Verizon Fios Promotions Updated August 2018

1. $79.99 Fios Gigabit Plus TV Promotional Bundle

get-verizon-dealVerizon Fios TV + Fios Gigabit Internet Double Play Promotion for $79.99

  • No Annual Contract at $79.99 a Month
  • Fios Gigabit Internet (Speeds Up to 940Mbps/880Mbps)
  • Get Up to a $500 Credit to Help Cover Early Termination Fee from Another Provider
  • Save the $5 a Month You Used to Have to Pay for the Upgrade to Fios Internet 100/100 Mbps
  • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay
  • Get Fios TV Custom HD with This Promotion

Get the Verizon Fios Double Play Promo for $79.99/mo

Limited Time Promo

Get the Setup Fee Waived (Save $99) for Fios Bundles

2. $79.99 Fios Gigabit Internet Promotion

get-verizon-dealVerizon Fios 940 Mbps /880 Mbps Internet Promotion for $79.99

  • Get $100 Visa® Prepaid Card Plus Waived Router Rental Fee for 3 Years
  • No Annual Contract at $79.99 a Month for 3 Years
  • Fios Internet with Speeds of 940 Mbps Download and 880 Mbps Upload
  • Get Up to a $500 Credit to Help Cover Early Termination Fee from Another Provider
  • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay

Get the Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet for $79.99/mo

3. $79.99 Fios Gigabit Connection Plus TV and Phone Promotion Bundle

get-verizon-dealVerizon Fios Triple Play Gigabit Connection Plus TV and Phone at $79.99 Deal

  • Get a $150 Visa® Prepaid Card When You Sign Up
  • Fios Gigabit Internet (Speeds Up to 940Mbps/880Mbps)
  • $79.99/mo for 24 Months with 2 Year Agreement
  • Verizon Wireless Unlimited Customers Can Get $10 Off Both Services for a Total of $20 More Per Month Discount
  • Get a $200 Credit Towards Google® and Nest® Smart Home Devices
  • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay
  • Order Through This Special Link and Get the Setup Fee Waived ($99 Value)
  • Get Up to a $500 Credit to Help Cover Early Termination Fee from Another Provider
  • Fios Custom HD TV, and Verizon Home Phone with Unlimited Calling
  • Cancel Anytime within 30 Days of Installation with No Early Termination Fees

Click Here for the Special Fios Triple Play Promotion ($79.99 a Month)

This current Fios triple play bundle promotion is really an amazing deal worth considering. The monthly price of $79.99 is locked for 2 years and you get a crazy fast gigabit speed of 940Mbps/880Mbps. With a term contract of 2 years, you know the exact pricing for 24 full months, which means you won’t need to worry about price increases until sometime in August 2020. Plus, they just knocked the price of the second year down to the same $79.99 a month so you are saving even more versus the old deal. You also don’t have to pay for the $99 setup fee with this promotion and there are no contracts which means you can just cancel at any time if you want to change service.

Verizon is also promoting a no contract option. You will instead get Xbox Live gold and a choice between PUBG or Sea of Thieves. You still get the $79.99 monthly price locked for a full year. The setup fee is also waived. Click here for more details.

4. $39.99 Fios Internet Promotion

get-verizon-dealVerizon Fios 100 Mbps /100 Mbps Internet Promotion for $39.99

  • No Annual Contract at $39.99 a Month for One Year
  • Fios Internet with Speeds of 100 Mbps Upload and 100 Mbps Download
  • Get Up to a $500 Credit to Help Cover Early Termination Fee from Another Provider
  • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay

Get the Verizon Fios Internet for $39.99/mo

What’s Verizon Custom TV Anyway

Verizon Custom TV is the company adapting to how its customers are actually consuming TV these days. Instead of paying a high price and getting a ton of channels that no one ever watches, you get to pick the genre and types of channels that you like and only pay for the ones that you actually watch. With each standard Custom TV, you pick one package from the selection of Action & Entertainment, Sports & News, Kids & Pop, News & Variety, Infotainment & Drama, Lifestyle & Reality, and Home & Family.

Most Popular Verizon Promo Code and Online Only Promotions

All Verizon Fios promotion codes and promotions are collected, analyzed and then posted on here. That’s good news because you should always look for a Verizon Fios promo code or available deals for the broadband service, as you will miss out on great bonus savings otherwise. Verizon Broadband offers some of the best promotions on internet, phone, and cable TV bundles in the country and if there are any Fios promotion codes currently available for customers to use, you will see them listed here.

