You Can’t Find Embarq Promotion Codes, They Are for Century Link

As is the case with other providers that have been absorbed by CenturyLink, Embarq has been taken over. As a result you won’t be able to find any Embarq promotion codes online. In fact, the most recent discussions relating to Embarq date from 2008, which suggests that some time has passed since they were last available. Fortunately, CenturyLink offers some good promotions.

Bundles are Standard

As with just about every communications server, CenturyLink offers a number of bundles that are designed to meet the needs of different customers. Smaller bundles cost less up front, but each service costs more. Larger bundles come with a higher price tag each month, but the per service cost is lower.

The triple savings and double savings are the most heavily advertised. With the triple bundle you get Internet, DirecTV and phone service. Double savings eliminates the TV service. Prices start at $94.95 for the trio and $64.95 for the duo. The prices are locked in for 5 years, and a 2 year commitment is required if you take the package with DirecTV.

$50 More in Your Pocket

One additional perk you will find at the CenturyLink website is that you can earn $50 by setting up your package on your own. Opt for High-Speed Internet with phone service and apply online and you qualify for a $50 prepaid card. Not only will you access fast, reliable Internet service – you also get paid to sign up. That’s a pretty good deal.

To qualify for the prepaid card you have to select one of the two faster speeds CenturyLink offers: 25Mbps or 40Mbps. To give you an idea of how fast that is, consider this. You can download a 4MB song track in about 1 second with 40Mbps. That’s fast! Additionally, you can watch television online with CenturyLink’s portal, potentially saving you more money.

CenturyLink Offers?

If you are thinking that you may as well look for CenturyLink offers or promotion codes instead, you are correct, in principle. However, all the links found in my search just lead you back to the CenturyLink homepage or connected to an invalid location. It can’t hurt to take a quick look on the Web, but you may do just as well, and save time, if you target your search at the appropriate homepage.

Do It Yourself

One nice thing you can do with CenturyLink is to create your own bundle. Depending upon your location and the services available there, you really can tailor your bundle to meet your needs. Even if the speed of Internet service you want isn’t currently available, you may be able to access it soon, as improvements are constantly being made to the network. Additionally, in some areas there are a limited number of high-speed connections. Staying on top of who is moving out may net you that faster connection you desire, if you call in promptly.

CenturyLink is usually willing to negotiate with customers as well. This means that you can pick which services you need and try to lock in a better rate than what is posted on their page. If you don’t like the prices, pick up the phone and call – it may save you even more.

Skip the Embarq Search, Head to CenturyLink

While it may be unfortunate that smaller communications companies are getting swallowed up once more, the number of plan options available to consumers appears to be growing. Searching for those sometimes elusive coupon codes may help you to save money, or they may just lead you back to the source. Just remember to act soon if you want that $50 prepaid card – consider it an chance for dinner on the house.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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