Making Good Use of Promotions and Promo Codes with TradeStation

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TradeStation may not be as well known as other online investment firms, but it is making an attempt to garner clientele by offering a few interesting promotions. It’s trading system is set up so that those who trade more pay less per trade.

While you pay $9.99 per trade for your first 10 trades, the price per trade decreases as the number of purchases or sales you make increases, bottoming out at only $6.99 per trade if you exceed 30 trades per month. This is a particular advantageous for those who engage in day trading.

Connections Pay Off in Promo Code

Another way to save when investing online is to score one of the TradeStation promo codes which is connected to a trading platform. This offer gives the new trader 30 days to try out the platform for only $25. During this time they can gain access to TradeStation while trying out an automated trading system. The coupon code is emailed to new clients after they fill out the registration information, so look for promo code coming to your inbox after you sign up.

Current Offer

The website for TradeStation is currently promoting one offer. It provides 90 days of free real time information and a rebate of up to $500 in commission fees with a new account that is opened with at least $5000 and maintains a balance of at least $2500 daily. The specifics are available in the fine print and should be read carefully. Once the offer expires you will have to pay for real time information or settle 20 minute stock quote delays instead.

Best Markets for TradeStation

Reviews online indicate that TradeStation is best for those investors interested in futures and options since many of the company’s fees are higher than average in other areas. However, they also cite the powerful trading platform that is provided for users as a significant pro for those interested in this kind of investment strategy.

It should be noted that the quantity of options and products as well as the complexity of the trading platform make it less than ideal for beginners. To its credit, TradeStation offers many online tools as well as extensive educational assistance for new investors.

For those willing to invest larger amounts of capital, fees may be waived. While this isn’t a promotion, per se, it is savings that should be considered when evaluating which of the many online investment firms is the best one for you. No matter which company you choose, make sure to search out all available promotions which will help you make the most of your investment dollars.

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