Netflix Coupon, Netflix One Month Free Trial Updated

We have a coupon for the Netflix free trial offer that lets you try the awesome service for one whole month free instead of the previous offer of 14 days, and proof lies in the fact that even the official site is advertising this specific promotion. There are coupon codes floating around for this deal, but we are listing the promotional coupon that land you the same offer below without the need to type in complicated codes. Either way, these Netflix coupons and coupon codes (or priority codes as they are sometimes called) are helping the DVD rental and online streaming company grow through a Netflix coupon that gives you a taste of the service via a Netflix free trial for a month. With this promotion, they are hoping that someone who joins via the coupon offer will stay as a customer and judging by Netflix’s performance numbers, customers are doing just what they are hoping for. I highly recommend that you consider whether using the deal below is right for you. But anyway, enough introduction, let’s just get right to the free trial offer.

netflix coupon

Details of the Netflix Free Trial Without a Netflix Coupon Code

free trial

Expired Netflix Coupon for the Netflix Free Trial Offer

  • Netflix Free Trial Code for 14 Days – The free trial period is one month instead of 14 days now, so we just retired this promotion. The new offer is even better though right?

Other Ways to Get the Same One Month Free Trial

Some of you told me that the special Netflix coupon codes (priority codes) I listed gets you the exact same deal as you would by just going through to the site using the link above, so there’s really no point typing in the codes because doing so requires more work. If you are interested, just visit Netflix by using the link above and you will be guaranteed to land on the page with the one month free trial. If you really want a code for whatever reason, then you can look in the comment section to see if there are any priority codes you can use but like I said, it’s best to just go through the link because it’s the same thing and I know the link works.

You Can Click Here to Get Your Free Trial
netflix free trial
With Netflix, you are getting access to thousands of titles and the way it works is like this:

  • You are able to rent a pre-set number of DVDs (the number depends on your plan)
  • Once you return a DVD, the next DVD on your queue will be sent over
  • You can watch them for as long as you want with no late fees
  • Shipping is paid for both ways
  • Plan is as low as $7.99 per month, less than going to the movies once.
  • You can even stream movies on your TV without mailing anything
  • Phone (1-866-636-3076) Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

What I found out about the Netflix Free Trial Coupon

The free trial month offer is only available to first time customers and not every Netflix employee is eligible. When you sign up, you still need to put in your credit card details to get the Netflix free trial even though you won’t be charged anything until the promotional period ends. In case you were wondering, the promotional period starts as soon as you create your account, so hurry and pick your movies to start enjoying the free trial period because after all, it expires. If you like, you can cancel your service via the “Your Account” section within (available after you log in) and you owe nothing, but if you don’t, expect your subscription to start as soon as your promotional period ends and your credit card statement to show a monthly fee from the company.

Some readers who used the free trial offer and canceled their service also confirmed that they recently received an email from Netflix urging them to come try the service again with another one month free trial. This is, of course, great news because you can potentially get one more month of free services (for a total of two months) without ever paying a single cent.

Be Careful and Don’t Turn the Netflix Free Trial Offer into a Scam

Though I think Netflix provides a good alternative to cable TV and other costly TV services, many of you will no doubt take advantage of this free trial offer and try to cancel on the last day of the trial period. If this is you, then remember to look carefully at the exact date that your free trial offer actually ends. When you log into’s interface, you will no doubt see a “next billing date”, but note that this is probably not the last day you can cancel. On the same page, you should see another date (it was 2 days earlier than the next billing date for me) in much smaller print alerting you of the last day to cancel the service before your credit card starts being charged.

So, if you want to pay nothing and take advantage of this Netflix coupon for some free movies, then make sure you remember when you started your free trial and when it ends. If you want to take advantage of the system, then it’s your own responsibility to make sure that you stay on top of the dates on your own.

What to Know Why Netflix Can Ship So Many DVDs Each Day?

