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We will list out all the Redbox promo codes we are able to find on the web here, so get your free DVD from the many kiosks available. Also, there’s always the “DVDFORME” or “BREAKROOM” default Redbox promo codes that you can use too (this promotion lets you get a free movie rental for one night free). You can only use each code on your credit card once so those with quite a few cards can potentially get more than a few free DVDs rentals. 🙂

Of course, even if it’s not free, movies are only $1 a night (and really, there is no excuse for renting it for more than one night) so go line up and get the movie that you want instead of always waiting for a promotion and end up spending more on other entertainment. (In fact, just go to and reserve the movie so you can for sure get the movie that you want and also keep the line short for people like me who is behind you waiting patiently.)

What Else is There for Redbox

Sometimes the touch screens get worn out and it’s hard to use the screen, which gets even worst when you are trying to type in a promotion code. Luckily, the technicians have to use them too and when they get annoyed, you know you are getting a brand new screen at the Redbox near you. Also, it’s ultimately up to the store and Redbox’s discretion, based on traffic and space mainly, whether you will get 2, sometimes even 3 rental stations at a certain location so there’s really not much else you can do if you are always waiting in line because there just isn’t room in some of these stores to put another machine.

You might be interested to learn that the stores actually don’t buy the machines from Redbox. All they do is say “yes” for Redbox to put the DVD rental machines in their stores as a promotional tactic to lure more customers. Of course, as an added incentive, Redbox will share some of the rental revenue with the store as well.

When you rent a movie, I highly recommend giving them your email address because a) you will get a receipt when you rent a movie, b) you will get a confirmation that your DVD has been returned successfully, and c) you will be sent email promotions every once in a while that may give you an additional promo codes to use. You do also get a weekly email from them showing you the latest DVDs that you can rent but even if you don’t want that email, I think the first three benefits outweigh that one email that they sent once every 7 days.

Oh and recently, Redbox started letting you rent video games too. I don’t know how I can finish a game in 1 day, but if I just want to try out a game before I buy it, or times when I have friends over and I want to rent a party game, then it might be worth the money even if it’s $2 a night instead of $1. Note though that I haven’t seen any promotion code yet, but you never know, they may just be around the corner.

How to Apply the Redbox Promo Code

It’s easy to enter the Redbox promo code as long as the touchscreen is working properly because there will be a button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to type in a promo code after you pick your movie. Just make sure you type in the right one and you will be enjoy the free movie in no time!

Enjoy 🙂

Expired Redbox Promo Codes

You may want to try the expired promo codes even though they probably won’t work. Here they are!

  • Get your DVD rental for only $0.50 instead of $1, Blu-ray rentals for $1 instead of $2 for the first night. Use Promo Code: THURSDAY – Valid 4/14/11 Only. As usual, limit one use per credit card.
  • Get a Free Movie Rental. Use Promotion Code: FM63H7 – Expire 6/1/09
  • Another Free Movie Promotion. Use Code: M6FR97 – Available since 4/20/09
  • One Night DVD Rental Free. Use Promo Code: J89LA2 – Expire 4/13/09
Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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  • Redbox says:

    Those are awesome codes. With the default free movie promo codes like DVDONME and BREAKROOM, you can actually reuse it after a few months for some reason. I don’t know whether they reset them or if they are machine dependent but I just tried a code tonight with a credit card that I already used it for and it worked again. Booyah!

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