Whether you are an existing or new customer, you should see for yourself whether you can use a Verizon promo code to get a discounted rate on your internet or cable TV service today. Make sure you commit and sign up if you find a deal you like though because Verizon promotions expire and you don’t want to regret after the fact. The offers below were updated in August, 2018 so the promotions are all current.

Other Verizon Promo Code and Fios Promotion Details

Verizon is a full service broadband service provider with high speed internet, land line, cable TV and cell phone offerings. Their services are generally top notched. In fact, the actual bandwidth of the Fios service is routinely faster than their advertised rate and it stays that way even during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm so it’s a company that I highly recommend. If you are looking for deals, hopefully these Verizon promo codes and coupons will help.

Someone’s Thoughts After He Took Up the Verizon Fios Promotion Offer

This is not me by the way, but this video is from a real user and on his experience with the installation, including his first thoughts. The video also gives you a look at what you will get for the Verizon Fios Internet service, with or without promo codes. If you are thinking about joining after you see the awesome promotions above, I strongly suggest checking this out.

Expired Verizon Promo Code

  • Do you have a Verizon Fios promotion code to share? Comment below!
  • Other sites are saying there are free HD promo codes, but I checked with Verizon and they said they are fake.

Verizon Contact Info:
Stock Symbol: VZ (NYSE)
Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-395-1000

Note about The Verizon Promo Codes or Fios Promotional Codes

It seems that everyone is asking about the Verizon promo codes or Verizon Fios promotional codes in the comment section. Note that when they are available online and I learn about them, I will for sure add them on this page. However, I do not have any in hiding or something so there is no need to type in the comments to requests them. When I have any, I will post the promotion codes on the page for everyone’s benefit. Also, I encourage others to share the codes if they know of any available too.

Most Requested Verizon Promotion Codes

For whatever reason, everyone keeps asking about the Verizon promotion codes for the standalone or Fios bundles here so even though there aren’t any available right now, I’m summarizing the top 3 popular requests here so you know which services people are interested in. These Verizon promo codes are in no particular order:

  • Verizon Fios Double Play or Triple Play Promotion Code
  • Verizon Free Extreme HD Promotion Code
  • Promotion Code for Free HD Service like Extreme HD or Prime HD

Which codes would you like? Which services are you interested in?

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

{ read the comments below or add one }

  • Jo says:

    There’s gotta be better Verizon promotions available that the ones listed here. Please send me any FiOS promotional codes that you have. Do you really have any double play bundle codes? I want one of those. And I can’t believe that no one is able to answer Ryan on his question on Verizon promotion codes. Perhaps there aren’t any codes available now and that’s why no one can say anything? What about the past? Anything we can do to get a few Verizon FiOS Internet promo codes or the Verizon FiOS double play promo codes that I was talking about?

  • lisa says:

    Why are there always Verizon promotions for new customers but none of the existing customers get any promo codes? I’m a Verizon FiOS Internet 15/5 with Ultimate HD TV package. Where’s my code? Please send me a promo code for the fios $54.99 internet + TV deal. I’m also interested in the Verizon FiOS TV promotion code. If you don’t have neither promotions, then send me whatever you have.

  • marina says:

    Please send me the Verizon promotion codes when you have time for the fios bundles. Any Verizon promotion codes for fios extreme HD TV bundles will do, but the fios internet + fios tv promotion code in particular would work best.

  • Lynda says:

    I would like a promo code for EXISTING, LOYAL customers for discounts on the Triple Play Bundle. I want the Verizon TV and Verizon Internet bundle but I will try the freedom phone if I can get a good deal with the prepaid card promotion. And let me know if there are any new Verizon promo codes for existing customers, because I have a hard time finding the promotion that I want.

    Thank you!

    Lynda Stevens

  • Verizon Promo Code says:

    The truth is, Verizon doesn’t issue many codes, they’ve just jumped on the bandwagon and started offering them so they can seem “hip,” “with it,” “down,” and/or “cool like that.” There are, however, plenty of deals percolating, AND central sources to stare them down, so don’t despair! And what’s the real difference between the FiOS TV and just standard TV package anyway? What about Internet? The Verizon double play promotion is so much cheaper than the FiOS double play bundle so I’d like to know whether the extra price is worth it.