I always assumed that the DVDs were packaged by machines, but I was wrong. Check this video out to see how Netflix plans to handle your DVD requests.

The Netflix streaming service no doubt helped these people out by lessening the work load, but I’m sure they are still busy packing as you read this!

Netflix Contact Information:
Netflix Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-540-3700
Fax: 408-540-3737

Click Here to Get Your Netflix Free Trial Now

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  • Michael says:

    I love movies that’s why I chose netflix.

  • H. says:

    So, it seems Netflix won’t take my Visa gift card, even though it is more than enough money on it! Why, the money is there with $50. Are they so paranoid about money and credit cards? I would try them but do not like the way people are saying they fool with your account balance. Very dicey, to say the least.

  • sofia says:

    I want to try Netflix. It is so amazing. Netflix really is the bomb. I really love it. I am going to be the service’s biggest fan ever. Every single day my class always talks about its streaming service, so it must be the best.

  • Blair A says:

    Tracy Jamison, they are not checking your balance and “selling the information”. They simply want to make their money and want to make sure people (mainly kids) aren’t signing up with either a visa gift card with little to no balance, or an account that has no money on it. They are nice and give an one month free trial, but obviously its marketing so customers that sign up with a legit card hopefully stick around. A company who is well established and makes good money like Netflix will never “check your card balance and sell the information”. This sounds like a paranoid delusional perception of Netflix wanting to make sure who signs up uses a valid legit card and not some half used 25 dollar visa gift card just to get a month free.

  • Tracy Jamison says:

    I was a customer of Netflix for 3 years. I quit for almost a year. Netflix sends me a second “30 day free trial” to come back months before. I decided to try it out again only to discover that although they claim to not charge your credit card, they actually pre-authorize it for 2 months of service??!!!??!! When I asked why, they said to make sure that the card was valid they ‘test’ it by pre-authorizing it but not actually removing the money??? Paypal makes sure your card is valid by pre-authorizing a single penny. Why does Netflix need to ‘peek’ into my account? Who is to say they aren’t quietly checking my monthly balance, selling this information? I feel this is an violation of privacy, and furthermore an outright lie in legalese. Would you use Netflix if you knew they were pre-authorizing your credit card? I am so done with Netflix.

  • AndyBurel says:

    I was one of many that tried Netflix, then got hooked. Hulu Plus is offering something similar as well now, 2-3 weeks, and Vudu is free with free 10 movies. It makes me wonder if cable and satellite will survive.

  • jean says:

    With the free 30 day trial subscription to Netflix on my mini iPad, will it work in Japan?

  • Ian says:

    I am in the middle of my 1-month free trial, and now someone’s given me a year’s gift subscription to Netflix. How do I switch from the trial to the gift subscription without losing my “free” month, and without having to cancel my account and set up a new one with a different e-mail address?

  • Debbie says:

    I have an account with Netflix for 1 month free.

  • Zack says:

    I like netflix and I want to try it.

  • loretta cass says:

    Hi, I’m debating about getting Netflix and just read that Netflix don’t give anyone 1 month free offers. Netflix gets people’s account info, then right then and there Netflix drafts the credit card. That is not right. Why not speak the truth? I have triple play Comcast and it’s eating-up my ssi check (I’m legally deaf) so wanted to get a Roku so I can quit the cable TV and stay with internet. But I don’t like to be cheated from the offer of free month. It makes me not trust Netflix with my account info now. I need closed-caption on every show on movies I watch and hope if I do join I will have many closed-caption options. Can someone send me an email about the free month? I have my visa debit card near my side to order if I get an email reply. Thank you.

  • alyssa shipman says:

    I’m trying to get a months free of Thanks!

  • Trisha Wilson says:

    Because my college funds had not been added to my master card(student), I was booted from Netflix. Knowing they could check and verify this I found it rude and very unprofessional. I loved my Netflix, first t,v. ,I’d in had in 6 years. And them knowing their payment would be withdrawn as soon as financial aid was deposited to card. They stand NO chance of loosing out. Just wanted to leave me out after stating “I would be billed”, FOR WHAT?

