Finding Promos and Using Bright House Networks Promotion Codes

Anyone who has been online knows that promotion codes make a good deal even better. Finding the right deal is often the key to affording better service, bigger packages and your own personal bonanza. That holds true whether you are shopping for shoes or home services. Bright House Networks offers promotional offers for both new and old customers, and they are all found online.

$20 to Spend Your Way?

There is currently a $20 credit if you sign up for the self-service road runner internet installation service and do it yourself. You need to be a customer of their Interactive TV package, but there is no promo codes to enter.

There are also some talk about a nice promotion that is being offered by Bright House right now that will get you a $50 Visa gift card, but details are sketchy at best so I wouldn’t hold my breath for this.

Fast and Cheap Internet Promotions

You will find a variety of different speeds available with your Bright House promotions. Bundle up the right services and you can save big. The current offer is for high speed Internet at just $29.95 per month for the first 6 months. Add cable television or phone service and you can save even more. A cable modem and free wireless router complete the experience. Just enter your street address and zip code and you will be taken to the page with the best deals in your area.

You can move up to speeds of 40mbps download. You will get up to 25 email accounts, “always on Internet” which lets you use your phone and Internet simultaneously with no problems and a number of free, personal services which will make surfing safer. You don’t even have to commit to a contract.

Want Digital TV?

Bright House has a 3 month promotion for discounted digital TV. For only $39.95 you can access hundreds of channels, many of which are broadcast in digital quality. You can enjoy on demand movies and make use of a DVR to record favorite programs for later viewing.

With international channels, premium channels, family favorites and sports packages you can add on to your television plan, real customization is available. Turn your television into a window on the world with the services you want. You are no longer restricted to soap operas and sitcoms, unless that is what you want.

Bundle Up for Better Deals

The best deals will come for those who are looking to bundle services. The more services you get, the lower your overall prices and the longer you will get your discounts. While coupon codes are not readily available on their own across the Web, you can connect directly to savings at the Bright House website.

Prices for broadband bundles do depend upon your location. You can find out exact prices at Home phone, high speed Internet and digital television can be as low as $100 a month when combined.

Bright House only serves a few areas at this time. If you are in Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida; Bakersfield, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; and Birmingham, Alabama; along with several other smaller regions in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, then you will be able to access Bright House’s exceptional offers and great customer service.

IPad App

If all this doesn’t make you long to get Bright House in your home, the new iPad app should. With this app you can watch television on your iPad no matter where you are at home. Using your current wireless connection simply connect to your television service and enjoy your show in bed or out in the workshop. You won’t miss a single play all season long.

For Bright House, your best bet for finding the best promotion code is still on their official website so make sure you go there before you place the order.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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  • Chris says:

    I had 2 Brighthouse reps quote me 2 very different prices for signing up. I signed up under the agreement that my bill could not go over $150. I am on a fixed income and even that amount is pushing me to the limit. A few months later, and the bill has increased to $215 per month. No extras, no movies on demand, etc. I continue to call and request a lower rate but they tell me that I already have the best rate. Unbelievable! Their taxes alone are over $20 per month. And there is a mandatory Sports Tv tax for everyone. Why am I paying for someone else to watch sports??? I hate sports. I will be buying Roku 4 next week and ending my cable and phone service with BH. I can’t wait to cut the ties with them…..they are horrible. Now, I just have to find other internet services in the central Florida area. This is what happens when there is no competition and a company like BH has a monopoly. Our govt needs to put a stop to this and stop taking money under the table from these cable companies.

  • R R says:


  • Robert Almeida says:

    I have nothing but bad service from this company. I am looking for another company. When I first started with Time Warner Cable, I had no problems. When my son hooked this up for me for school I had no problems and could do my studies on internet. It hasn’t been this slow for the last three years of school. The speed wasn’t bad but this summer took a turn for the worst and the speed of the internet got slower and slower. TV was glitching more and can’t do school work on computer at this speed. I am looking for other company as I asked them about faster internet and getting rid of the TV and they told me it would still be same amount a month. It sucks.

  • Charlene says:

    I too now have a 200 dollar a month bill. Bright House is the only available internet in my area so they just keep jacking up the price. Doesn’t really do much to eliminate cable or the landline they make it so in a bundle the internet carries most of the price on your bill. We only watch netflix, and maybe 5 basic channels. Their prices suck!!

