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Motel 6 is a well known motel chain and these coupons and promotion codes will give you good savings on your next vacation since you will always find a place to stay wherever you are planning to go. Due to the motel chain’s popularity, you probably already know who they are so I won’t elaborate on who they are and what they provide. Instead, you should check out the coupons listed on this page and see if any of the current promotions will help you save money. Remember that the codes will work whether you are staying for business or pleasure so don’t worry about why you are staying at the motel and just give the deals a shot if they are applicable to your next destination.

Details of the Motel 6 Coupons and Promotion Codes

  • Pets Always Stay Free at Motel 6 + Save 10% with Promotion Code: CP546075
  • Rooms Starting at $29.99
  • Seniors Save 10% at Over 1,000 Motel 6 Locations Nationwide

More Information on the Motel 6 Coupons

You know you have already saved some money when you stay at a Motel 6 instead of those fancy hotels that don’t really offer much else on top of the room. But with these promotions from the motel chain, you can save even more so why not come here every time you need to find a place to stay when you travel? Check out what’s available now and hopefully there’s something for you here.

I still remember driving by a Motel 6 sign where they were advertising $29.99 a night rooms without any promotions and let me tell you that the prices I saw was enough for me to remember them and consider staying there for every future trip. The rooms are actually clean and decent so apart from not having a lobby, which is really useless when you are traveling, you aren’t really giving up much by not staying at a hotel unless you somehow love overpriced room service and paying tips to everybody. In fact, the Motel 6 rooms usually have great cable TV like HBO and other channels so it beats some of their neighboring hotels!

The best part about Motel 6 is obviously the prices, and even if there aren’t any promo codes, I highly recommend you give them some serious consideration because when you stay for a lengthy period, the savings can really add up quickly, which you can use on other parts of your vacation.

So, have you stayed at a Motel 6? Would you recommend your friends to stay at one of their motels on their vacation? What about for business trips? I know your friends probably don’t have to pay for business travel, but if they can save their company money, wouldn’t that give them an edge for consideration when promotion time comes? Is there anything we should know about before we book a stay? If you are a frequent traveler and you have some information on this motel chain that others can benefit from, don’t hesitate to share with us. Oh, and any promotions you know of are always welcomed in the comment section too. Thanks in advance!

Expired Motel 6 Promotion Codes

  • Get Rooms As Low As $24.99 a Night. Use Promotion Code: CP748492@
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