Show Us That #MoneyThing and Win $25


Here at, we’re all about encouraging good financial habits and motivating the community to save smart, make more money and give back. But sometimes those goals are hard to accomplish alone! That’s why we’ve created the #MoneyThing campaign, which will run through June 2014.

“Money’s not the center of our lives, but it can connect us to what is. Show us that #MoneyThing!”

MoneyThing Header

How to Participate

Take a picture with your phone or camera and upload it to your Facebook or Twitter account. Share a brief description of your #MoneyThing and why it motivates you to save more, spend smarter, or make better financial decisions. How is your #MoneyThing helping you reach your goals?

Next, tag @moneyning in your post and use the hashtag #MoneyThing to be entered to win one of two $25 gift cards.

To recap, here’s how to enter to win a $25 gift card:

  1. Share a picture on Facebook or Twitter with a brief description of why it inspires you to create better money habits
  2. Tag us @MoneyNing on Twitter or MoneyNing on Facebook
  3. Include the hashtag #MoneyThing

That’s it!

Examples of How to Share Your #MoneyThing

Here are a few examples of entries from the community:
Alexis' #Moneything Carrie's #MoneyThingSusan's #MoneyThing

Deadline and Other Details

The deadline for your entry is June 30th, 2014, so start uploading your images now! Once all the entries are in, we will tally the votes and choose the best photo + description to win one of the two $25 gift cards.

Don’t forget to tag us @MoneyNing and include the hashtag #MoneyThing in order to make your entry valid. We’re excited to see pictures of what motivates you to create better financial habits!

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