those offered through the coupon codes found at other sites.

The Basic Home plan is offered for $34.99. This plan involves the use of a wi-fi modem that is plugged in at home, as usual. You will be able to access your service by connecting to your computer’s wi-fi. A faster 4G service is also available. For $49.99 per month you can upgrade to the Speedster package and enjoy faster download speeds.

To take your 4G on the go you need to upgrade once more to the Unlimited 4G Mobile plan. This one provides a mobile, broadband modem that plugs in to your device (laptop, tablet, etc). Clear’s 4G network is 4x faster than 3G options. This will also cost you $49.99 each month.

The final option is to have 4G at home and on the road. For $99.99 per month you have access to Clear’s 4G network no matter where you are. You can plug in and connect at home, at work, on the road or in the bus.

Add Television

Clearwire has recently added Satellite TV to its services. You can bundle TV with your Internet service as follows:

  • Just TV starts at $29.99 per month.
  • TV with home based 4G will set you back $79.98 per month.
  • TV with home and mobile 4G will be $129.98 per month.

Additional Perks

In addition to the 4G connection that Clearwire offers its customers, it provides 2 additional incentives. First, if you place your order online you qualify for a $60 Visa Gift Card. You must fill out rebate paperwork and the card will be mailed to you.

Perhaps the nicest thing about using 4G with Clearwire is the fact that their access is unlimited. You don’t have to worry about running over your allotted data allowance.

Things to Consider

Clearwire is only available in a limited area, so you will need to check if service is provided where you live. Additionally, customer service is only available from 9am-10pm.

Clearwire’s promotional offers are currently slated to stay in place for a few months. It is likely that similar promotions will be added when these expire, but there are no guarantees. If none of the current offers suit your needs, keep an eye on both the website and your favorite promo code website. Something is bound to turn up eventually. You can always check out the competition, which always have some promotion codes ready for you to use.

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