Saving More with Frontier Communications Promotions

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As is often the case with smaller communications firms, finding promotion codes is a challenge. At this time there are no codes to be found at all, and with the name being identical to that of an airline, you usually get routed to coupons for flights instead. To find Frontier Communications you must direct your search to the company website.

Frontier serves about half of the continental United States, focusing upon the Great Lakes region and the West. They focus upon rural clientele with broadband, phone, satellite television and wireless Internet solutions. They also offer a number of bundles specifically geared for small businesses and home offices, as well as more advanced communications for larger businesses.

Internet Savings Offered

The first promotion you will find on the Frontier website is for High-Speed Internet for just $29.99 per month with speeds up to 1.0Mbps and $35.99 for speeds up to 12Mbps. You also have the option of adding a second line of Internet connectivity for just $14.99 per month. This offer currently includes a 60 day free trial period. Each offer is contingent upon you taking a price protect plan and paying an additional $6.99 per month for a modem.

Another option for the person on the go is the My Wi-Fi package. For $9.99 you can take your connection wherever you go. It appears that you must purchase download credits separately, or so the webpage implies, but details are not clear.

Television Options

Frontier has partnered with Dish Network to provide satellite television to its customers. Available at price points between $44.99 to $104.99 the customer can also opt for a Spanish language package or a “Free for Life” HD upgrade.

HD normally costs an additional $10 per month, however, if you are a new customer and opt in right now, that fee will be waived for as long as you stay with Dish Network for your programming. To qualify for the additional savings you must either pay a one time, $99 HD upgrade fee or commit to a 24 month contract. If the contract is terminated early, $10 per month of previous service will be assessed as a penalty.

Telephone Possibilities

Frontier also provides customers with several levels of phone service. These accommodate those who call national long distance, within the state and internationally. Digital Phone Unlimited, $39.99, includes unlimited local and long distance calling. Long distance is defined as within the 50 United States, the territories and Puerto Rico. Digital Phone State Unlimited offers unlimited local and in state long distance. If you rarely call out of state, this is the promotion for you, and it will only cost $29.99. Finally, you can choose a second free line without the need to enter a promo code. You must have a qualifying bundle to receive this line, but specific details are available on the website for clarification.

Bigger Bonus with Bundles

Not surprisingly, Frontier would like to see you bundle services. They offer a number of single, double and triple play packages which you can mix and match. Any bundle that included internet has a price that correlates to the chosen download speed. The faster the speed, the more you will pay.

Frontier is also associated with TumTiki, an online television service. With the right package you may qualify for free streaming.

While you may not be able to increase your savings at Frontier Communications with promotion codes, you have a wide variety of promotional services from which to choose. For customers of rural areas who have a hard time getting a connection with bigger companies, Frontier offers a competitive and viable option for television, Internet and phone service.

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