OptionsHouse Promotion Code and Review

by David Ning · 2 comments

Lots of OptionsHouse promotion codes and different promotions are available now and we have them all listed right here. The stock and options broker is making a huge splash in the trading industry with its revolutionary $4.95 stock trades and $0.50 per contract + $4.95 base options commission structure. Here are the coupons and promotions the brokerage is running right now so remember to take the time to check them out and see they are good enough for you to consider switching over.

Details of Several OptionsHouse Promotion Codes Available Now

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Are the OptionsHouse Promotions Worth It?

So far, Optionshouse is the most aggressive with offering promotions or promo codes in the industry. Whether you love getting free trades, a free book, or even a free subscription to leading publications like the WSJ, they have you covered. What I actually like the most is the free virtual trading account, which lets you try out all kinds of strategy without committing real capital. After all, if you are just joining because of these free promos, you don’t want to end up losing even more once you start trading right?

The virtual account is great for beginners as well. I remember when I first started trading, I really didn’t know what I was doing. As a result, I lost quite a bit of money making very common (let’s call them beginner) mistakes. As I continued to learn and read up on different literature about trading, I noticed that losing money at the beginning is a common theme amongst people who are starting out. The industry even has a term for this called “paying tuition”. With a virtual trading account, you can just learn with the house’s money and since it uses real market data, you can be sure to learn without paying the “tuition” that many of us have paid!

There are actually a ton of promotions from the stock broker, which is great because you get to pick whichever sign up bonus you want before you get an account. Many people will probably go for the free trades but personally, the computer monitor is a better promotion because you need to trade all 100 free trades in the introductory period in order to be able to take advantage of the promotion fully.

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  • Mark says:

    Get 100 free trades at Options House by signing up with this offer.

  • Wyborski Waldemar says:


    I consider opening an account with You, but have some questions:

    1. In the first half of December I’ve seeing Your advertisements announcing bonuses (don’t remember details – it was about a number of free trades per months if performing certain amount of trades per month or keeping $25000, and later – 100 free trades for new account). But during the last fortnight I didn’t find Your advertisements any more. Are those offers still available. May You provide me with details?

    2. I am not US citizen (I live in Israel). May I open an account. What is the taxation policy?

    3. How I transfer money. Is it possible trough credit card?

    4. How I withdraw money, if need to do so? Does it cost me some service charge?

    5. What if I woul’d like to transfer equity to another account?


    W. Wyborski

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