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We have a coupon for the Netflix free trial offer that lets you try the awesome service for one whole month free instead of the previous offer of 14 days, and proof lies in the fact that even the official site is advertising this specific promotion. There are coupon codes floating around for this deal, but we are listing the promotional coupon that land you the same offer below without the need to type in complicated codes. Either way, these Netflix coupons and coupon codes (or priority codes as they are sometimes called) are helping the DVD rental and online streaming company grow through a Netflix coupon that gives you a taste of the service via a Netflix free trial for a month. With this promotion, they are hoping that someone who joins via the coupon offer will stay as a customer and judging by Netflix’s performance numbers, customers are doing just what they are hoping for. I highly recommend that you consider whether using the deal below is right for you. But anyway, enough introduction, let’s just get right to the free trial offer.

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Details of the Netflix Free Trial Without a Netflix Coupon Code

free trial

Expired Netflix Coupon for the Netflix Free Trial Offer

  • Netflix Free Trial Code for 14 Days – The free trial period is one month instead of 14 days now, so we just retired this promotion. The new offer is even better though right?

Other Ways to Get the Same One Month Free Trial

Some of you told me that the special Netflix coupon codes (priority codes) I listed gets you the exact same deal as you would by just going through to the site using the link above, so there’s really no point typing in the codes because doing so requires more work. If you are interested, just visit Netflix by using the link above and you will be guaranteed to land on the page with the one month free trial. If you really want a code for whatever reason, then you can look in the comment section to see if there are any priority codes you can use but like I said, it’s best to just go through the link because it’s the same thing and I know the link works.

You Can Click Here to Get Your Free Trial
netflix free trial
With Netflix, you are getting access to thousands of titles and the way it works is like this:

  • You are able to rent a pre-set number of DVDs (the number depends on your plan)
  • Once you return a DVD, the next DVD on your queue will be sent over
  • You can watch them for as long as you want with no late fees
  • Shipping is paid for both ways
  • Plan is as low as $7.99 per month, less than going to the movies once.
  • You can even stream movies on your TV without mailing anything
  • Phone (1-866-636-3076) Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

What I found out about the Netflix Free Trial Coupon

The free trial month offer is only available to first time customers and not every Netflix employee is eligible. When you sign up, you still need to put in your credit card details to get the Netflix free trial even though you won’t be charged anything until the promotional period ends. In case you were wondering, the promotional period starts as soon as you create your account, so hurry and pick your movies to start enjoying the free trial period because after all, it expires. If you like, you can cancel your service via the “Your Account” section within (available after you log in) and you owe nothing, but if you don’t, expect your subscription to start as soon as your promotional period ends and your credit card statement to show a monthly fee from the company.

Some readers who used the free trial offer and canceled their service also confirmed that they recently received an email from Netflix urging them to come try the service again with another one month free trial. This is, of course, great news because you can potentially get one more month of free services (for a total of two months) without ever paying a single cent.

Be Careful and Don’t Turn the Netflix Free Trial Offer into a Scam

Though I think Netflix provides a good alternative to cable TV and other costly TV services, many of you will no doubt take advantage of this free trial offer and try to cancel on the last day of the trial period. If this is you, then remember to look carefully at the exact date that your free trial offer actually ends. When you log into’s interface, you will no doubt see a “next billing date”, but note that this is probably not the last day you can cancel. On the same page, you should see another date (it was 2 days earlier than the next billing date for me) in much smaller print alerting you of the last day to cancel the service before your credit card starts being charged.

So, if you want to pay nothing and take advantage of this Netflix coupon for some free movies, then make sure you remember when you started your free trial and when it ends. If you want to take advantage of the system, then it’s your own responsibility to make sure that you stay on top of the dates on your own.

What to Know Why Netflix Can Ship So Many DVDs Each Day?

I always assumed that the DVDs were packaged by machines, but I was wrong. Check this video out to see how Netflix plans to handle your DVD requests.

The Netflix streaming service no doubt helped these people out by lessening the work load, but I’m sure they are still busy packing as you read this!

Netflix Contact Information:
Netflix Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-540-3700
Fax: 408-540-3737

Click Here to Get Your Netflix Free Trial Now

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    What’s with the free trial business? Netflix and other similar online companies should just simply charge fees to subscribers on a monthly basis–it should be the preferred model of doing business. You don’t get a free trial to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal online–why should you for Netflix, Game Fly or any other retail website? Sites that lure in free trials are asking for trouble from consumers who have little money in their gift or bank cards and/or who take advantage of the free trials by quitting after the period ends; then re-enrolling for another trial period–it’s a vicious cycle.

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