  • Sylvia Chavez says:

    I want to try for a month free trial of Netflix

  • andi bacon says:

    I just finished the 1 month trial, and loved getting movies instantly on my computer. My question – if another person tries to get a free trial with a different name and credit card, will Netflix allow it? Just asking.

  • Bill Wagner says:

    I signed up for the free online movie offer not realizing what I was getting into. Much too complicated for an old man! Why didn’t you provide beginners with instructions?

    Please cancel any authorizations I made to continue with your service. Thanks.

  • tamara wilhelm says:

    I will sign up after 39 days, as all my movies are always here. My friend said to sign up now and I’m glad I did.

  • Mary Williams says:

    I signed up for Netflix for one free month, but only receive a little over two weeks of movies. Netflix charged my account for $7.99 and I didn’t receive a month of movies I signed up for. How do I get my free rest of the month of movies?

  • Teres says:

    Do you need cable to watch the movies? Also can I go online and order the movies I want and watch them on my computer? If can watch on my pc, is there and additional equipment needed to do that?

  • jazzae says:

    I have Netflix, and its great! I was paying $125 a month for cable tv. Now we watch what we want for only $15 a month.

    To Carrie: When you first purchase a prepaid card many merchant over the internet will not accept your card until you get one in the mail with your name on it.

  • norman mathews says:

    I suppose that my free trial month has finished? If so, how do I cancel when I want to?

    My only complaint is that some of my favorite films are not there. I thought the list would be more comprehensive.

  • pamela says:

    I am hoping this is truly free for 30 days, which will give me time to get on my feet as I am on disability and everything comes due this month.

  • maridelco says:

    Well, I have to say you have to put your card information for security purposes. But it is really free, because I just got the whole month for free and no hidden charges where made to my card. So to me it’s AWESOME!!!

  • Richard says:

    I joined Netflix with the understanding that it is a thirty day trial, with one month free, and I am already being charged $8.78 from my checking account. Please fix this discrepancy, or I will go through my bank and cancel. I have only been a one week member.

  • netflix sux says:

    Netflix sucks bad this time. I watched “tomorrow never dies” on 1/6/2012 via free stream and now they took it out of case to rental, it all happened after mid-night during website maintenance on 1/10/12 when I was trying to change to a monthly plan, and the website suddenly stopped responding. What is going on? Shame on them those creepy money hungers from Netflix.

    And one more thing. All url links for “Contact us” from Netflix don’t work anymore. Initailly I thought something was wrong with my computer, but I checked out my 3 laptops and 2 desktops at home and none of them can access those information of “contact us” links. They must be hiding something from us.

  • Netflix Lover says:

    Are there any free trial offers that are better than one month? I want to sign up but if there are any coupon codes that I can use to get a better deal, then I’m all over it.

  • CDScranton says:

    Anyone have a CURRENT codes for Netflix? Thanks!

  • Brenda Dowling says:

    You don’t need a code. Just go to the site

  • Jamie says:

    Where ARE the September codes at?

  • David Meredith says:

    I have been a member since October 2010 and have NEVER had an issue with streaming or DVD shipments. If i drop the DVD in mailbox today, Netflix has them the next day and ships what’s next in my cue. New DVDs the following day, like clockwork. Streaming is incredible! Great movies and TV shows available. I have watched all of “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” All of “Ghost Whisperer” and several other series. Had i bought these series, i would have spent over $300 and had DVD sets taking up space and may never watch them again. Even after the rate increase, dollar for dollar, Netflix is the best value of any service i have ever used. The Netflix free trial was just that, I was never billed or charged for the first month. I have streaming on 2 TV’s in my house, and we get to watch what we want, when we want. I will NEVER leave Netflix. Period!

