Review of the Jim Cramer Action Alert Plus Promotional Free Trial

A reader tipped us that is currently giving out free trials of their flagship investment product – The Action Alert Plus.┬áThis lets you receive updates from Jim Cramer on his stock moves (buy or sell) before he actually makes the trade. Theoretically and if you follow his every move, you can profit from his trades which is supposed to outperform the market.

I always thought they offered the free trial but no matter, they are giving out a 14 day free trial right now. Just go to and you will find out how to trade alongside Jim Cramer, guaranteed.

A Note About the Jim Cramer Action Alert Plus Promotion

Jim Cramer, as you might know, is a stock picker that also became a celebrity as he moved onto becoming one of the anchors at CNBC. He has a show called Mad Money where he talks about stocks and the equity markets almost on a daily basis. His track record is stellar, and he has an investment newsletter called Action Alert Plus where he will email you what he is planning to buy and sell before he makes the trade in his own account. This way, you can profit with him and possibly get an even better price than him. Check out the promotion and see if you can benefit right now.

I actually haven’t really watched Cramer for a long time but I believe he knows what he’s doing in terms of investments and if you follow his every move, at least you are, on average, going to be doing better than if you went at this whole investing/trading game yourself. Remember though that this is a zero-sum game minus the cost of trading, meaning that your lost is someone else’s gain so whether Action Alert Plus is worth the money for you is a very personal decision that only you can make.

However, if you can’t stand his near insane mentality or you hate his show, then you probably don’t want to sign up because you will fight his every recommendation and you might miss the timing of the trade by the time you execute it yourself.

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