  • The Truth says:

    Honestly we can do nothing against cable company’s the monopolize the market by buying rights to the cables honestly I tried to but bright house is horrible Verizon fios best and fastest stuff around for the money go for it if you can but honestly you will just get a bulls hit cable company.

  • Bruce says:

    Earthlink offers Brighthouse internet for 29.95 for 6 months. They don’t ask for a social or run any checks. It’s easy to sign up every 6 months instead of getting eaten alive by BHN. I was up to 87 a month for internet only. I have purchased my own modem from wal-mart and Im paying $33 a month for 15/MB internet. It took me an hour to make the switch. It was a pain in the arse but the savings is worth it.

  • John says:

    The irony right now is that Verizon is offering a two year contract for 25/25 for$54 out the door for intenet only. I pay 78 for 20 mps with BH. BH response is we can’t do that, however you want to bundle? Again, Verzion offers better speed for $55 a month right now. These guys are clueless and are going to get eaten alive.

  • Vivian n Dale Childs says:

    We are interested in a Bundle package as New customers!! Thank You!!

  • Anon says:

    There are “Promo” offers online for $35 per month for 15Mbps (here in Florida) via “authorized retailers”. Bright House also has a 2Mbps connection for $24+ if you’re on a very tight budget.

  • Tim says:

    Brighthouse is horrible just like comcast and time warner. They want to charge outrageous prices for crap services. $40 for lite 2mbp internet and tv you can get free over the air or $99 for a ton of commercials and a bunch of channels you’ll never watch, with decent 30mps internet. This is what it has come to and it’s ridiculous. A little more time and companies like HBO and Netflix will cut these greedy giants off at their knees and they’ll be begging for marketshare and you subscription back at a quarter of their current prices.

  • D B says:

    I’ve been a BH customer since Time Warner, and they’ve always done right by me. I’ve contacted them to renegotiate my bill several times over the years and they’ve always come up with a solution. I’ve found I get better results by using their online support.
    Never accept what one BH rep says, call back for a different person, speak to a supervisor, use the online help!
    They want your business! If one sales rep isn’t obliging you, there are a couple hundred more!

  • Rick Powell says:

    America has both the slowest data speeds of any 1rst world country and at the same time….. the most expensive. The fact that we don’t riot in the streets and force congress to pass laws that end the United Corporations of America love affair that is destroying our economy…. it’s just a miracle to me.

    In parts of Europe, you can get fiber optic internet for close to what we pay for cable internet. Fiber optic is hundreds of times faster. There is not a singe first wold country in the world that would put up with the cost and slowness of our data. We must band together and offer corporations and Congress a chance to change things before we physically force them too like 1789 all over again.

  • John Bowles says:

    I would like free installing on cable I’m on a fixed income and really would like to try brighthouse cable ty just moved here

  • Lynnette Perry says:

    Our bill went up $16 dollars just this month. We have such old internet speed with them.they no longer offer it. we have been with them 14 years and started arond :40 for computer and tv services and now pay $160 or so. Looking at Roku or Amazon devises to help us cut out Brighthouse. Not willing to keep paying much. This next month they plan to tack on another $6 for the boxes tokeep cae in my sons’ rooms. They have gotten too greedy for me.

  • Amos Roper says:

    I am now paying $216.00 a month for cable, internet and phone and I need a break. But, I realize that some of the increases are because of the stations that Brighthouse broadcasts are wanting more money from Brighthouse to carry their broadcasts. Brighthouse should not negotiate with these stations. I recall when the NBC Orlando station wanted more money and Brighthouse put on a NBC affiliate fron Pennysylvania. With commercials not getting to over 50% of their audience, WESH gave in. Use this as a model for the future Brighthouse!

  • Mark Curtis says:

