Are You Ready to be Successful?

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The better your life is, the harder you try to protect it. Success comes at a cost, but no one really thinks about it beforehand.

Many would consider this a high quality problem, but fame and success may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Think back to the days when you were a kid and had no income. Were you happier then or are you happier now?

For some of you, having money, power and respect is fun and addicting; but for others, the care free life is what you enjoy most. Everyone have different needs and wants, but most of us blindly climb up the power ladder without even knowing what’s really up at the top.

The vast majority of us can use a simpler life, but most of those same people still want that promotion. They want the fame, but seldom do they think about the cost: the additional stress, the more demanding hours, and the worry of losing it all.

  • Having more money is never bad, but is it worth sacrificing family time for it?
  • Being an executive at the company you work for may earn you more respect professionally, but will you still get to know your children?
  • You may be able to afford a huge house with that promotion, but can you buy back the moments that you might have missed because you were working?

Don’t get me wrong. For some people, success is the perfect motivation. Doing well at something gives everyone more confidence. Confidence that could lead to the individual becoming a better person – a better friend, a better husband (or wife), and a better parent.

What will work for you is not an easy question to answer, but take some time to think about what’s best before you spend your life striving for what could be the wrong goals.

2010 is coming up, and many of us are undoubtedly thinking about plans and potential achievements. Are you ready to be successful? Or would you be happy with a much simpler life? Keep that in mind for your new year wishes.

The choice is yours, but make one just in case you are pushed onto the wrong side of the path.

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  • Arminius Aurelius says:

    For those who are willing to put in 110 % effort, it is easy to succeed in life considering that a high percentage of the lumpen masses put in minimal effort. Therefore you actually have little competition. Yes it comes at a cost…. BUT it is well worth it. I started out with very little but now live like a king.

  • Aleks says:

    I just started reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and the book addresses an interesting view: the main drive for people to be more successful, work harder, etc. is the fear of not being to pay one’s bills and obligations. And honestly, looking at how my own life has progressed, I fully agree with this. In stead of having learnt how I can have my money work for me, I am working for money, pursuing a career, and generally chasing a big illusion.

  • marci says:

    With age comes the notion that Time is far more valuable than Money.
    I wouldn’t have believed it 20 years ago, or 30 or 40, but I sure believe it now.
    I think people arrive at that conclusion tho at different times in their lives.

  • Daniel says:

    Of course we were happier as kids. We had no responsibilities.

    The goal for many people is to create a great life for their family. They see money as a way to achieve this goal, and sometimes, money goes a long way. Buying a nice house in a nice neighborhood, paying for your kids school, and taking the family on memorable vacations can’t be done if you’re not making enough money.

    Having said that, I think you’re absolutely right that you need to set limits and have a plan. If you make a choice to spend a certain amount of time with your family no matter what, stick to it. Don’t give up quality time now just so that you can make enough to plan on having it later.

    • MoneyNing says:

      Everything you said (nice house in good neighborhood, school and vacations) is absolutely true, but I believe we sometimes do those things because it’s just easier.

      It’s easy to pay for a vacation, but it’s difficult to hand-make a gift that’s truly special. It’s easy to just buy a big house, but you develop a much closer bond with your family in a smaller house and actually spending time with each other.

  • George says:

    Yes. I am ready, willing and able.

    It’s true that many of us love the respect and power that we get from a job. But I think that most people would rather not have a job.

    Also, we fall into the career path because that is the “normal” thing to do. (What is normal, anyway?) I know I did. Many of us who have jobs and successful careers would rather be doing something else, like chasing their dreams or snowboarding. It is just a question of stopping and asking ourselves, “What do I really want in this life?”

    2010 is about to start and now is a great time think about it.

    • MoneyNing says:

      Not being trapped is another reason why you shouldn’t inflate your lifestyle alongside your income because most people have so many expenses and obligations that it’s almost impossible to change.

      • Jane Vedell says:

        David – That’s true. Though it can be hard not to inflate our lifestyles, it good to keep it simple. Thanks.

        • MoneyNing says:

          I find that reminding myself every now and again that I don’t need to buy, especially when it is for a bigger, more powerful and nicer version just because “I can”.

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