  • Kate says:

    I signed up for the Verizon FiOS TV + Internet double play bundle already but my promotional term is almost over. Are there any promo codes for existing customers that you can pass along? I love the service but would like a discount. Please send me a promotion code for Verizon FiOS double play. I’m interested in FiOS TV Extreme HD and FiOS Internet Speeds up to 15 Mbps. + Polish channel. Thank you.

  • Joo says:

    Please send me a fios internet only promo code. I just went over to my friend’s house and their Verizon fios tv + internet service is so awesome. I can’t afford both right now so please send me any promo codes you have for the internet package and I will be a happy camper. Do you have any Verizon fios promo codes available for today? I know these promotions are ending, so if you have insight into the promotional discounts going forward, that’d be nice too. I want a code for fios TV+Internet double play code. Thanks.

  • LEE says:

    Are there any Verizon FiOS promotion codes that will give me the triple play bundle at $84.99 without a contract? I also want a Verizon promotion code for the FiOS TV Extreme HD package today please. I will sign up as soon as I get it.

  • rob says:

    I’m looking for any promotion code for $10 dollars off the monthly bill or any FiOS speed upgrades. Shoot me an email with a Verizon fios promotion code for the fios TV promotion and send me another one for the fios TV + Internet promotion please. I want to make sure that I’m saving the most money. And if you are sending me the fios double play promotion code, then send me one that will work with Verizon FiOS TV Extreme HD + FiOS 15/5 Internet.

  • Stephanie Mello says:

    We are an existing customer of the Verizon FiOS Double Play (TV + Internet) bundle but my introductory pricing is up. Can you send me a Verizon promotion code that will work for that so I can continue to afford the service? I like you guys, but I just need help with the cost.

  • Carlos says:

    There’s got to be a few Verizon promo codes lying around if everybody is trying to get their hands on them. Does anyone know where I can find one that works for Verizon FiOS Internet and FiOS TV? And if you can’t give one out, what is the promotional discount anyway? Is it worth looking for? Please send me a promotion code for Verizon Fios double play. If possible this combination, FiOS TV Extreme HD & FiOS Internet Speeds up to 25 Mbps/ 25 Mbps, or better. Thank you much.

  • Chloe Thomas says:

    Hook me up with a Verizon promotion code and you will be rewarded. I want the fios TV and phone (double play?) bundle so please send me any codes you have with you. Verizon fios Internet seems to rule too and I want a promotion code so that I can get a good deal on that too. I guess I want the fios double play bundle and a triple play promotion. Please send them to me.

  • Rebecca Narang says:

    I’m thinking of either getting the Verizon fios TV service or the fios TV + internet double play bundle. If I become an existing customer by getting the TV service first, can I add the internet portion later and still take advantage of the promotional prices? Or are there any Verizon promotions that only work for existing customers?

  • Dan Rowley says:

    Are the FiOS bundles that much better that it warrants so much more money a month? If there are any FiOS specific promo codes available, I’d take a good look but for $35 more each month, I’d stick with the standard double play promotion.

  • Chris Cuevas says:

    There must be a some Verizon promo codes available somewhere. We are looking forward to seeing all the Verizon FiOS TV promotions that are available right now, and also the promo codes if you have any for us to check out. If there are any that anyone knows of, please post them here so we can all benefit. I only need one for the TV service and it doesn’t matter to be whether it’s fios or not fios. Please let me know when I can take a look, thanks.

  • Shari Hoskins says:

    Any promo codes for existing customers for business bundles? I’d like one as I’m already using Verizon now and I like the service but wouldn’t mind a discount. I want a promo code that will work for a FiOS TV + FiOS Internet double play bundle. Thanks in advance and I look forward to being contacted soon.

  • Mindy Veesaert says:

    Are these all the Verizon promotions you’ve got for FiOS Internet? I like the speed but I don’t want to pay full price, so please get me any promotion or code or whatever so I can try it out without paying too much. I’d like one Verizon promotion code for FiOS TV, and another one for FiOS TV + FiOS Internet. Once I get the codes, I will compare the prices and see which package is right for me. I’m a new customer so only send ones that will work for me please.