    I agree with all the folks who have posted. I’m in Florida and the bill is over $200 a month with Brighthouse for phone,tv,and “standard” (10mbps) internet. This is with no premium channels or extras. I cut out the voice mail & a cable box & other things and the bill is still this high. I called Brighthouse and told them I could’nt afford them at these prices & the only thing they could do was suggest I downgrade my cable box from a dvr to a regular box which would cut the bill by $12. So my only solution is to start cutting the cord to the extent I can. I’ve bought an ooma device to replace them for my phone service. I’m currently researching which outdoor rooftop tv antenna to buy & then install.
    I live in Orlando and have researched which tv channels I can receive “Over The Air” and analyzed which channels I typically watch. I’ll miss 8 or 10 channels of theirs that
    I occasionally watched. But I’ll save over $100 a month. So I’ll be dumping both their cable and phone service in the near future. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to keep things at a reasonable total cost is to do as little business with these folks as possible and look for alternatives to them instead of trying to manage or pay their outrageous charges or look to them for a price break. Plus it’s really annoying dealing with these cable companies. So I’m looking to reduce the “Hassle” factor as well. I’ve found out in the several weeks that I’ve been working on this that it’s hard to fire your cable company overnite. Trying to setup 2 replacement systems (tv and phone),and researching other internet options takes time. Disentangling yourself from their system takes work,but I think it will be worth it in the end. I’m probably stuck with them for internet service because local alternatives are the same price or more money and offer less speed. I’ll buy the slowest & cheapest stand alone internet service they sell & it would be around $68 to $70 by itself. Hopefully when the dust settles my monthly expense will come down from $200 to $70. I figure that’s pretty much the best I can do. MC

  • FRANK PAYNE says:

    I presently have a Brighthouse package which includes my TV, phone, and internet.
    I currently pay $140+ monthly for this service and being retired (80 yrs) I don’t know much longer I handle this cost. Is there way I can reduce this cost??????

  • Barb says:

    This is probably part of the New Economy we are presumably experiencing. When they announced epix, I thought it meant getting newer and more programming for just $5.00 more per month. HAH! How could I be so stupid? They keep saying nothing is FREE. That’s so true because not even our Freedom is FREE!! Wake up, America!!!

  • helen says:

    My husband is overseas and I am struggling. I need the internet to make some money and keep contact. I DONT WANT TV

    I pay $68 for 10mbps internet!!!!!!!



  • V. allen says:

    Yup Bill keeps going up had to get rid of my tv service to keep my internet rendering my tv useless … headed for at&t tv $19 a month for 2 years internet $40 which is what I’m paying for just internet now bye bye high priced bright house sorry you priced yourself out of a highly competitive market very disappointed with them

  • 'Ole Dave says:

    Our bill just keeps going up and up to the sky. Now with April here they are charging more for the cable modem and the combo service and of course the taxes go up as well.
    I wish so bad Verizon Fios was in our area.

  • P Smithe says:

    I also started out at $39 now………….considering making the cut. They are just not worth it.

  • Robert Nall says:

    Our Brighthouse account was changed last month without us knowing it by Brighthouse to a month to month account without the promotional rate because their billing rep deliberately failed to update our account properly with our new credit card account number. I finally talked to their General Manager in Indianapolis, Don Williams, to complain about the problems they have caused us over the years with their mistakes. Mr. Williams then informed me that our monthly rate had increased by $10 per month plus they were going to add on $3.50 per month for the use of their modem! They want to stick it to us! What do you suggest we do? I would like to contact someone in the regulatory area but not sure this will help solve this problem. Would love to know your thoughts.

  • Cheryl McKechnie says:

    I just got baasic cable today. Total trash! All I wanted was some decent TV and internet. The ignorant woman told me I must MUST get phone too.

    I don’t want a phone. I get very few channels and I’m cancelling now. I haven’t even had it for 12 hours yet.

  • Billy Bob says:

    WOW! Reading all these post makes me want to get the two cans & string! ALL the companies are the same! I’ve had Verizon internet for 15 yrs, EVERY YEAR I go through the same crap,Bills Wrong, month after month, price changes> FEES they change whenever they want! $67 MO, Promises to FIX the bills, takes 3-4 calls, on hold 10-15 minutes.
    I have Direct TV and it’s GREAT, except when it rains, I lose reception EVERYTIME there’s a hard rain, there’s no credits for lost reception, sometimes it can be for 30-45 minutes! Their bill stays the same $109 per month,140 channels, NO Premium channels, I will say EVERY channel is like HD even if it isn’t!
    I’m looking at Brighthouse now, they upsell, ALA CARTE, for everything, it’s hard to get the BOTTOMLINE out of their system, looks like $150 + tax for 30MBPS internet, and all HD + sports, No Premium channels!
    There’s no price fixing out there but they’re all CLOSE in price, they all have S****Y customer service, IF you can push 1-2-3-4 etc and wait on hold and hope they speak english!
    No different with Cell Phone carriers, BUT ,I love my NO CONTRACT service with Virgin Mobile> Sprint network. Their customer service is very adequate, coverage is pretty good, and for $58 per month all you can eat, DATA, VOICE,TEXT ! I’ll take it!
    OH! Stay away fron Straight Talk, Net 10, they HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, they’re THE WORST I’ve ever dealt with, PERIOD! Had TWO phones, had TWO Migrane headaches, days and weeks can pass before you MIGHT get results!

