Who Actually Earns $400,000 Per Year?

by Emily Guy Birken · 9,075 comments

Aside from the major hiccup the economy faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has been on a steady upward trajectory ever since years ago when we were talking about extending the Bush-era tax cuts. In case you don’t remember, we did end up keeping those cuts in place permanently for any individual making less than $400,000 per year, and for couples earning less than $450,000. Nowadays, those fortunate few who make more than that amount are paying a marginal rate of 35%.

But like I said, it’s been years since we passed the extension into law and I still don’t personally know anyone bringing home $400,000 per year. So who is actually paying that top tax rate these days? I decided to find out what kind of jobs command such high salaries:

how to earn a high salary

1. The President
Perhaps the most famous $400,000 per year job is the leader of the free world. The office of the president not only pays a $400,000 annual salary, but also provides the president with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and a $19,000 entertainment account.

There are some obvious downsides to this particular career, however. Besides being very difficult to get, the job is highly stressful, and advancement post-office can be considered somewhat iffy. And, of course, you can’t expect regular raises: the last salary increase for the commander-in-chief (from $200,000 to the current rate) was in 2001. Prior to that, the previous raise (from $100,000) occurred in 1969.

On the other hand, most presidents end up receiving so many requests for speaking engagements after they hold office that he or she will be set for life. They also get a pension equal to the salary of the head of an executive department (Executive Level I) would be paid. In 2020, that is $219,200.

2. Surgeons and specialists
Even a local general practitioner can expect to pull in over $100,000 per year, but the real money in medicine is reserved for those who specialize. Anesthesiologists, heart surgeons, and brain surgeons can all expect to make up to $400,000 per year at the height of their careers. Plastic surgeons can make up to twice that amount.

Most people are completely okay with that though. After all, these people do a very, very important job.

3. CEOs and Founders
The median salary of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a public company is over $700,000. These individuals are in charge of both short- and long-term profitability for their companies. CEOs generally have to know the industry inside and out (although there are certainly plenty of counter-examples), and need to have worked their way up over many years.

There are also plenty of CEOs from private companies who make quite a bit of money. The job can be stressful, but when you are the top dog, you reap the reward whenever your company does well.

4. Wall Street Bankers and Lawyers
If you work in either finance or finance law, the place to go for fat paychecks is Wall Street. According to an October 2012 report, “the average salary of financial industry employees in New York City rose to $362,950 in 2011.” While that still falls short of the mark required for the higher tax bracket, it’s important to remember that this figure represents the average (meaning some people are making more) and that there have almost certainly been raises in the past few years.

5. Mortgage Loan Officers
This may be surprising to you because not many people think of this group of individuals as ones who can earn the big bucks. However, there are some loan officers, riding the wave of historic low rates, who are raking in the dough right now. After all, their salary is directly tied to commissions they earn as a percentage of the total loan amount they get approved for their clients. They work hard, often seven days a week in many cases due to unprecedented loan volume these days, but they are definitely getting rewarded for their hard work.

6. Speakers in Public Events
Before the pandemic, the good speakers were booking speaking engagements left and right. Not only do they speak at conferences, but they also have opportunities to speak to employees in their offices as well. Some people even write books that tie into their brand. They travel all over the country (and some all over the world), so clients are plentiful.

The pandemic has slowed business to a trickle, but these people will bounce back because everything will eventually go back to normal.

7. YouTubers
Can you see why your son or daughter would want to be a YouTuber yet? The popular video creators not only make $400,000 a year, but they can have earnings in the millions every year. The vast majority of people who try to make it big fail to amass a following, but many dream of the life of recording themselves play video games and earning the big bucks all the time. What they don’t realize is that those who earn millions not only have talent, but they also work extremely hard. If not, then they have a team of people who are behind all the videos that get produced. An entertaining video takes hours and hours of editing, but most people just see someone talk, have fun, and collect cash.

The Top Percent of the Top Percent

These high-income earners are really rare. Consider the fact that most articles listing the highest paying jobs in America don’t even include any professions with median salaries of $400,000. Those individuals making $400,000 per year are in the top one percent of the top one percent — and often, they’re also public figures.

