Is It Time to Find a New Job? 4 Signs It’s Time to Quit

by Miranda Marquit · 41 comments

Many of us are reluctant to rock the boat at work during tough economic times. After all, what happens if you cause problems — and your superiors decide that it’s time for someone to go? If you are a “new guy” or an “outsider” or just someone the boss isn’t too sure of, you could be the first to go.

In the past few years, many people found themselves trying really hard to hold on to jobs that they may not have wanted when times are better. However, now might be the time to find a new job, and take charge of your financial future. Jobs data is improving, and the labor market seems to be picking up. That means that now might be the time to quit, while you can do so on your own terms. Here are 4 signs that it might be time for you to move on:

1. You Really Hate the Idea of Going to Work

We all have days that we don’t want to go in to work. We may even dislike what we do for work. But do you really hate the idea of going in? Do you spend so much time worrying about what will happen when you go to work that you don’t enjoy your time away from work? If this is the case, it might be time to find a new job, or even start a business.

2. You are Concerned about the Values of Your Boss and Coworkers

Many of us have our own values and ideals. However, if you find yourself questioning the values and ideals of those around you at work, it could be an indication that you are out of place. Your boss might not be doing anything wrong, but the priorities and actions of the organization might not jive with what’s most important to you. If you feel that you are incompatible with your organization, it might be time to move on.

3. You Wish You had More Challenging Assignments

For some people, easy work is preferred. It’s about clocking in and clocking out. However, you might wish for more challenging assignments. Do you feel that your work offers you the ability to grow and expand? If you want to progress as a person, a job that doesn’t provide you with an adequate challenge can be disheartening. Now that the economy is a little more stable, you can look around for a job that offers more satisfaction.

4. You Feel Like an Outsider

Does everyone at the office seem to have inside jokes? If you feel left out of the culture at work, it might be a strong indication that you belong somewhere else. You want to be in a work environment that you feel a part of. If you have been with an organization for more than a few months, and you still feel somewhat awkward, as though you aren’t making the transition to your new company, it might be a not-so-subtle sign that you need to find an organization where you integrate into the culture a little bit better.

The cultural aspects of your job are just as important as the technical aspects. When possible, try to find a job that allows you to feel as though you are doing something worthwhile, and that provides an environment that you are comfortable with.

So, is it time to quit?

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  • xxx says:

    i have been in this company for 9 months and i was the only lady with 3 guys. now this other lady started last month oh God, she’so lose now dating the boss she spends the rest of the day in his office with the door closed*not that i care*and she got a promotion already, i now report to her. she has made my life hell, the affair with the boss has got in to her head and bullying me around then still comes and smile on my face. today the boss and the other guy are on a business trip now she’s locking herself in the other guy’s office, wonder what they are doing. she never works in her office and the fact that they closing the door makes me wonder what is it that they don’t want me to hear LOL

  • Bruce says:

    Here’s the deal with work….If you don’t like what you are doing then quit! You control your own destiny no one else does! Find something you like to do and make a career of it! I’m over these people who do nothing but complain…

    • Lynn says:

      maybe we need to start being a blessing rather than counting our blessings.
      then we would know how to keep our head up , when things are going down. take this one on , how about being a full time low wage employee for ten years without sick leave pay , no holiday pay, never called in to be out, not once.
      just to be knocked down to part time low wages. what ever happened to you
      work hard stay on a job be dedicated ,committed you would be thanked for you
      hard work and dedication in your paycheck with a raise, or even a bonus or both
      oh how it has flipped now the CEO & BOSSES receives the bonuses , even though you may have been their longer than some of them that are in a position higher than you are. Is it about who you know , more so than what you know

  • Ashley says:

    I find it interesting that in all these “when to quit a job” lists, not having challenging enough tasks is even an issue.

    I’m looking for information about when a job gets so overwhelmingly difficult and you give an inch and your boss takes 4 miles on your every day. I want these people’s jobs that complain they’re bored. geez

  • Freddy says:

    Good luck finding that new job in this market!