  • Debbie says:

    Wow I am glad that I found this link. I too am a longtime customer of BrightHouse and have been with them when the name changed from Time Warner to BrightHouse! At present, my Internet is buffering and my home phone drops 90% of my calls.
    I’ve had them out here and called numerous times and still have the worst service ever! The last time (last week!!!) when they did a remote boot, they erased ALL OF MY SHOWS from my DVR!
    They know they’ve got us if we want the Internet. When I called to cancel the house phone, they told me it would cost me MORE to have only Internet and Basic Cable!!!!

  • Veronica says:

    I just got off the phone with Central Florida Brighthouse. I too am sick of the price increases, year after year. This is what happens when you have a monopoly. The only other service I can get in my area is Prism and I’ve heard its a nightmare as well as being listed in The Rip Off Report. I’ve just down graded to the local channels only and internet “light”. I simply can not manage with this last increase. They’re so greedy. We’ve been with them for over 20 years, since we’ve moved to Orlando. I’m hoping to figure something out very soon so I can ditch them completely. I am loathe to keep giving them my money. I didn’t even watch more than three quarters of the channels that I had available. Enough. At some point, you must evaluate what you’re really paying for and decide if it’s truly worth it.

  • faye bryant says:

    I’m a dissatisfied customer with Brighthouse. My bill keeps going up and I was suppose get my movie pass free, which never came. It was in my promotions package and they have called me a liar by saying that I didn’t turn in my dvd r equipment. And my bill was suppose to only stay at $107 dollars, but they told me that not true. It’s was $112 month all along, which is a lie because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard this amount. I’m just tried of Brighthouse period. They don’t take there customers too seriously.

  • Randy Auryansen says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one that feels Bright House takes advantage of their old customers. I have watched my bill creep higher and higher every 6 months (or less) and yet the ‘genius’ marketers at this company offer “New Customers’ all kinds of deals. It is just BAD BUSINESS practice to balance your checkbook on the backs of those most loyal. I’ve been with them for 20+ years, but it is time to say goodbye. Speaking with a ‘customer’ service rep… and a supervisor, I can’t believe how they defended this practice. They risk a lot getting new customers if old timers like me bolt! Ta-Ta… you greedy people!

  • Debra says:

    I’ve had Bright House for over 25 years. I decided to get rid of cable and go with a high-def antenna. I already had Netflix and added Hulu Plus. However, with only the 60 mb internet service, my bill went to $90 as I wasn’t bundling anything. Even with 60 mb, I still have buffering! If Verizon Fios was in this area I would switch. I’m thinking about going back to cable with less mb – the bill will probably be about the same and I don’t think the internet will be any slower.

  • Kelly says:

    I feel the same. Brighthouse has caused me hours of problems…ones that not even msnagers could figure out. I had 4 trucks on my block one day …all day..just fo me to figure out my constant problems. The manager said i would get all these perks for my problems & now i just got a $50 a mo increase. A manager was supposed to call & never did. I dont need Brigjthouse.
    .i just want t.v & internet. I did the bundle but now they want $175 a mo? I can get a car for that. Its just t.v people. Ive had verizon. Loved it. Even got a brand new plasma t.v…from b.h i get c.s reps who dont want to listen & talk over you. If i had a dollar for everytime i had to reboot…theyd be paying me. Cancelling today. They can keep it. $175 a mo? For what? 1970 movies on Showtime? Please. No respect for long term custimers at all.

  • H G says:

    I agree with dorisann henry. There is no respect for long time customers. I find Bright House to be non-caring. One day Bright Houses attitude will be their downfall. My bill is too high and now another increase! My services are all basic. I don’t have any premium services. I am rethinking my service. I will be doing something very different soon. I hope Bright House realizes that they are not important to living. They are not the roof over my head or the food on my plate or the gas in my tank. Their company simply provides a service that is NOT NECESSARY to life. Shame on Bright House!!!!!

  • dorisann henry says:

    I have been a customer of Time Warner. I paid $39, and I now pay $200. I have never discontinued service. There is no respect for long time customers. Just pay or there is the door.

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