Thankfully, even though individuals in this bracket are few and far in between, the government estimates that raising the tax rate on this small group raise about $600 billion in new revenues a decade.

Not bad for a group that small.

What other professions that earn annual incomes of $400,000? 

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  • Stevendad says:

    I suspect Steven H has gone underground due to being wrong about nearly EVERYTHING. Still want to tour your island….

  • Ken says:

    There is a dis-incentive to take the risks and do the work to earn above 400k, but the larger point is Raising the taxes on that very small percentage of people to 70% will not start to bring in even 1/2 trillion dollars , let alone what we are suddenly spending

  • Mike says:

    It makes no sense to earn less. Biden’s proposed taxes are marginal taxes. Only the income in excess of $400k would be subject to increased taxes. In other words, if your income is $500k, only $100k is subject to the tax increase.

    • Tony says:

      Would you work another hour if it was taxed at 90%?

      At some point you value your time more than marginal income benefit. In this regard, you might choose to make less (work less) due to Bidens tax increase.

      Marginal analysis

  • Cyndy says:

    I own my own company work from my bedroom and make 450k A year. My family is in no way rich. Unfortunately if Biden holds to his belief that household incomes if 450k can afford to pay more in taxes. I will down size my company laying off my 32 employees. So I can make the 265k he wants to leave me with after Taxes.
    I am not slum lord boss. I pay my staff to attend school functions(back to school night, sporting events) I pay my staff to stay home on school holidays in fact if your child is out if school I would be disappointed if you were working. Healthcare is covered 100% employee and families starting salaries are a minimum of $20 a hour. I always believed that happy employees make for a healthy and wealthy company. How ever I will draw the line in the sand at having to pay 50% of my take home income in taxes

    • Peter says:

      That’s what happens….It’s unfortunate. I’ve said many times that it is not those that make 400k that need to be the target. If they truly want to take from the rich and give to the poor it should be from the narrow sliver of people at the top. Problem is they have all the power politically. So they take it from you. And you lay off people or travel/spend less. And low income people lose their jobs.

    • Martin says:

      Yeah I’m a have to say this is nonsense. You would still be taxed at 265K. Even taxed at 450K you still have your tax breaks, and if you’re smart investments that you can leverage to reduce the burden. I know real people that earn $400K+ and none of them are using your strategy if this tax height was implemented so I’m questioning if you’re even honest on who you say you are.

      • John says:

        With all due respect, your reply does not make much sense (to me). I’m sure you have a valid point somewhere in your head, and I would love to hear it if you could explain it a bit more clearly.

    • CRS says:

      Wait? You’re going to lay off 32 people because you’ll have to pay $1500 more in taxes?

  • Peter says:

    Steven H? Still around???

    • Peter N says:

      I still am from time to time.
      I am retired now.
      I see the history is now hidden.

      • Peter says:

        Peter N = Steven H?

        I didn’t remember that. We had some good discussions in here. Miss those days. I bet it would be a mess now with all the propaganda and political anger that has been stirred up. I think of our talks as better days.

        • Peter N says:

          What? Steven H is a liberal.
          I own a business still and work a little still but I go camping when I want.

          What I don’t like is how businesses are taxed with capital gains. Growing a business is not like buying a stock, doing nothing but watch it grow then sell it. I business takes a lot of effort and when you sell it the government wants to take 23.8% now and more under Biden. It effectively means the government indirectly owns 23.8% of my business and indirectly controls it with all of its rules and regulations.

      • Stevendad says:

        R U guys from the old days? I miss giving StevenH crap. I figured you would own your own island by now Peter.

        • Peter says:

          Yeah – it’s me from the old days. Pop in here every now and then because I’m interested in seeing what our old conversation would look like now.

          • Stevendad says:

            It was mostly just true predictions of what has and will happen. Remember inflating the debt and crushing the poor? It’s where we are heading.

  • Handsome Jack says:

    “Can you see why your son or daughter would want to be a YouTuber yet? The popular video creators not only make $400,000 a year, but they can have earnings in the millions every year. ”

    omg.. donkeys pointing to a bubble and then actively popping that bubble by overloading it with people.

  • Handsome Jack says:

    but how does 600 billion (for one year, since they won’t have that 400M the next year) pay for 10 trillion dollars of entitlement programs?

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