Opportunities are Everywhere, So Don’t Worry

by David@MoneyNing.com · 8 comments

unemployment rate
With unemployment rate reaching 10% across the U.S., it’s difficult to feel optimistic about job security and financial freedom. If you are afraid of losing your job (or were already let go), don’t worry, I know how you feel. When my wife’s company had massive layoffs a few months ago, we were exhausted just trying to think of possible alternatives. We were double checking our finances, we were second guessing everything about the company and we were calling our friends to share our misery as if uttering the same words again and again would somehow make the situation more bearable.

It was a tiring few weeks, but the exhaustion paid off even though my wife’s department survived. Our search opened my eyes to the possibilities out there. I realized that there are more ways to earn a living than I can comprehend. That people are providing services in pretty much everything that could be done and making a good living from it. Knowing this gave my wife and I confidence that even if we were out of a job, there are plenty of opportunities to succeed. Today, let me share with you a couple more interesting businesses that I’ve come across.

Mommy Meals Delivery Service

Nannies are so yesterday. There are companies that provide meal delivery services to your door for 30 days after you just had a baby. While they aren’t cheap, it’s easy, convenient and the meals are quite healthy.

Babies Business

hairy baby shirt
Nothing interesting about the garment business, but you can definitely carve a niche all by yourself with some creativity.

The Not So Easy Windows Cleaner

I met a business owner who were in the cleaning business. No, not the usual house cleaning type but windows cleaning only. Why would someone pay for that you ask? It’s because he is only cleaning high rise office buildings where it’s quite a task to do yourself.

Online Time Wasters

Who would’ve thought that the biggest time waster after television could make billions? (think myspace, facebook and twitter). As long as you build something that people want, you can make money.

Putting This in Perspective

Growing up, I was trained to think of making a living from a traditional job. Do I want to be a doctor or a lawyer? An engineer or a computer programmer? All i could think of were these limiting careers, yet a big percentage of society don’t make a dime from working in the corporate environment.

If you are out of work or just want some diversity in your income, consider opening a side business. Being laid off might be the best thing that happened to you. Don’t worry, opportunities are everywhere.

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  • Free Arcade Games says:

    …or we can just all open up blogs and hope to score big 😀 Online business is the new thing, so going out for an opportunity is quite difficult if you have started experienced “THE INTERNET”.


  • Wilson Pon says:

    Ning, no matter how hard and tough the situation is, we shouldn’t lose our faith. I used to lose my job before, and I thought it’s the end of the world. However, I found a better job afterward. Sometime, we can turn crisis into opportunity, as long as we have the determination inside us.

  • Stephanie PTY says:

    Hmm… I graduated from college and haven’t been able to find work yet. I thought this post might be helpful but, really, it wasn’t.

    • MoneyNing says:

      I can feel your pain, but the point of the post was never to tell people what exactly they should do. Spend some time coming up with part time income and see if you can expand those streams into something bigger while you look for a job. Most people want someone to tell them exactly what to do, but there often times isn’t a right answer. The key is to “just do it”, because only then will you find your own way.

      Good luck with your path to success and keep us updated.

    • Charles says:

      That was a little harsh, since I rather liked the article. And good response too David.

  • Charles says:

    I recently lost my job and I have no idea what to do. Perhaps it’s not so bad and thanks for lifting my spirits up.

  • Jennifer says:

    Haha that hairy baby is hilarious.

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