  • Austin says:

    Please send me a free trial code. My credit card is canceled but it is still on there and I would be more than happy to get a coupon.

  • sandy says:

    Watch your account when you sign up for Netflix, the company took money from my paypal account and still did not allowed any access to any movies or TV programs. What a rip off.

  • jay says:

    Do you still have any Netflix coupons left? Please send me some if you do.

  • iRene says:

    Go to and enter your priority code: M113367968495
    or priority code: M15440988255
    or priority code: M5410988215
    or priority code: M55450988685

    All four coupon codes expire June 15, 2011.

  • Carrie says:

    Netflix would not accept my prepaid credit card and this only reason I went to get one. No thanks.

  • charlie berd says:

    I have had Netflix for a period of time but decided to cancel. However, we miss the movies provided by Netflix and would like to re-establish our account. BUT, Netflix will not allow me to access their web pages. Why? I would like to reopen my account and continue receiving movies but I can’t. Tell me how I can access Netflix.

  • thomas r marr says:

    let me have it now, cable is starting bite the big one same thing on all the time just different channel.

  • joanne dore says:

    I have a free trial offer I’m aa former member with a new e-mail address and it won’t accept it.

    Thank you,
    Joanne Dore

  • Andrew Riley says:

    Are there any codes that can get me a longer period than an one month free trial at Netflix? I want to sign up but if there are any promotions going on for a longer period, then by all means, spread them to your friends!

  • bill says:

    Iv’e had blockbuster for over a year and their service is getting worse. Most movies in my queue are long waits even new releases. Thinking of taking my business to Netflix. Are they any better with what we want to see?

  • Unique Whiteside says:

    I just got this free trial card thing and the priority code is 80028840 and it didnt work when i tried using it on my billing page…. So I went to this website that says on this letter that i was sent and there’s no where to put the code on here nether…. So I’m confused to what to do with this code and it looks like other people are too… Hope that someone can help us with this and thank you……

  • Rebecca Billiot says:

    I just got a account with y’all and i’m still not able to watch netflix please help r give me my money back thanks

  • John P. Faldetta says:

    I looked all over to put priority code number for a free trial but could not locate it on your web site,. The code # is 80028840and expires may 15, 2011. Thank you

  • Deserree Plummer says:

    I tried the suppose to be free trial of net flix and was charged after two days so I cancelled the service and will pass this information on to my friends.That the free month trial is boguse .

  • Fred says:

    They charged me for my free 1 month trial that I got in the mail!
    The streaming picture is sometimes decent, but often of very low quality.

  • Peggy says:

    I love Netflix! I canceled $80 a month satellite TV for $9 a month Netflix. I use the on line movies and TV shows all the time… sometimes all day long. I am thinking of going to the all online option and not getting any in the mail, but there are still a couple of movies i want that are only on DVD. I don’t see how this is a bad thing, even if the price went up a dollar a couple months ago.

  • Johnny P. says:

    Netflix raised their price. I cancelled right away.

  • Rick says:

    Maria July 13, 2010 at 4:46 am
    I have tried this offer. Trust me, those first DVDs will arrive lightning fast! It’s like they have the movies you want ready to go once you pick them. But wait…right after the two week trial is over, the DVDs can take up to three or more days to arrive! In the beginning they’d arrive the VERY NEXT DAY! Later after the trial period is over, if it happens to fall on a weekend, then that movie will arrive sometime on Tuesday if it got sent out on a Saturday. That’s four days!

    Maria, you’re an idiot….the first dvds arrive fast because they aren’t waiting for you to return the last round of dvds that you have at your house so they get there twice as fast…..and it takes longer for mail over the weekends because the post office doesn’t operate on Sundays…..this isn’t rocket science

  • brett write says:

    i love netflix how they work

  • Rebecca Woodcock says:

    I looooooove my Netflix subscription and recommend them to all my friends and family! Netflix is my one “extravagance” I refuse to go without.

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