  • zhenya solzhenitsyn says:

    The other thing to consider is that maybe it might be you. Maybe you need to be a better team member and learn to fit in, or volunteer for those more challenging assignments, or figure out what exactly it is that you hate about work-it might be something you can change like befriending that person who causes you discomfort or changing some aspect of your job routine for the better. Sometimes no matter where you go, there you are, and you will find it little different no matter where you go. Sure, someplaces ARE real problems, but give it some thought before you go.

  • urfired says:

    I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel jobs today are not worth waking up for.

  • Haditup2here says:

    I am at a job that I absolutely HATE! There are too many control freaks, suck ups and back biters who will do anything to throw you under the bus!. I only took this job because of the economy and BOY it is the most dumbest decision I have ever made.
    I am second guessed on just about everything , the people I have the pleasure of working with treat me like I have a third eye and God forbid if you try to have a conversation with them that does not pertain to gossip your either ignored or they will make every effort to exclude you from their conversation. The pay is demeaning, it barely pays the bills, no benefits, no nothing!!! I have GOT to get the heck out of there before I lose my sanity! What was I thinking! I guess this is the thanks I get for jumpin the gun so to speak.
    In my opinion I would have to say that this job and the employees that work for this company are meant to be together in their misery cause I am no longer interested in continuing my employment with you. Like the saying goes ” Misery loves company” I am outta here!!!
    I pray everyday and look everyday for a different job and I know that with the Lords help and my determination I will have my 15 minutes of fame cause I will be telling them to kiss my sweet patootie!!!

  • Renee says:

    Perhaps the title of the article is not the most appropriate to describe of the advice described within it but the title did do its job. It grabbed the attention of all of us. I my opinion the intent of this article is not to encourage people to up and quit. I believe the intent is to make people think, to analyze their own current individual situation. For example, the second paragraph makes a good point, which could be missed by many, “…now might be the time to quit, while you can do so on your own terms…” On Your Own Terms. If you are displaying / sending negative reactions (to any of the four points), people will notice your signals and you might be next to be cut. Try to avoid emitting your negative reactions, instead, Take Control. Start performing research, look for alternatives, develop a plan and get prepared. First, channel your negativity into energy; make this time into an opportunity, evaluate your needs and requirements, develop a plan. Second, performing research can give your mind a break from your current non-satisfying situation.

  • Barby says:

    I work in a pub and its awful hours, awful pay, awful people to work with and awful customers. Pub/Bar work is not as easy as everyone says it is. It is time for a new start something that will challange me a lot more its not challenging once you know it all.
    These reasons are why you should leave, if your not happy you need to find something that will make you happy, the grass isn’t always greener but if you know like me what will make you want to turn up to work and what you would enjoy to do then please make that change.
    I know what I want and I know how to get it.
    I have a job interveiw tomorrow so wish me luck!
    Good luck everyone I hope it all works out for you.

    • zhenya solzhenitsyn says:

      Working with the public is always challenging and no doubt you have learned some important skills from that. Good luck!

  • Topaz says:

    Excellent points to consider. When you spend every waking and commuting moments thinking about how you’re going to get through another shift, and repeat the same exercise day after day for as long as you remain in that environment, it is time to make an exit. Feeling unsettled in a job that is unfavorable or one you have taken out of necessity is mentally draining because it chips away at every layer of your livelihood to such a significant degree that it zaps every energy and enthusiasm that remain. It kills your spirit and leaves you stagnating since there is nothing to aspire to. Every person looks for challenge, something meaningful that makes them thrive or at least a job that makes them feel connected and valued. In the absence of these, you lose your self worth, and dignity. You die. Barring any financial obligations, you owe it to yourself to find something that will bring you back from the dead. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing your talent with the rest of the world and finding the right place that celebrates it. For that is what the world needs- people who have come alive.