  • Jason Clark says:

    I can’t believe that I can’t find a July 4th Verizon promotion yet. The promo codes would be awesome for me right now because I just lost my job and I want to save some money off the Internet package so I can go online and look for work. Where are the discounts for Verizon FiOS double play promos? I want a Verizon FiOS promotion code for Extreme TV + 15/5 Internet. Thank you so much for your help and please send the promotions through my email. Happy 4th!

  • Alexandra Thuener says:

    What’s the Verizon promotions for June? I’d like to get in line to wait for a Verizon promo code for the FiOS TV package so are there any promos available for FiOS TV only? I already have internet that I like and the service is cheap so I don’t need any other broadband bundle. I have Netflix already so I’m not in a hurry so when there are any promotions that is good, please send them over. Thanks for your attention and have a great day.

  • lisa krums says:

    There must be a way to get the Verizon promotion code that everybody is talking about for the fios double play bundle. I really want to try fios internet and if bundling TV with it lets me save a little bit, then I’d be willing to try too so please send me the code today. I was also wondering if you have any codes to help us with our phone bill. I’ve been paying a lot and was wondering if you all have discounts i can use this month, as I have 4 phones.

  • Sisley says:

    I’ve been a customer of the Verizon FiOS TV + Internet bundles for a long time now but I’m interested in some type of promotion where we can get a discount on the services. Are there any Verizon promotions for existing customers like us? If possible, please send me Verizon promotion code where I can save a few dollars every month on TV costs. I’m interested in the FiOS TV and FiOS Internet only service. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • Jan Lattin says:

    I’m sure many people will love a Verizon promo code but I just want to know what the best Verizon FiOS TV + Internet double play promotion there ever was available this year versus what’s available on this page right now. Judging from what Verizon has offered in the last 6 months, I’d say that the best Verizon promotion they had going was the $100 prepaid card promo for their double play bundle without a promo code required but I’m just not sure if this is correct. Has anyone else kept track that could tell me whether the current offer is any good? I’m ready to sign up now, but is there a way to still get that deal or some other Verizon fios promotion code that’s better? I can sign up today if that makes any difference.

  • Troy Pearson says:

    Judging from what Verizon has offered in the last 6 months, I’d say that the best Verizon promotion they had going was the $100 prepaid card promo for their double play bundle without a promo code required. I’m ready to sign up now, but is there a way to still get that deal? I can sign up today if that makes any difference.

  • Jeremy Walker says:

    I assume there aren’t an unlimited amount of Verizon promotion codes that you can give out. If you can’t offer one to me, I can understand that but can you at least tell me how many promo codes you have left for the FiOS triple play bundles? I see that most people just want the double play bundle so maybe there are more of the codes left for what I want? Let me know.

  • Charissa Egan says:

    The Verizon double play promotion that gave out the prepaid card seemed to have expired already but I forgot to sign up when I had the chance. Is there a way to still be eligible for the deal? I’d like the fios internet promotion back that gives me those prepaid cards. Please send me either a code or a place where I can get the service please.

  • Jerry Barlow says:

    I know you already said that you don’t have any codes but since everyone is asking, please add me to the list of people who would like a Verizon FiOS TV promo code if one exists and if you have any that can be sent out. I’m interested in the Verizon fios promotion code only and not ones that work with the standard packages.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

  • Karen Abarca says:

    Please add me to the list of people who need a Verizon fios internet promotion code. Thanks in advance for your consideration and please send it to me as soon as possible. It would be great if you can send me a Verizon promotion code today too so I can go get the fios tv service right away. I canceled it months ago but I want to watch the NBA finals.

  • Malika Parente says:

    Any Verizon promotion code still available right now? I’d like one for their internet service so I can get a good discount please. If there are anymore Verizon FiOS Internet promotion codes we should know about, then I’d love a promo on what looks like a very fast internet connection. Thanks.

  • Susan Winchester says:

    I was at a friend’s house and the fios internet really is fast. We were playing Counter Strike (Yes, of all games) and it was fun living through old memories but the lag time was always one of the best. If you have any additional promotions that aren’t listed here, please send them my way and I will sign up right away.

  • Need Verizon Promo says:

    These Verizon promotions are awesome, but if there are any promo codes that can offer an even better deal, then please send them to me when you get a chance. Please send me anything you have that can get me a discount on the Verizon internet bundles. I’m loving the new customer promotions from Verizon but I’m an existing fios TV customer. Do you have any codes that I can use to get a discount off my current plan? I wouldn’t mind spending less, that’s for sure! And I don’t need the fios packages, so just the standard packages will do please, thanks. I really need some Verizon promo codes because I can’t afford the current promotional prices even at this level.

