Who’s In Control of Your Life?

by Miranda Marquit · 3 comments

All of us feel as though we aren’t in control at times. I know that there have been times when I don’t feel in control of where our money is going. Sometimes, I don’t feel in control of what is happening in my life, or in my work. I feel swept along by events, and unsure of what will happen next. At times like these, it’s tempting to throw my hands up, and abdicate all responsibility for what comes next.

However, this only means that I really won’t be able to control what happens next in my life. There are times when it’s vital that you just seize control, and be ready to take the next step in your life. This means that you need to focus on what you can control, right now.

Your Attitude

Perhaps the most important thing you can control right now is your attitude. It can be hard to stay positive when it feels like things keep piling up. However, you can choose the way you meet adversity. Look for the learning experiences in the difficult times, and be a ready student. Understand that the current setback is temporary, and that you can move forward. An attitude that recognizes your ability to take control from here on out and move forward is vital, whether you want to improve your quality of life, or take control of your financial destiny.

Your Skills

It’s possible to improve your life situation, and your financial situation, by taking charge of what you know, and your skill set. If you want to be a better speaker, take the steps to learn more about public speaking, and practice your skills. You can learn money management skills that can help you improve your money decisions and take charge of your current situation. It’s possible to receive the training you need to advance in your job. Even if some unfortunate occurrence has reduced your ability to do some things, you can, with persistence and hard work, learn new skills and ways of doing things.

Your Relationships

While you can’t completely control what others think about you, and how others act toward you, it’s possible to control how you respond to others. You can choose to be kind and helpful, and you will feel better about yourself, and those around you. It’s also possible to choose, to some degree, what people you surround yourself with. When possible, create relationships that are fulfilling. Help lift others up, and associate with those who lift you up. Positive associations, and the development of healthy relationships, can help you take better control of your life, and improve your situation.

Move Forward

It really is important to move forward with your life. While some of the events that happen to you are beyond your control, it is possible for you to be in charge of how you move forward, and what comes next. Do your best to equip yourself to take action, and you will find that you have better control of your life.

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  • Jean says:

    A good attitude is very important in dealing with the adverse times in life. For this, you need positive people around you too. If you surround yourself with quitters, they will bring you down.

    I always try to look on the bright side of every situation and try to find a rainbow to chase. There may not always be a pot of gold at the end of it but you always have to convince yourself that there is.


  • James says:

    I agree with what you’ve said especially, the one on relationships. I don’t get to socialize much anymore but when I do, I try to hang out with positive people only. I get annoyed with those who seem to always have negative things to say about everything, as if they can do better.

  • Lance@MoneyLife&More says:

    Having little to no debt can help you be in control because it will open up more options for you in different situations that you otherwise may not have had.

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