    • Lifeisdynamic says:

      Sounds like we walk the same path in the same career, Topaz. Every phrase is very familiar. Your thoughts and ideas are shared.

  • Muhiiga Katashaya says:

    Mostly number 1 and 2 made me leave my work place and start a business. Those 2 are signs you cannot afford to ignore!

  • Regina says:

    In my opinon, a suitable job is that you are interested in and try your best to do it. A boring place may let you down in daily life.So, anywhen we should make a better choice to get what you want.

  • Sang says:

    This is why I am in school at age 39. I was sick of all the jobs I’ve had for 20+ years. I am gonna stay in school as long as I can and when I finish it, I am gonna retire. Hate working and kissing up to people at top positions.

    • Tom Ee says:

      Dear Sang,
      Since you have no desire to work, what subject are you studying and what for? How do you get the money to live? Do the persons who supply you the money have to work? What do you do when you fall sick and receive a fat medical bill? If you were never sick what is your secret? Many of us envy (jealous of even) you. Please share with us your secret so that we too can retire. Don’t be selfish, please.

    • zhenya solzhenitsyn says:

      Beleive me, no matter how high you go, you will need to accomodate yourself to the people at the top. Jobs are no Democracies, but you can bring a positive attitude. And no matter how hard you work or what an asset you are, the positive attitude is worth as much or more. I really don’t have much respect for people who think school is a career in itslef rather than a tool. You are avoiding evolving into an adult. And any school these days is very expensive. If you need to take loans, you will never retire.

  • Claudia Landeros says:

    Very clear statements to be considered and analyzed by everyone, is this the right time to quit? The first one is more than obvious for me, because I had already the experience to feel the opposite way, waking up at 4:00 a.m. waiting to be 6;00 a.m. to wake up and go to another exciting day at the job because of Great position, great team to work with, great leader, and partners all these ingredients can give the sensation to have a fun and exciting life at job and I know that is possible.

  • Denise Rogers says:

    In my opionion, many employers took advantage of the recession to hire new employees at extremely low wages and with absolutlely no benefits, hardly any sick or vacation time. My employers did this. And trust me, they were not then, nor are they now suffering financially. The talk of the empensive trips, vacations, home upgrades, clothis and hobbies is non stop. Meanwhile, I am 1 55 year old woman clearing $24,000 yearly with no benefits, 5 days sick time. To say that I starve and suffer is an understatement. As it is a small office, I feel shut our and forgotten and worthless. It’s very demeaning. They should be ashamed. I feel like Cinderalla.

  • Andy says:

    Wow, I’m three out of four here. I’m in an environment where there’s a lot of stability, good pay and good benefits. If it wasn’t for that, I’d go. As it is, I despise coming in, and the people I work for.

  • lifeisdynamic says:

    Old adage: “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence” – or so it seems until you change your lenses.

    From my experience, every job comes with its own problems – and so many are just like the last job. Change for gain only. Focus on what you want from the job to get to where you need to be – it somehow makes being at work a little more bearable.

    A smile and pleasant greeting or genuinely enquiring how someone is getting along will often get the same response in reply and somehow, the hard day at work suddenly becomes lighter and passes quickly. Try this – I have and do all the time – it does work. People now all of a sudden want to stop and exchange a few words with me instead of putting their heads down and walking past without seemingly noticing me. They approach me with a smile while looking me in the eye. What a difference a smile makes!

    • Richard Gilbert says:

      I’ve believed for many years that a job in which I am not learning something
      new is not worth having! Oh yes, we all have bills to pay but the important
      parts are learning something new and making something better than it was.
      When you can honestly say that you have done both give yourself a gold star!
      If you can honestly award yourself two or three gold stars a year you should be happy in your work. If you can’t, you need to think about why! Maybe it’s time to clean up your act. Maybe you have grown out of the job you have and
      need a bigger one.

