Cable One Promotion Codes Are Difficult to Locate

Cable One doesn’t have a large Web presence which makes it hard to find any sorts of discount code or promotions. The company has a limited service area: 13 states. Within those states, they only provide connectivity in specific regions, so before you even start looking for coupon codes you might want to find out if your home falls within their bailiwick. You can do that on their homepage in a matter of seconds, though, which isn’t all that bad.

Once you have established that you do have access to Cable One, you should be able to find 2 different price points advertised online; promo codes were conspicuously missing. Finding details relating to the offers is difficult as well.

Less Expensive Promotion

At this time Cable One is offering 60 channel cable television, high speed Internet and unlimited local and long distance phone service within the continental United States for $25 each per month. That comes out to $75 monthly plus taxes and other surcharges which differ based upon where you live.

Each aspect of the service is the basic level available from Cable One, with a DSL speed of 1.5Mbps. Additionally, you must make a 2 year commitment and the rate changes after the first year.

The More Expensive Offer

You can choose 2 of the services provided by Cable One – Internet, Cable or phone – for $45 each. If you look further down the page you discover that if you put Cable and phone service together you can actually get them for $35 each. Upgrading to HD cable will cost you an additional $5 per TV and if you want a DVR on top of that, expect to pay $10 per TV. It is unclear if that is a one time or monthly fee. A modem is $8 monthly if you get it from Cable One.

Further searching reveals that you can get much the same services for $35 a month for 12 months of a 2 year contract as well. One particularly odd aspect of these deals is that the less expensive promotion, called Elite service, actually offers you more data transfer – 100GB monthly as opposed to 50GB. Both plans charge $0.50 per GB of overage.

Bottom Dollar Services

You can also find, with a bit of searching, Cable One’s lowest prices for basic cable, telephone and Internet. Each service is $20 per month, but the restrictions are significant. For example, you can only download 1GB per month on the Internet plan, and although one spot says there is no contract, another says these rates are only available for the first 12 months of a 2 year plan. Finally, what is provided with the basic cable isn’t mentioned.

To contact Cable One you must call in or be able to access the Internet during the hours in which they have live help: 8am-1am EST Monday to Friday and 9am-11pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

Making the Promotion Work

Although you can purchase one, two or three services from Cable One at promotional prices independently of any other, you want to bundle as many as possible to get the best savings. The rates for standard or elite connections are comparable to those offered by other companies, but the quantity of channels or downloading is much smaller. $45 a month will get you 200 channels with most service providers.

If your goal is to make a basic connection, or your area is poorly served by the larger providers, Cable One may make sense. Just take the time to maximize your savings by finding the promotion that gives you the best price and then, only get what you want. Don’t forget to watch your limits carefully. Overage charges are steep.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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    How do I take advantage of the promos you offer if a neighbor recommends you to me? I understand and read we can get 10 dollars off our bill for 6 months? Is that right?? Thanks Don

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