  • Mitch Ortega says:

    Your competition in the broadband space is giving away all these promotional cards for signing up double and triple play bundles. Do you have any promotions that offer them up front? If so, please send them, code or no code, to my email please. I’m interested in any Verizon promotion codes you have for the FiOS TV and FIOS Internet bundle so I can get a good discount today when I plan to sign up. Also send me the FiOS promotion code that will work with Verizon FiOS TV Extreme HD + FiOS Internet as well.

  • Eddy says:

    Tricia, why don’t you call Verizon customer service? I’m sure they can help you out with that specific question, and you can probably even ask them if there are anything you can do to lower your bill while you have them on the phone. It’s not like you are obligated to sign up right away.

    Anyway, I’d like a Verizon fios tv promotion code too please. I want a Verizon promo code that I can use for its TV services. I’m still thinking about the fios internet double play package but I don’t know yet. What do you think about it? I know that guy up there seems to like it but the promotion is only okay. Perhaps there are better ones coming out since the 16th is near and the promotions up there are ending?

  • Tricia Nicols says:

    I tried the fios internet and it is fast. Everything just downloads so quickly now so I’m a happy camper. If I add fios TV onto my service, can I use these promotions to get a better price or do I have to somehow cancel my internet service and then sign up again and get a new bundle? Anyone know how these promotions work?

    And since everyone is asking for a promo code, please send me one too if you have any. Thank you.

  • FiOS Seeker says:

    If possible, please also send me a Verizon promotion code for the FiOS packages. I’m still contemplating between FiOS double play versus the great standard double play promotion at $29.99 but if there is a good discount off some type of code, then I’d be happy to try the better FiOS service.

    Please send me all the different Verizon FiOS Internet promotion code you have at your disposal in order for me to make a decision. I will only use one of them though in case they are of limited use so you can reuse them for other people if that’s what you are afraid of. Send them today as I need to go to my uncle’s house for dinner tonight and I want to order it before I leave.

  • David Brown says:

    What’s the deal with these Verizon promo codes? Are there any available for the fios TV bundles? I want Internet, TV and phone (the works). Can you send me a coupon code for the Verizon Triple Play? If not, a Verizon fios internet promotion code would be great too if they are available.

  • Harry says:

    Do you really have any promotion codes? Please send me all the Verizon FiOS TV + FiOS Internet double play promotion codes you have with you so I can get an extra discount that is not publicly available already. Please also send me any codes you have for other FiOS double play bundles (phone + internet, TV + phone etc). I’d very grateful if you can get to it today since the promotion you have listed above are expiring and I don’t want to lose the deal seen above. Thank you very much for your kind help in the manner.

  • Tim Woroch says:

    I’m looking for a code to use for the Verizon FiOS TV + Internet Double Play promotion. Please make me a happy potential customer by sending me a Verizon fios promotion code that’s valid for fios internet and fios tv. I’m very interested in your services and an extra code would be just splendid.

    So can you also send me the Verizon fios TV promotion code? I’d like at least one that will give me a discount on top of the promos that are listed. There must be a Verizon fios promo code that I don’t have access to yet and I really want to take advantage of any unpublished promotions. Thanks.

    And also, where do you actually type in the codes? Do you do it during the checkout process or do you have to call Verizon’s number and tell them the code?

  • ssssss says:

    Can anyone with a Verizon promo code please send them to me? I would like a Verizon promo code for fios TV or fios internet. The Verizon double play bundle would be of interest too. I’d like all the promotions available so if there are any, you can send me the Verizon fios tv promotion code via email. Thank you for your help in advance. Oh, and any Verizon promotional codes you have should be sent to me too today, since I’m signing up later tonight. Thanks.

  • Lisa says:

    Do you have any special codes for existing Verizon customers to reduce our bill? I want the Verizon FiOS TV promotion code now. I will sign up today if you send it to me before 3pm so if there is any way you can send me a few of the Verizon promotion codes that is out there for the FiOS TV and FiOS Internet double play bundle, I’d really appreciate them since me and my friend both want to sign up for the service.