      • TA says:

        well how does it matter. as long as you can make money & manage the crap in office, it is okay !! why bother with the rest !!.

      • Working Sam says:

        Oh come on! One can learn just as well off the job! I think that one should change jobs in any of the two following cases:
        1. Lack of perspective – the business is going down and you can see that. No need to linger on waiting for your turn to come.
        2. Found a better job – someone’s paying you more for the same amount of work or the same for less work. Or better yet, paying you more for less work.
        My opinion is that we work for money. If that was not the case, and we would all have all the money we need without working, most of us would be sipping an iced cocktail with a little umbrella, laying on a sunbed in a palmtree shade, on a silvery beach in the Bahamas, instead of getting up at 5 a.m. for the commute. Just my opinion. BTW! If someone tells me he/ she gets up at 5 a.m. for the sense of belonging and fulfillment they get from the job, I’ll just say – go see a doctor. If you really mean that, there’s something really wrong about you!

    • DBH says:

      what I’ve learned is grass is greener where you water it

  • JK says:

    Gosh – never ever quit your job for all these silly reasons. u hate your job – sck it up & get on with your life. unless they physically boot u out, stick to the job. u never know what is waiting in the next job – LOL –

    PS: exp. from watching my closest buddies messing up their life by deciding to quit their jobs for such reasons & landed into another hell hole !!

    • David Torp says:

      Wow! What a messed up view.

    • Dani says:

      I have been in this position before. I found another job. Now I am REALLY happy in not only what I do, but all the new things I am learning. Went from the huge fortune 500 position, that most people want to get in and then stick it out for 30 years, to a small under 100 people business. I make more money and the freedom to do things I would never be able to do as a drone.
      Now I did find a company that is very financially stable. That is a big key.
      Found this through networking, so never ignore the opportunity to talk to people about opportunities. Just DON”T talk down where you are now. People with think your just a complainer.

    • BK says:

      Yes, that is true. Do not transit without a plan.

    • LK Hall says:

      This is a messed up view. You should not stay in a position that you are miserable in just because some random person says “his friends made mistakes” by quitting. You have to have COMMON SENSE- recognize the need to leave, start searching for and acquire a better fitting position (not just another random job), and then make an exit strategy. Just blindly quitting and taking the first job you find IS NOT what is being suggested. Common sense.

    • US Citizens Need Not Apply in IT, only H1Bs only says:

      Amen JK. People need to grow up and stop acting like babies.

      Not enough grown-ups in the world, just entitled babies, whining that they have a job they hate, when there are 20 million unemployed and underemployed who would love to have their job.

    • Jose says:

      I agree. The grass isn’t always greener. There are high school level complaints; feeling like a outsider? not agreeing with values? Are you not strong enough in your own to simply ignore them and move on? When work is just work these petty things down matter and you do what you need to do.

  • Juan says:

    Feeling like an outsider can really be the worst part. The personal relations in a work place really determine the quality of the work. When those relations are stressful and unhealthy then the work environmental really can become a living hell.

    • Sue says:

      I agree…personal relationships at work can make or break you in an office situation. I work in a very very unhealthy environment. Trying my darnest to get out here too.

  • Chuck says:

    Sadly there are not many jobs out there to switch over too. I decided I like my job a lot more after the economy fell apart.

    • Annette says:

      I have to agree with Chuck. You can afford to picky and choosy, when there are a plethora of positions to choose from. As soon as the pool of positions dried up, I suddenly felt I can do better in the position I am in. If I have any discontent, I keep it to myself and manifest others ways to keep myself content at my job!

  • Jean says:

    Good points. If you experience these symptoms and have the possibility to change jobs without too big of a drop in compensation, go for it. You deserve to be happy doing what you do for a living if you have the opportunity.


  • Mun says:

    Ah.. not yet time to quit 🙂
    But these are some great points that I’ll keep in mind. After all, it’s better to leave before you really hate your job (and involuntarily show everyone in the workplace that you hate your job!)

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