5 Undeniable Benefits to Living in a Small Home

by Ashley Eneriz · 6 comments

I wouldn’t say our house is small, but it is definitely smaller to many other houses in comparison. Sometimes I get a bit envious when I visit a friend’s large two-story home, or when I see larger homes for sale.

The thought of having extra bedrooms to dedicate to needs like fitness, or a play room, seem quite nice. However, you can’t deny that smaller homes are a better catch in the long run. Here are some of the best benefits to living in a small home.

1. Cheaper Utilities

We have a well-insulated one-story home, which means we barely ever have to turn on the air or heat. The larger the home, the more it costs for heating and air conditioning expenses. We also use less electricity because it’s easier to light up one room with a lamp rather than have a huge ceiling light or chandelier.

2. Easier to Clean

If a small home is free of clutter and organized, it is quite simple to clean. My toddler can have the front rooms in disarray within a few minutes, but thankfully it only takes a few minutes on my part to have them looking clean again.

I would love to have a larger kitchen with more prep space, but with the limited counter space I have now, it forces me to clean frequently and to keep the counters free from clutter. I admire the people that clean two-story homes, because it must be exhausting and time consuming!

3. Less Stuff

Having a smaller home has forced me to evaluate what we really do need. I have gotten rid of big exercise equipment, bulky baby items and toys, and excess items that stole precious closet space.

Living with less stuff has truly made me so much happier. It is mentally freeing, and again, it’s easier and quicker to clean a small, clutter-free home. Our home is fully decorated, so this eliminates the temptation to buy more decorations or stuff for my home.

4. Better Market Value

Not only did we spend less on our home when we bought it, but we have a better chance of selling it. There are several buyers who want big homes, but there’s a larger market of buyers looking for smaller homes. Smaller, one-story homes are appealing to older couples, small families, and low-income families.

5. Closer to Family

The size of our home also forces us to put our two children in the same room together. I know if we had a larger house, we would be tempted to separate them.

I remember sharing a room with my sister for seven years and hating it, but it was probably better for our relationship in the long run. When I had my own room as a pre-teen, it was easy to shut myself away from the family. A smaller home can possibly help a family bond better.

While it’s tempting for me to buy a larger home so we are a little bit more comfortable, ultimately, that would be an unwise decision for us. It would be financially unwise, and it would not guarantee more happiness.

Do you own a small home? What are some other benefits to living in a smaller place?

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  • Alley Keosheyan says:

    Living in a 1,200 square foot home built in 1919 and loving it!

  • Julie@ChooseBetterLife says:

    Not to mention that it keeps those teenagers out of trouble when you can hear what they’re doing.
    Plus, all the time you save on maintenance can be spent on other fun things.

  • Paul says:

    Hi Ashley, I found myself in a smaller home as a result of financial challenges after a divorce. I really think it was a blessing! I agree regarding the lower energy costs, closer family, creative use of space became fun. I use this small “galley” kitchen way more than i used in our huge one before divorce, i do dishes by hand, no dishwasher, i actually enjoy the time i spend on them. Most of all the monthly mortgage is half and the taxes are more than half!!

  • alicia says:

    no over night guest. lovely!

    • Ashley says:

      So true! Family does not ask to stay over because there is no room for them unless they want to share space with the toddler haha

  • Carole kosturn says:

    I want to know about the house in the picture…. Can you get me any information.. It’s just that look of a cabin I would like

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