Review of the Skype Coupon and Promo Codes

We all know what Skype does, so I won’t talk too much about what they provide. The company is a good option if you want to get rid of your land line and seriously transform how you make phone calls. The Skype coupons listed aren’t something most people look for but when you find one, you will save even more. Check out all the deals you can get right now and start saving on your telecommunication needs right now.

A Note About the Skype Coupons

I actually use Skype myself. It all started with the free services but I’ve been making long distance calls through them because of their low prices. Once in a while, there will be a promotion that lets you save even more so find out whether there are any current promotion and start saving.

The key to saving money with Skype is of course by leveraging their free services. As long as you and the other party have Skype installed, you can talk all day, every day and all the time for free. In fact, you can make video calls for free too, which should be awesome because it truly brings you two closer together. For example, my parents have Skype installed and I literally call them everyday with my program and let them see my daughter (their granddaughter) even though we are half way across the planet. The best part is that all this can be done for free.

The key to Skype’s technology is that they leverage the bandwidth of all their users to make video calls much smoother than it otherwise would when you just use the power of the two parties in question. In the old days, this works even better because let’s face it, internet speeds weren’t that fast then. Nowadays, it almost doesn’t seem to matter but at least you know that Skype’s video call quality certainly hasn’t degraded any. Unless you have a new smart phone with video conferencing capabilities, Skype video calls are still the way to go.

A Note of Caution on Skype

Though I’m a regular user of Skype, I no longer save my credit card information with them. This is because my account was hacked once and someone managed to charge 2 ENTIRE weeks (yes, you heard right – 24 hours x 14 of continuous talk) of calls to Israel. I also worked with Skype customer service and after an extremely long chat session with their customer service, they wouldn’t credit me back. I ended up calling my credit card company to refuse payment but that wasn’t the easiest solution either.

These days, I only buy the credits I need and I replenish them manually so I won’t be out too much money even if my account gets hacked again. Beware and be careful!

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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