  • Debbie Anderson says:

    Are there any promotions available for existing customers of Verizon? I’m looking for any deals I can find for the Verizon fios triple play bundle. Can you please send me the promotion code for fios triple play? It doesn’t matter if there is a code or not so if there are any that aren’t listed, please send them to me or update this page. I joined Verizon via these promotions and the service worked great but my promotional discounts are ending so I’d like a new promo. I like the prepaid card and the free HBO for 3 months is nice too but I don’t want to cancel my TV plan and then wait until I’m a new customer again. I would recommend them to anyone so please help!

  • Jennifer Wadsworth says:

    I’d like a Verizon promotional code for FiOS internet. If anyone has any Verizon fios promo codes, then please send me every Verizon code you have for Verizon FiOS Internet and TV too. I don’t want to get the bundle so the standalone package promos will do just fine, thank you. I just closed on a house and will be needing a Verizon FIOS TV package. What is the best promotion out there that I should be looking into? The triple play bundle looks interesting. Please send me all the Verizon promotional codes that you have for fios tv, internet and phone (triple play).

  • I want promos says:

    Do you ever send out these Verizon promotion codes that everyone is claiming to want? I would appreciate someone sending me a Verizon internet promo code because I want to try out their FiOS service. Please post all the Verizon promotions or any promo codes you have available for fios internet. You can just post them online here and there’s no need to send me an email. I’m not happy with my current DSL provider and I’d just like to change things up a bit.

  • David says:

    If there are really any Verizon promotion codes available for FiOS double play (that’s FiOS TV and FiOS internet), then please send them my way. As for the TV side of things, I’d like a Verizon promotional code that includes the FiOS Extreme HD package please. I’m a new customer who wants to get the FiOS TV and possibly the FiOS Internet with the HD package if the deal is good.

  • Rick says:

    Any Verizon code that you can send me today? Please let me know whether you really are able to provide any Verizon promotional codes for the fios tv and fios internet double play bundle. I only want the fios Internet promo code for the fios Internet service as the speeds you can get sounds good. Just the internet plan and not the standard bundles please. I’d like a few Verizon promotion codes as well or you can just shoot me all the Verizon promo codes that you have so I can sign up for a better deal if there are any promotions as soon as you are available.

  • Helen says:

    I wonder if there will be a Verizon FiOS TV promo code for getting free DVR service or if there are any promotions or coupons available for FiOS TV + FiOS Internet. If there is, then please send one to me today. The new Verizon double play promotion is pretty good. I love the prepaid card and I will be joining the fios tv + fios internet bundle today. Thanks for listing all the Verizon promotions here!

  • Ben McMillian says:

    Are there really any Verizon promotional codes that people who want FiOS TV can use? If so, then please send me all the FiOS promotional codes so that our family can sign up for the Verizon service today. I’m interested with a Verizon promo code for FiOS TV, or FiOS Internet or the double play bundles.

  • Terry Edmistion says:

    Most of the Verizon promotions, whether it’s the FiOS bundles or just standard triple play are all about to expire. I wonder if the Verizon promotions will be better after they expire or will it get worst? Does anyone think there will be better ones coming or should I sign up now? I want to sign up but I want the best deal possible, so please help me choose a FiOS bundle. Btw, I want the Verizon promos that everyone here wants too. Please send me a promotion code for fios TV + Internet, or send me a couple of whatever fios tv and fios internet double play bundle combination codes now.

  • Don Jensen says:

    Please send me a Verizon promo code today if there really is one. I wouldn’t mind anything that has to do with FiOS TV or FiOS internet. If you don’t have either of these codes, then send me the Verizon promotions that have FiOS TV and FiOS Internet double play my way.

  • KD Peirce says:

    Really? No one has a Verizon promotion code? I see everyone asking for promo codes, but no one seems to be getting them. I’m a bit curious. I was researching and interested in just getting Verizon FIOS internet ($49.99/month), but still do not see promo codes for anyone to use.

  • Candace says:

    Do you seriously know of any Verizon promotional codes that we can use for Verizon FIOS TV + FIOS Internet double play? And are the Verizon FiOS promotional code for the FiOS TV + FiOS internet double play bundle available to the public? If so, please send me any Verizon promo codes that work with the FiOS Internet + FiOS TV bundles.

    I’d like all the promotions and codes that you have on hand, thanks.

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