Promotional Coupons Presented by Fidelity Investing

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One of the better known names in investing, Fidelity is still willing to pursue new customers with the use of promotional coupons. The competition is fierce, and attracting clients in this economic climate is difficult. Even with the reputation established over many years, a little something to sweeten the pot can go a long way. Wondering what kinds of offers you can find online? Here is a short list.

200 Commission Free Trades Offer

One promo code you can find online will provide you with 200 free trades in your Fidelity trading account. There is a specific code connected to this offer but details are unclear. Alternatively, you can go here to get the same offer. You need to fund the account with $100,000 to get the free trades though, so you might want to contact Fidelity directly to see if they can offer you anything if you don’t have that kind of cash lying around.

Get Up to 50,000 Miles

If you open a non-retirement account with Fidelity, there is a promotion to earn up to 50,000 free miles on your Mileage Plus® or One Pass® account. How many miles you earn depends upon the size of your initial investment – $25,000/15,000 miles, $50,000/25,000 miles and $100,000/50,000 miles. This offer doesn’t expire until October, 2014, but there is quite a bit of ‘small print’ which should be carefully examined.

Go Pro and Save Coupon

Another promo you will find on the company website is very similar to ones you can find with just about every investment firm. If you access the Go Pro you gain access to all sort of free tools, investment professionals, free trades and more. You must be prepared to deposit at least $50,000 and follow through with several conditions.

Promo Codes Made Easy

One of the things that investment firms do to interest different consumers is to change their promo codes all the time. Some stay around for the long term, as you can see with the mileage incentive above, others will only be offered for a few weeks. When tax season arrives you are most likely to see some of the best promotions geared towards IRA accounts since people want to squirrel away funds before they balance the books.

To keep on top of promotions your best bet is to find a retail store coupon site that does all the work for you. All you will need to do is check in periodically and snag the deal you want. With the right promotional offer and the tools now made available online you will be investing with the big boys in no time at all.

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