Comcast Promo Codes and Promotions All Over the Web

It’s true that you can find promo codes and great offers from Comcast all over the Internet, and perhaps the better news is that it really doesn’t take much effort to find one. But chances are good that if you run a search you will find numerous coupons, all of which claim to give you the lowest price. So the question is, do you know which promotion is really the best? If you look closely you will find that almost all the offers are identical. Some, however, are going to give you a little something extra if you look into the details.

Find the Premium Codes

Comcast already offers great prices on their website. A new subscriber requesting a Triple Play broadband package will spend only $99. They might score a free wireless modem, extra cash back and other perks too from time to time.

Those who need fewer services will also find some good deals, including $69 per month for a Double Play package and as little as $19.99 for Internet service. On the other extreme, a Comacast Xfinity HD Complete XF bundle will set you back $199 a month, but you can also get a $500 visa prepaid gift card. That’s not chump change.

Keep an Eye Out

One of the advantages the consumer will find right now is that the competition between communication firms is strong. That means promotions always seem to be getting better. Every company wants your business, so they keep trying to sweeten the pot. One month you might get free movies, another month free sports channels and so forth. You just have to keep watch and you will find the promotion you want eventually.

There seems to be quite a few promo codes floating around online. I can’t confirm whether they work or not, but you can try these codes and hopefully they will work for you.

  • Get a Comcast Free On-Demand Movie Promo Code: COA01C7B1A, KYE02H1YMG, GBR0297P8M, blt01aa006, or COA01C7757 (Up to $3 Value)
  • Movie Credit Promotion Code: 11b348k

Try a Reseller like White Fence

Alternatively, you can go through a reseller like White Fence and get a better deal than if you ordered straight from Comcast. Right now, you can:

Why Go to the Trouble?

Not everyone shops with coupons. Some people are willing to take the first deal they are offered and are content with that. For the rest of us, a few minutes of effort means significant savings. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Sure, if you call Comcast and ask about promotions they will let you know about their best known discounts, but you really have to press to get more. Spare yourself the conversation and get the scoop online.

Shopping with promo codes is the smart way to go, not just when looking for TV, Internet or even phone service. They are easy to find, help you tailor your purchase and make your Comcast service more affordable then you could have imagined possible. Take a quick look online and you might just be able to save a good chunk of change.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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lexene June 21, 2014 at 9:46 am

Is there any discount deal for first time costumer move from AT&T ?

Karen McAward August 28, 2012 at 11:44 am

I have a coupon for a free on demand movie and I am trying to fill out the information so I can submit the claim. Where is the form so I can fill out the needed information? I watched The Descendants on 8/25/2012.

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